Fan Fiction

This was TheIkranRider's own MK fanfic that took place soon after the events of the original Shaolin Monks. Ever since she saw the finale of Warlock Waluigi's entertaining Let's Play, finding out about the Champion's curse to live for all eternity, and raging on how the modern titles were, she had enough and decided to make this story as a sort of coping strategy. Kung Lao became the star of the story as Ikran became fascinated with him, contrary to when she was 6. Thus, this was her perilous, tumultuous journey thru the Mortal Kombat lore.

Before this'd lead to events of Mortal Kombat 3, this began with a 4-part prologue.

Con't I: An Unexpected Curse[]

This all began when Raiden was petrifying Shao Kahn in the middle of his arena in Outworld. After he was successful, Liu Kang and Kung Lao each made a strong, high kick to the statue, causing it to crumble and emit his green soul. Raiden declared Kahn's been destroyed and both Monks were able to achieve their ancestors' goals by laying their lives down for each other and working together; contrary to the warring pair of souls clashing back at the Soul Tombs. Kitana marched up to Liu and congratulated him for a job well done, as she could finally rebuild her lost kingdom of Edenia under her true father's wishes. Liu meant between the two, but she just told him off. Raiden assured Kung Lao he was able to free his ancestors and their spirits'll be laid to rest since he achieved the Elder Gods' plans on following the enemies' footsteps. He had secured their past and future and both were declared as Champions.

At the rear of the gathering crowd, Kitana noticed a break and could've sworn she saw a sketchy, placid figure raising a blood-crusted amulet, though he disappeared before she had a chance to notice.

Raiden escorted the heroes thru Outworld to a nearby portal leading to the Wu Shi Academy, then while the monks celebrated their victory, he led Sonya, Jax, and Cage home thru a separate portal. While Liu mingled with them, Lao wanted to reunite with his long, lost nephew, Kung Jin, who was very happy to see him after a few weeks since he'd gone after the Tarkatan invasion. Minutes later a random monk was ranting that Lao and Liu'd been cursed to live for eternity without aging nor sickness; they shared the Great Kung Lao's fate as he had to watch each of his family and friends perish before his eyes.

Lao was devastated by the news, never wanting to share his ancestor's heavy burden. He was soon found amongst the opaque night sitting at a balcony and sulking. Raiden soon met up with him and Lao was discouraged he never warned him and his partner of the consequences being the protectors of Earth. Raiden confirmed it was true and he wished to discuss the matter, but Lao just hung his head in shame as he slowly treaded away from the Academy...

Minutes later, he found himself lost on an unknown street. Fluorescent lights greeted his weary eyes, and he didn't mind the commotion of clanging glass and muffled, drunken gibberish. His ears then perked up, a sign in which he sensed danger. Sure enough, it was as he heard a shrill scream which was higher in pitch than Sonya's. He followed the distress, and he noticed a woman around his age be pinned down as a bulky man advanced onto her! Before he'd intrude her, Lao held up his razor-rimmed hat toward the abuser's neck, warning to let her go! Lao beat him a few times, before he noticed the monk teleport away with the hapless damsel on his back.

She was shaken, but relieved. And under the dim streetlight, she realized her hero as Kung Lao. When she was 6, she noticed him when the tournaments were going on. Lao soon found out that Aiko was from another time, a dystopian future in which undead warriors were roaming who looked very similar to the fighters she knew long ago. Somehow, she wound up in the past, and Lao realized he came to a few months later since he left the Academy, while also being in New Jersey, a very distant land from the Academy. He also wondered if she was sent by Raiden...

Con't II: Enter Aiko[]

It was getting late at night, and worrying Aiko's assailant may be back, Lao decided to set up camp. He found a small, lit shrine on a stone ledge just a few feet away and higher from the street. Aiko was relieved she was back in the past; around the same time she first came across the Kombatants. She, at first, wasn't interested in Kung Lao, as she thought of him as a shallow cowboy. Raiden approached the duo, and even he remembered how young Aiko used to look. He asked if she could remember the last time she saw them. She could hardly recall the incidences before she was sent home much to her dismay. The last time was when Shao Kahn was believed to be overthrown, though she presumed the war was still going on. Raiden decided to awaken her memories, as he recalled she was once the heart of the team, always trying to make peace and help out when needed. However, she wasn't much of a fighter, but more like a mediator. Her head began to buzz, and Raiden confessed he incapacitated Lao for three months as he needed time to recover before he should fight again. What Aiko said was true, Lao's allies are still in battle.

Day broke and Lao offered Aiko green tea he managed to pack before he left. She was very thrilled with the exotic taste and Lao wondered if maybe she could live with the Shaolin since her life was destroyed, though he backpedaled, thinking the relocation would overwhelm her. She was reluctant on moving to China, as she kept hearing how militaristic his kind was since they were close allies to Russia, they live with Communism and a very strict lifestyle. Lao assured the Shaolin lived a more peaceful lifestyle, and they never wanted to go headfirst into combat unless it was necessary, like a diamond in the rough, she said. From what she'd went thru, Lao assured her that they uphold the Order of Light and fornication is forbidden, much to Aiko's relief. After Kung Lao teleported her down safely, Raiden came to them and needed the duo to assist their friends fighting against the Saurian stragglers.

They wound up at a rocky terrain with sharp precipices. They saw the scrimmage, especially when Jax was being overpowered by Komodai. Lao immediately teleported and leapt to some stones jotting out and allowed his hat to slice a wall of rock, burying some of the deadly warriors. He then went into the fray, though he mistakenly identified the enemy as Reptile, recalling his brutal battle with him at his lair in the Living Forest. Lao won over the slick assassin, as his Tornado Kicks dealt with the invisibility, and he was too nimble for the acid spits. The monk was able to finish him off as he used his hat like a buzzsaw! He then prevented the other Saurians from escaping to the portal by his large Tornado Mutality.

He soon reunited with Liu Kang, Kitana, Sonya, Jax and Sub-Zero without his mask and a bloody scar while he was introduced to Stryker. Lao then took Liu's own Dragon Jet with Kitana riding shotgun, Sonya piloted one since Jax's metallic arms were powerless from the fight, Stryker went with the cryomancer, while Raiden warped Aiko to the Kombatants' secret cave base.

Con't III: Calm before the Storm[]

In a dark chamber, a lone candle burnt brightly while some essences evaporated. Aiko was taught how to meditate in her first session, with Nightwolf leading the ritual and Kung Lao and Kiba as the sober spectators. Lao was able to listen to Aiko who was still under submission as she described what she saw and heard.

She was in Outworld near Kahn's Keep, and Kitana was leading an insurrection with Jerrod's best knight, the bird, Asgaarth. Liu and Sheeva were part of the plan as well, though he was uneasy since if it was successful, she'll leave the team as the new queen. However...a mole disguised himself as Sheeva and broke the news to the Shokans' worst enemy, the Centaurs. Shang Tsung revealed himself before Kahn after they stormed thru, gaining an alliance with the Shokan and wished to take the throne himself! The Emperor was infuriated as he NEVER wanted to hand the throne to the treacherous sorcerer, since he always treated the Shokan as inferior. He escaped, but Raiden halted the fight; he knew he had no powers in Outworld, but he watched over Shang's plots and forgotten about Motaro and his armies warring with the Shokan! Whoever'd survive would get to be the so-called ruler, and the Kombatants escaped!

That was the last time Aiko saw her friends, but she was at base during the time of the civil war. Nightwolf presumed it was from a different perspective. She felt she was out for hours, but Lao said it only took around 40 minutes!

At the base's central chamber, Stryker looked over the activity since the last trimester; nothing happened in Outworld, no traces of Kahn nor Shang. Raiden was reluctant, but since there were no rips, he decided for the team to have a little weekly breather. Liu decided to scout Outworld with Kitana, believing something suspicious was brewing. Sonya was worried about Cage since she never saw him in the last trimester, and why Raiden never summoned him. Jax decided to go with her, after they reunited with the Special Forces. Lao decided to show Aiko the rounds and demonstrate what his life was like at the Academy.


Kahn was weak, though alive inside the Great Pyramid. Two Shadow Priests were at his side, and he summoned Shang who was thrown in. He assigned him and Quan Chi to resurrect Queen Sindel, his former love, in Earthrealm. The mole was reluctant, though his life shall be spared. Both sorcerers were successful, and the undead's eyes glowed with the same shading as the amulet the latter was using! It was the same one he used to save Kahn's soul and resurrect him! While Khan regained strength as he weakened the world's dimensional fabric, which made the realm susceptible to attack! Baraka and Mileena welcomed the opportunity!

Back at the Wu Shi Academy...

Kung Lao was greeted by the monks missing him of his trimester absence, even his nephew, Kung Jin! The denizens seemed friendly to Aiko, and they never had many foreigners. She was surprised they learnt and spoke fluent English. Lao queried did she know that Great Britain owns Hong Kong!! Aiko was completely flabbergasted, but at least the nearby koi pond calmed them, even when he noticed life and pride via the large Oriental flags was returning! He offered the kid to show Aiko around while he'd settle some business with the elders at the Temple.

Liu's grandfather reunited with Lao who was worried for his safety, and he knew he was still despondent over the curse. He wished to find a solution, but he sensed something sinister was about to unfold...

Jin invited Aiko to the dining room and offered her rice, sushi and vegetables. It was a hearty meal, and she was fascinated with her surroundings. Jin assured the monks don't have to be just talented martial artists, but also cooks, agriculturists, scholars, artisans and philosophers, though they must understand and endure the responsibilities on protecting Earthrealm. It was the White Lotus Society's primary goal, an organization forged by Raiden before the Great Kung Lao was Champion. He described the rules and regulations to her, and Aiko was enthralled, especially since Liu and Lao were chosen as their best disciples.

He soon escorted her to their most sacred place, the Dragon Grotto. It was there he shown her the Jinsei, the heart of Earthrealm's lifeforce. The pure springs gave life to the Elder Gods, even if a warrior, or Raiden, should heal after a tough battle. It was the Society's greatest responsibility as they crafted an effigy of dragons, traps leading to the Jinsei, and offered gold, food, and other goods to the Gods. They also rotated to protect the springs from enemies in other realms or domestic, otherwise, they'd take advantage and poison the world while warping the Jinsei to their own corruptive ends.

Before Jin and Aiko were about to leave, the sky abruptly churned dark...

Con't IV: Invasion of Earthrealm[]

Jax and Sonya were recently relieved from the Special Forces as their CO never believed them on what they'd done over the last trimester defending Earthrealm from more foreign enemies, even more distant than those involved in the War of Somalia, aside from the usual Black Dragons. The pair decided to leave Kano be in Outworld since it'd be easier to handle, despite not having a bounty for him. Apparently, leaving him for dead wasn't the best solution... They then headed to LA and found Johnny in an outdoor studio shooting a commercial of sorts. The actor went so uneasy as he noticed the major, who used to interrogate him before the second tournament; Shang Tsung was killed by Liu as he won the first battle but was then resurrected in a frailer state. Cage needed to escape the island but was caught off guard and taken against his will while the Special Forces lost contact with their lieutenant.

Jax apologized for the misunderstanding, but he was just worried over Sonya's welfare till Raiden gave him the laydown. Cage managed to find a more reasonable director since he too was relieved after labelling the former actors as fakers, as he never wanted to be labeled himself by the paparazzi. He still wondered on his mentor, Mr. Boyd's fate... Though he was curious if Jax and Sonya were dating.

Before he got his answer, Cage's studio was ransacked by Centaurs! His new director was struck down and thrown onto a lot of camera gear, and the leading assailant challenged the trio. Seeing his boss dead, Cage leapt into action, though he was unsuccessful as the beast caught him! Cage pleaded for the couple to leave, before he was decapitated!

Centaurs invaded the Academy, and Lao and Raiden dealt with the new threats! Jin and Aiko, along with the elder monks, were escorted and found sanctuary in the Grotto! While the nimble monk proven a match against the monstrosities, Raiden became weaker and more powerless, as he resorted to his staff for protection. He surmised that Earthrealm is merging with Outworld, and Kahn had regained all his lost strength! Lao was incredibly shocked since he and Liu were unable to destroy him! They met up with Jin and Aiko who were shaken from the invasion, and Raiden offered for her to come with the guys to Nightwolf's sacred land.

Liu and Kitana found nothing at the vicinity of Kahn's Keep, even inside when they spotted numerous Shokan, Centaur and Tarkatan corpses. They vowed to put a permanent end to the ruthless Emperor, even if Liu should face him again. As they traversed out, they noticed Kano struggling to walk, before all 3 were immobilized upon the merger!

Sub-Zero was somewhere in the vast woods of China searching for the rogue Lin Kuei cyborg, Smoke; however, he came across a pair of recognizable bots! Before he confronted Cyrax and Sektor, they all disappeared almost instantly!

Stryker resumed his duties as a Riot Control Officer in New York, contrary to the former Special Forces. He was the closest to Kahn's Tower as it emerged!

It was official. This was indeed Mortal Kombat!

Con't V: Mortal Kombat Kontinues...Again[]

Kung Lao, Raiden and Aiko arrived at the East Coast and the Thunder God suggested to seek out the reservation straight ahead. However, he warned the monk that Aiko is fragile and handicapped. He questioned how and why she would be of any use. Raiden stated her heart and mind must be guarded, and he relied on Kung Lao to do so, like the anchor to her buoy; especially since growing up she's susceptible to Indian customs. He led her to the village which was protected and intact thanks to Nightwolf's shaman skills. He greeted the duo and the Matoka needed to have them prepared by discovering their own spiritual animals, in other words, their Animalities. Both Lao and Aiko became drowsy from Gray Cloud's intense incents, and Lao found himself in the middle of a scrimmage between some shades while his friends were aging rapidly and being powerless. Lao was able to create a distraction, but the shadows fled. The determined monk gave chase, and every time they fled faster, he ran and gained on them! To the point on running on all fours and leapt toward his prey!

Kung Lao hit his head on the ground floor, stunning him and causing him to stir. Nightwolf came to the conclusion he was able to use his cheetah Animality! They then watched over Aiko, and she wound up back in her dystopian time period. She was involved in an advancing zombie horde consisting of the Kombatants she knew! She began striking with a club which turned out to be a part of her own body! She even made a few charges onto them! Nightwolf and Lao noticed she changed into an Ankylosaurus, until she came to. The shaman said they can only use their new honed skills when the time is right, not whenever they wanted to. Aiko was stunned Kung Lao was able to turn into a cheetah since they weren't Chinese natives. Heck, Raiden was able to attain his transformation into an eel no problem, as did Nightwolf's Wolf form. The trio soon emerged from the shaman's teepee, with Kung Lao wearing a new, flimsier outfit! Nightwolf suggested to head north and follow the immense evil he sensed, and travel discreetly to Kahn's lair as using Dragon Jets was too risky in the dreads of being shot down, and Raiden was too weak to form portals.

By the time Outworld began to merge with Earth, Stryker bore witness, even he watched Shao Kahn's new castle emerge! He was scoping the area from Kahn's extermination squads which decimated many cars, people, and buildings. He then heard a scuffle and followed it to the abandoned subway tunnels where he was ambushed by Kano! Thankfully, he wasn't accompanied by his Black Dragon associates, but he did put up a lethal fight! Until he was aided by the sudden appearance of Kabal! Stryker never wanted to use his militant weapons as they'd cause more harm than good, till he had his chance to fight Kano on the street! He was still vulnerable against his fatal knives and cannonball moves, but Kabal was able to finish him off by removing his respiratory mask, screech, and cause Kano's skeleton to be torn from his body, run, and shatter onto the pavement after tripping! Stryker was thankful of Kabal's help and when Kahn challenged the duo, he was earnest; however, Kabal stated they must seek allies first.

Con't VI: Revenge of the Lin Kuei[]

At the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, Sub-Zero unshielded his eyes; he recently was separated as he was pursuing Smoke and the other Cyber assassins, Cyrax and Sektor. Raiden approached him and he teleported both him and Smoke away from the Lin Kuei Ninja Headquarters; he forewarned wandering into enemy territory was virtual suicide. Kuai was searching for his long, lost brother, but he assured he's safe at the moment, although Oniro can be on the pursuit for him. Sub-Zero urged himself over a few peaks before he spotted him, hesitant to attack his former master. The cryomancer dove in for the kill, though he was still at a disadvantage, especially against Oniro's deadly animalistic forms!

Meanwhile at a small camp, Nightwolf, Aiko and Kung Lao noticed the sudden rumble of thunder; as an astraphobic, Aiko assumed it was an impending thunderstorm, but the guys came to the conclusion it was Raiden, possibly seeking another ally. The Matokan said they shouldn't be too far from the dark source, so they proceeded to it...just as soon as they spotted some ice paths below!

Sub-Zero tried his damndest to protect Smoke, but the Grandmaster was too much! He was at a losing fight until Aiko gave Kung Lao a unique strategy! He entered the fray in his cheetah Animality against Oniro's various forms, and they seemed equally fit, especially with their claws. However...Lao's cheetah can only last so long. He was vulnerable as his fleshy self, even an easy target when Oniro knocked him off a cliff!! Luckily, Lao teleported back onto the precipice and knocked Oniro's neck from behind! Weakened, he managed to fly away in his hawk form, and the monk was outraged, as was Aiko, never allowing him to escape! Lao conjured a Tornado while Aiko was infuriated, so much so she was able to hold his heart and squeeze it like a tomato, suffocating the creature! With enough strength, she was able to make his heart explode from within!!

Sub-Zero made a heartfelt reunion with his Brother, before the gang shown up. The cryomancer wondered if he wanted to rid his armor, but Aiko suggested to keep it against Kahn and his extermination squads. He then realized that Sektor and Cyrax were missing, and Smoke covered the heroes in a thick trail transporting them to their location in New York!

Back in the deserted subway tunnels, Kabal led Stryker thru them in hopes on finding their friends undercover, as the former Black Dragon warned Kahn's squads would attack out in the open. They noticed some metallic clunks in the distance and the cop stormed to them! They met up with Cyrax and Sektor, with the former heading to the Bank. Stryker chased him but was unsuccessful on fending him off. He took cover from some explosives, but Kabal ran into the chaos! He figured the best chance to fight him'd be at the Rooftop, to which the Cyber uppercut him to. Kabal was leagues ahead of him thanks to his broadswords slicing thru the green net, evading the bombs and teleport kicks, as well as countering with ground blades and plasma orbs. Cyrax eventually caved into his injuries, and Kabal uppercut him off the roof beside the Bank's window overlooking Kahn's Fortress.

They still had Sektor to deal with, though they were no match. Luckily, Smoke intervened and Sub-Zero was desperate to aid him since Ketchup was a ruthless assassin, doesn't fight with honor, and was relentless on becoming a Cyber. Smoke was in even footing with Sektor, including countering his honing missiles and teleport uppercuts. Smoke was starting to give way, and Nightwolf urged Aiko to use her cardokinesis. The chaos was too much for her, especially her ears, but the Matokan and Lao gave her more strength and moral support, as Raiden stated they were her closest comrades.

It was enough to stall Sektor for Sub-Zero to subdue him, before Smoke teleported away with him in tow, and self-destructed in the air! With tactful thinking, Smoke escaped certain death and Kuai congratulated him! The group regathered, just in time to be invaded by a Tarkatan and Shadow Priest horde! There was a surprise assault via lightning bolts, and the creepy creatures diverted! They were more strategic than the bloodthirsty mutants, so much so they shocked the warriors on their own metal armor!! Everyone was stunned, and Aiko was unable to absorb their essences as if they were nothing but fleeing shades! They simply electrocuted Smoke and took the inert bot away, much to Sub-Zero's dismay! He vowed to head straightaway to the Fortress! Aiko wondered about Liu Kang, Kitana, Sonya and Jax's whereabouts, but they were too distant..! With her cardiokinesis restoring their vitality, Stryker, Sub-Zero and Kung Lao led the rescue mission.

Also, there was a brief cameo of Dan Forden, aka the man that shouts "Toasty!" after Sektor blew up in the sky. Aiko frantically looked around and spotted a brunette male wearing a purple t and jeans. Before the man disappeared, he chanted in the same falsetto, "Toasty! 3D!". Aiko wondered what that was about, and all Nightwolf did was give a shrug.

Con't VII - Fire and Water[]

Liu Kang wound up at the top floor of an abandoned Bell Tower. The light of the large full moon made him come to, and his groggy self began to scan the place. He noticed he'd been separated from Kitana, plus the walls looked warped and felt damp. He wandered thru the Tower as he heard some machinery still active, contrary to the main bell. He wound up at the basement and came across a wide bed of 6-foot-long spikes! Following the descending rope, he saw a chute, and Kitana was in it! He cried her name, but she never stirred. He was suddenly ambushed by a familiar adversary, the purple ninja and prince of Edenia, Rain!

Three months ago, Liu Kang and the defenders followed some suspicious portal readings coming from the New Guinea jungles. He was caught off guard by the outcast, and Kitana halted the fight; at one point they were engaged, which increased Liu's jealousy and distrust in Rain since he was an exile of Outworld. Or so he said. After the group was attacked by Lin Kuei cyborgs, Liu was separated from the princess, but her dropped fan was left as a clue, pointing toward an abandoned tower. He and Stryker proceeded and dealt with some Centaur guards. Then they dispersed and Liu rescued Kitana from her shackles after destroying a multi-headed mutant. Kitana offered to fend off Rain, but the tower began to collapse, and he escaped in a watery portal.

The monk remembered him as an enemy, and Rain proved to be a challenge as his hydrokinesis clashed with Liu's opposing element. He then unleashed some bolts of lightning following the wet patches to conduct his attacks; Liu wasn't wearing armor, so he was hapless. Then, a plan struck him as he led Rain's strikes close to the active contraption! The strike disabled it and suspended Kitana over the spikes! In addition, Rain too was electrocuted by the advancing sparks! Luckily Liu's thermal energy enabled him to dry from within, thus preventing on being zapped! He managed to destroy the gears and saved Kitana by using a Flying Kick over the spikes, but it wasn't long before the old tower caved in! Rain plowed thru the stories to his demise! Then the Kombatants made a leap of faith off the balcony! Luckily Asgaarth, and a Dragon Jet piloted by Jax and Sonya riding shotgun, came to their rescue!

The cavalry offered to chance a short rest, and the esteemed knight explained he was searching for the princess, then noticed the Champion as he followed the Dragon Jet! He was assigned by Raiden to protect the sacred Sky Temple, as well as the heart, the Jinsei chamber. Liu knew all too well since the Shaolin Monks kept it secret and was provided with a bubbling spring within the subterranean Dragon Grotto. Raiden'd occasionally rest there after an intense battle, just as the monks would with theirs. Sonya and Jax informed that Motaro assassinated Johnny Cage, as Liu queried of his whereabouts. Kitana was flabbergasted since Motaro was the most lethal of the Centaurs and no doubt leading the extermination squads across Earthrealm. Asgaarth prayed it won't be too late to save Earth from the merger, otherwise there'd be no chance for Raiden nor for the heroes as Kahn's power would be absolute. The quartet chanced a respite while Asgaarth and Raiden continued to watch over.

Con't VIII - Last Respite[]

Dawn broke and the quartet marched onto the Bridge. Jax became anxious on breaking the uncomfortable silence since there was no bustling activity done by the invasions. He could give nine lives for the salvage mission, and it still won't be enough. Liu Kang said he'd be grateful they're still alive and kicking which irritated Sonya since they failed to protect Johnny. The group was suddenly attacked by an airborne strike as two Tarkatan generals ambushed them, Mileena and Baraka! Kitana took on her twisted sister while Liu defended her and faced the malicious mutant! Baraka gave one final warning to back off "the Emperor's highway." as did the advancing extermination squad, but they held their ground as the Special Agents distracted the army. Kitana was astounded that Mileena mentioned their mom was alive but depended upon the circumstances. Kitana eventually came to the conclusion on outmaneuvering her sister, by disabling her legs since they were vital for their kombative skills; Sonya failed to mention that since she was muffled while dealing with the army. Meanwhile, Liu had his gauntlets full, and he was prepared on switching to them and his chest armor which helped him endure Baraka's lethal arm blades, contrary to his and Lao's last lethal encounter while destroying the Soul Tombs! By the time he powered up his pyrokinesis, it was just enough to start melting off the pair of swords! Vulnerable, Baraka went full on the offensive, nearly pinning Liu and tasting his flesh; his legs were free and thusly knocked off the assailant, even doing the Bicycle Kick which backed him away to the guardrails, then a Flying Kick sent him off the Bridge to the murky river 50 feet down!

Kitana was unwilling to finish off her mutated sister, especially when the losses of her parents entered her mind, leaving her open to the assassin's moves! Sonya came to her aide by incinerating her with a pink energy wave! Kitana stated she doesn't have to owe her anything for saving her, but the former lieutenant stated they were even. Jax then ordered his allies to evacuate the Bridge from another wave of Tarkans and Centaurs. He let out all his strength, making the old foundation collapse with the monstrosities. Kitana then urged the quartet to head straight for Kahn's lair.

Back underneath the streets, Sub-Zero was still anxious on attempting to rescue Smoke believing that Kahn doesn't keep prisoners. Stryker assured he'll have his chance as he heard that Sonya and Kano were imprisoned before the Konquerer was destroyed. Nightwolf began lighting a dried-up oil drum and Aiko continued to ponder of her lost dystopian future. Kung Lao went to her side, and he was actually willing to see the things she experienced. Nightwolf said it was risky, as many shamans tried, though the subjects changed for the worst. Lao was still earnest, and both Kombatants touched each other's hearts creating a conduit. Both warriors saw a ruined world ruled over by several revenants who were once defenders, including himself! There were a couple sorcerers who he never met before and Shao Kahn survived all the ordeals, even winning over the heroes after Sindel stunned and killed most of the fighters, while Nightwolf sacrificed himself killing both, and Raiden incinerating Liu Kang with his lightning in conjunction with Liu's powered up pyrokinesis as he advanced to Kahn. Lao saw himself get Merced multiple times and ways with Kahn being the main culprit, even intimidating him he could fail!

Both parties broke apart, though Aiko remained the most distraught! Nightwolf urged her to keep fighting as the team needed her and she must only focus on the present time. She was unwilling to do so, and Lao reached to her. From the heart meld, it was as if their hearts became in sync. It was proven, according to Nightwolf, that Lao was Aiko's chosen guide and guard.

Hours later, the pair was awakened by the shaman as Stryker alerted there was company! Which turned out to be the missing quartet! Everyone reunited and caught up, even when Raiden was being hospitalized in the Jinsei Chamber; if the merger was completed, Kahn would have absolute power with the sacrifice of Earth's vitality leaving the 2 realms defenseless and the Thunder God powerless! Time was of the essence, and the heroes were ready to take on Kahn directly!

Con't IX - Infiltration of Shao Kahn's Fortress[]

Shao Kahn sent out more of his extermination squads consisting of the usual Tarkatans, Shadow Priests and Centaurs while Sindel was looking over the cityscape from the Balcony. The enemies were suddenly ambushed by each of the heroes' own Animalities, even Aiko's new Ankylosaur! Over half of the invaders were assassinated by them, until they gave away from enduring too much damage reducing them to their human vessels. By the time Aiko changed back, Kung Lao actually subconsciously forced himself to morph back to protect her. Each one of the heroes continued to break thru the defense lines, and Kitana was the first to do so; she was able to gaze onto, and recognize, her resurrected mother, Queen Sindel!! She hid into the Fortress and the princess gave chase! Soon after, Liu Kang followed her to Kahn's Fortress, as did Kung Lao, Aiko and Nightwolf albeit several feet away.

Sindel was then seen assimilating a lot of Shang Tsung's energy in order to empower herself and let out a deafening shriek which stunned all the advancing Kombatants! Having a sense of deja vu, Aiko was barely able to use her cardiokinesis, expanding Sindel's heart just enough to exhaust her and seize her banshee screams! She restored both of her anchors, but they recommended her to stay within the covers of the dark alleyways. She was afraid she'd be ambushed on all sides; however, she was grabbed aloft! It turned out to be Asgaarth!!

He took her straight up to Raiden's mysterious Sky Temple as he and Asgaarth doubted she'd be able to endure the massive armies. They arrived in the Jinsei Chamber with Raiden pretty much on life support... She grew very worried of the Thunder God's condition, as the Jinsei and the world were losing their vitality rapidly. They prayed for the heroes' success.

Liu Kang and Kitana were the first to infiltrate Kahn's Fortress, with the latter desperately looking for her mom. They wound up inside the Temple floor, and the monk was disgusted on how Kahn perverted it to something so unholy! Sindel made a surprise attack from above!! Kitana tried to talk some reasoning into the evil queen, but she never budged, always belittling Kitana that Milenna was her true daughter, and she was glad she was able to reunite with Kahn, forgetting about Edenia and Jerrod, etc. Liu Kang urged Kitana not to take her slander to heart, so it was against the two royals!

Kitana fought the best she could, but Sindel was more enduring than she was, especially stunning her with her excruciating shrieks and spear, and having her flexible levitation! Even her elongated hair was fatal when she used it to strangle her daughter after she used her fans to deflect the soundwaves!! Sindel incapacitated Liu Kang as he intervened, however, thanks to the numerous candles, they empowered his pyrokinesis to the point on combusting Sindel's hair!! He even greeted her with a sudden boot to the face!! He then ran to the princess' side and gave her mouth-to-mouth till she was resuscitated! Liu became emotional, and his worries and pure heart really warmed Kitana up to him...

Nightwolf and Kung Lao rushed into the bowels of Kahn's Fortress and the monk was the first to see Smoke chained against the rear wall over a pillar peeking thru the lava! He teleported over the gap, but his hat left him shocked; Nightwolf theorized they must conquer over Kahn if they can save him. Just then, they rushed into the Temple, and for once Lao wasn't fazed of Liu's and Kitana's relationship. The Matokan sensed the immense darkness ahead, and Liu offered to stay with the women for a while.

Con't X - Sacrifice[]

Kung Lao and Nightwolf arrived in the Soul Chamber and were flabbergasted of the monstrous display encasing all the unfortunate souls, even Johnny's and their ancestors'. All of a sudden, Sheeva made an ambush from the opaque ceiling and challenged the heroes! The shaman offered to fight off the Shokan, while Lao'd advance up to the Balcony. At first, he wanted to assist him, but he watched from the sidelines. Thanks to his soul manipulation and remembering Lao's strategy on keeping his distance, he was able to win over Sheeva, even enduring her lethal Shokan Jumps!! He was about to use his conjured electricity within his axe, but Sindel implored him to stop! Liu Kang and Kitana met up with them, and she convinced Sheeva as she'd resume her role as Sindel's bodyguard; she confessed that she'd work for Kahn, despite belittling her kind as inferior, in order to protect her race. Liu was outraged, as a heartless Emperor never caring for the Shokan, just using them as tools, even working under the Centaurs. Eventually, due to being outnumbered and wounded, Sheeva backed down.

Kung Lao was relieved, and he headed up to the Balcony. At first the place was silent and empty, until his sharp senses detected Motaro's advances!! He recognized the Centaur was more broader and stronger than the ones he defeated while the Wu Shi Academy was invaded! He noticed it was the same murderer that killed Johnny Cage!! He immediately took him on, and because of the limited space and Motaro's body covering up most of the arena, Lao was put into a disadvantage. Even when he started mimicking his teleports, the beast's brutality was nearly too much!! Lao was desperate to end the fight in his favor as he used his sharp hat, but...

Motaro was able to deflect it from his lower chest straight back into the receiver!!! Lao was completely immobilized as he was bleeding profusely and was thrown against a sharp end of a statue with his back!! He was at the monster's mercy, until Jax intervened with a quake! Lao disappeared within a flash, and the Agent finished the job defeating Motaro!!

Raiden barely managed to teleport Lao to the Jinsei Chamber, though they were unable to recuperate him... Aiko was devastated as she witnessed her lover's death, even after confessing her feelings for him...

Meanwhile, the shockwaves from Jax made the ceiling collapse onto the devastated Soul Chamber. Sheeva ordered the guys to climb up thru the new hole, even using her strong four arms to help them ascend. They were too late... Liu Kang was desperate on finding his partner, but Nightwolf sensed Lao's soul was gone... The monk was devastated... His friends, even the arrival of the remaining Kombatants, entered and kept ensuring the Champion to keep fighting and put an end to Kahn's savage dominion over Earthrealm and Outworld. By Nightwolf's axe with the souls absorbed into it, they filled up Liu with tons of energy to the point on matching Kahn's astronomical strength, at least that was what the shaman believed...

Con't XI: Finale[]

Liu Kang arrived at the topmost floor in Kahn's Fortress, known as the Pit 3...

He looked around and felt a bit uneasy from the sheer scale of the chamber, even the intimidating statues and throne, the height and width of the bridge, and everything coated with the lime-green shading of all the souls Kahn captured. The sudden impact of the Emperor made the place even more nerve-wrecking!! The monk, however, was ready for action as he empowered his pyrokinesis and energy from Nightwolf's tomahawk; Kahn was even enthralled on how much strength he gained from the last time they met, awaiting to rid a formidable opponent nearly matching his own power level!

The fight was on, and he began to be disoriented on account of Liu Kang's agility outmaneuvering his brutal strength! He never gave up as he used every lethal skill he had, such as his green Fireballs, his Charges even his skyward uppercut, and eventually his lethal Sledgehammer! As the battle wore on top of the narrow pillar, with spikes protruding from the sides, they noticed they had little to no room for error, and Kahn became more reckless, desperate to perish the Champion to never let himself nor his conquest of both realms end! Still, the Shaolin kept on leaping multiple times evading Kahn's onslaughts and distract him long enough to land a hit, even with a couple Dragon Fires! Both warriors soon became tired out, but as overzealous as Kahn was, he kept on his onslaughts!

Thanks to Liu's armor, gauntlets, and skills, he was able to endure some of Kahn's brute strength! By the time he increased his momentum, he was able to land a few rapid blows onto Kahn, some he even blocked. His stamina was eventually waning, and Liu just conjured all his might for a remarkable uppercut sending Kahn plummeting to the abyss!! He hardly heard the rows of giant rotating spikes shredding both Kahn's body and soul into oblivion! As they did, they became slow, till they stopped like clocks. The chambers' greenlit sections began to fade into a corroding olive green before Liu could've sworn the gigantic stone statues began to move...

However, he nearly lost his footing as the skinny pillar shook beneath his feet! That was when he knew the Tower's collapsing, Kahn's last attempt to kill and trap the Champion!! He stormed down each floor till he got to the underbelly where Smoke was held, however, he was saved by Sub-Zero and co. As soon as he reached the exit, both he and his team noticed the rubble blocking it!! With Liu's, Jax's, and Kuai's strength, it still wasn't enough!! The monk was about to lose hope and accept defeat, until neon red light greeted him! Turned out it was a rip and never minding where it led, he immediately took it nearly tripping over himself as he touched sturdier pavement! He noticed he was out on the streets with his friends who watched Kahn's Fortress collapse into itself!!

Eventually, the skies cleared, and Raiden, Aiko and Asgaarth watched from the summit of the Sky Temple! The two realms started to regain life as souls returned to their vessels, even Kung Lao's! The Jinsei was restored, as was Raiden's powers thus forming the portal! Aiko immediately came to Lao's side and greeted him with a kiss on his forehead. Lao's vision cleared and was relieved to see her and to have his curse reversed now the world was saved; he was, however, dreading over Liu Kang's curse since he won thrice... He assured he can deal with it being ageless as he was still mortal; this made Aiko and Lao dumbfounded. Raiden assured he'll discuss the matter with the Elder Gods, and they'd be easier to negotiate with on account of Earthrealm thriving in strength and proving to the Elder Gods it's capable of defending from other realms. Lao offered to stay in the Jinsei and rest more, relieving his fatigue and aching body. Raiden reminded him that his nephew's worried for him, and he mustn't linger on his doubts on not having the peace last for long. Lao was pessimistic of Aiko's future, as well as the two sorcerers that were strangers to them... He eventually rested and accepted Aiko staying with him. They made a passionate kiss before they slumbered....


Several hours later, Kung Lao and Aiko woke up and watched the glorious sunset outside the Sky Temple. Raiden escorted the two mortals back to the Wu Shi Academy where several monks and Kung Jin emerged from the Dragon Grotto! The kid, and the monks, were excited to see the couple safe and sound as they noticed Earthrealm was saved. They planned on training Aiko to become a part of the White Lotus Society, and Jin was excited to have her staying! Raiden, Lao, Nightwolf, Liu's grandfather and Jin were great supporters to her. And Lao didn't mind taking up Liu's slack when he volunteered to assist Kitana, Sindel, Asgaarth and other denizens on restoring Edenia; Sindel restored her place as Queen, and Kitana began to open up more to the Champion since he has proved himself thrice and shown compassion to her doomed mom.

Sonya and Jax were reinstated into the Special Forces after they mourned over the death of Cage at the LA outskirts; in light of the recent invasion, they never wanted to underestimate the prowess of other realms... Aiko was saddened they're distant members of the team and wishes to see them again... Nightwolf, however, decided to stay at the Academy, technologically advancing it, and mingling with the monks who support his sacred practices. Sub-Zero and Smoke were relieved the shaman was able to restore the cyborg, making him function in both forms and switching between them! Aiko exaggerated he'd be like the Iron Man of the Mortal Kombat tourneys! They then decided to reform the Lin Kuei...

Until Smoke confessed, he retrieved a microchip from Sektor's shell after he self-destructed. According to him and Nightwolf, they figured it had intel leading to Quan Chi's involvement with Bi-Han and the massacre of the Shirai Ryu... To Kuai, the name sounded vaguely familiar, during his conflicts against the infectious gem of Tetsurri and was desperate on knowing more.

Stryker just simply resumed his normal duties as a Riot Control Officer in the New York streets, while a certain mysterious warrior stayed within the deserted subway tunnels, waiting for every chance to redeem himself, like the night owl against crime.

Little did the construction workers knew, as did the heroes knew, there was an infinitesimal rip beneath the rubble leading into the Netherrealm. Shang Tsung and Quan Chi rose a sinister demon making the undead legions roar in triumph...


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  • This fic was a coping mechanism for Ikran as she was very miffed on MK's modern titles since the lousy reboot! As well as learning the history of the series from 616Entertainment. The aforementioned LP was what gave her most of the inspiration.
  • This story had elements to multiple MK media including MK 1995, Defenders of the Realm, and some small references to Annihilation. What better way than to bring them all together!
  • She plans on making some "books" up to Armageddon, but everything seems up-in-the-air at the moment...
  • Aiko Krackle was an OC she made up; Krackle was the OG name for her ever since she was a kid, while Aiko was a name related to heart. This was handpicked as Aiko has some hidden memories and potential related to the powers of the heart, as she functioned as a sort of mediator and moral assistant to the Kombatants like Nightwolf back then, aside from being a cardiokinetic.
  • Kung Lao, Motaro, Reptile, Kitana, Kung Jin, Nightwolf, Cyrax and Sektor are by far Ikran's favorite characters in the series!
  • This is Ikran's 3rd M-rated fic, next to her crossovers of Pokémon and Ocarina of Time; the first being her creepypasta/revenge fic, The Lost Legend of Namira, and a spur at the moment oneshot, A Night of Pleasantness. As well as the fourth scenario involving the uncensored version of the Final Lap in her F-Zero wedding fic, To Be Married and Loved.
  • Ikran erroneously stated that 2 arenas, the Bridge and the Street, were 100 miles apart; however, since she was correct on being closely linked and since the former was roughly inspired by Chicago, the real distance is 390 miles. Perhaps it was just a way to make the journey, on foot, slightly quicker to go from one arena to the other.