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Chapter 1 is the first chapter of Mr. Men and Pac-Man: Summer Spice written by MarioFan65.

This chapter is called "Wannabe".


(In July 19, 1994 at Las Vegas, Nevada, a fort is build with security guards securing the fort. A green diamond is placed on display in the vault area with the manager guarding the diamond.)

  • Manager: No one can touch the special green diamond, but me.
  • Hall Guard: Boss, it's a good day we're having.
  • Manager: It feel so good to have a job. Did you stay up playing some video games last night?
  • Hall Guard: Nope. Not at all. I have been guarding the fort all night.
  • Manager: Maybe you need some rest. People who work 24 hours a day need to get some rest and days off.
  • Hall Guard: It been a pleasure boss. A security's work is never done.
  • Manager: As long you are me.

(A siren sound is turning up the volume as the alarm is warning all the guards out of the way)

  • Voice: Attention all guards. A group of crimiamls is reaching to the diamond's vault. Guard the doors and block the gates.
  • Manager: Holy clams, the fort is under attack.
  • Hall Guard: Bad guys on the loose!

(A group of prisoners has escaped prison and hold their cannons to bomb at the fort with cannonballs)

  • Jailbreaker: At last, we found the diamond's location! This is going to make a bunch of bucks on a rich man's wallet.
  • Big Prisoner: Knock them in!

(The prisoners clash against the security guards as the jailbreaker beat every single security guard and found the diamond's vault by breaking the display with a hammer and grab the diamond)

  • Jailbreaker: At last. No one is going to spice up this diamond for a dollar.
  • ???: Or did you say spice?
  • Jailbreaker: What? Who said that?

(A group of Little Misses sneak from the ceiling and land on the ground to face the jailbreakers)

  • Jailbreaker: What the? What do you call yourselves?
  • ???: We are the Little Miss Spice Girls! I'm Baby.
  • Little Miss Ginger: I'm Ginger.
  • Little Miss Scary: Scary.
  • Little Miss Sporty: Sporty.
  • Little Miss Posh: And i'm posh.
  • Jailbreaker: Ha! You call yourselves Little Misses? Think again. There can only be one Mr. Men on the block and that's Mr. Happy.
  • Little Miss Baby: You hand over that diamond or else you're paying for your crimes.
  • Jailbreaker: You can't tell me what to do. It's my prize of honor. You can't take it back from me.
  • Little Miss Baby: You have your lesson. Get him girls.

(The Little Miss Spice Girls fight the jailbreaker. The jailbreaker throw paperclips at Baby as Baby throw a box of tissues at jailbreaker with the jailbreaker throwing the ball at Ginger.)

  • Little Miss Ginger: Hey. Moron.
  • Little Miss Scary: You'll see our names in light. *turn on the flashlight to the jailbreaker*
  • Jailbreaker: What's going on. Why it's so bright? I can't see with my own eyes.
  • Little Miss Sporty: *run and catch the jailbreaker* Gotcha!
  • Jailbreaker: No! You can't take my diamond away from me!
  • Little Miss Baby: Posh, grab it.
  • Little Miss Posh: *grab the diamond* Mission accomplished.

(After the clash, all the prisoners are getting send to the police trucks as the Little Miss Spice Girls give the green diamond back to the manager)

  • Manager: Thank you so much ladies for saving the fort. Those naughty prisoners don't stand a chance against my baby.
  • Little Miss Baby: We're glad to help along. It's for your own good.
  • Little Miss Posh: I'm going to be a star.
  • Manager: You can never take this diamond away from me. Thanks again officer.
  • Police Officer: You're welcome. Let's roll off to jail!

(The polices drive their trucks to prison with all the prisoners defeated and trapped inside)

  • Little Miss Baby: We'll be willing to save the world from bad guys all over the planet.
  • Manager: Come back anytime soon for sunday's dinner.
  • Little Miss Ginger: You're very welcome.
  • Little Miss Baby: Let's hit it girls.
  • Little Miss Sporty: Yahoo! *she and the girls hop with their spy gadgets and fly with their jet packs*
  • Manager: I'm going to eat myself a midnight snack at the break room.

(In January 1, 2000, Little Miss Posh set up their bags to move out of the house while the members of the Little Miss Spice Girls comfort her)

  • Little Miss Baby: Posh, you don't have to do this.
  • Little Miss Posh: I'm leaving the group my friends. It doesn't feel right to me after 10 failed missions.
  • Little Miss Ginger: We sing, we dance and perform all over the world.
  • Little Miss Posh: Not just that. Our worst one we had ever tried to save was the Halloween panic of 1999.
  • Little Miss Sporty: That was last year silly. You wanna live your life on your own.
  • Little Miss Posh: I promise i won't make the same mistakes ever again.
  • Little Miss Baby: You'll always be a Spice Girl in our hearts. We have girl power in our hearts.
  • Little Miss Posh: Baby, you're the charming sweet spice miss i've ever met. Scary, you used to scare me out and pull pranks, you're always my best friend. Ginger, you're very confident and a determined person and Sporty, you're the best hard-working person on our team and very active.
  • Little Miss Sporty: I'll always help out on the team. We wouldn't have the Spice Girls without you on the team.
  • Little Miss Posh: It's always great to live out on my own. I'll see you soon on the reunion tour.
  • Little Miss Baby: We will Posh.
  • Little Miss Sporty: Goodbye.
  • Little Miss Scary: Safe travels.
  • Little Miss Ginger: Carry on with you.
  • Little Miss Posh: *get on to her truck* Time to move to a new house. *drive her truck with all the boxes stored on the back*
  • Little Miss Baby: I wonder what the world is like when Posh isn't around our team.

(18 years later on June 1, 2018 on Pac-World, it was a wonderful day at Pac-Town where Pac-Man walk to his backyard and grab a chair to place on the ground and sit on the sit to relax)

  • Pac-Man: Ah, fresh sun in the summer.
  • Ms. Pac-Man: Pac-Man, i made some coconut smoothie for you if you like.
  • Pac-Man: Thank you very much. *grab the coconut smoothie and sip it* Ah, taste like heaven.
  • Ms. Pac-Man: You're not hot, are you?
  • Pac-Man: Nope.
  • Ms. Pac-Man: It's the time of year. Summer is back.
  • Pac-Man: I love summer. Summer is a time when kids are out of school and some of work don't even have to go to work for the season.
  • Ms. Pac-Man: It's my pleasure of staying here with you.
  • Pac-Man: You bet miss.
  • Professor Pac: Pac-Man! The town is in danger again!
  • Pac-Man: What? Come on, the day just started for me.
  • Professor Pac: The ghosts are at it again. They're about to rob a grocery store.
  • Pac-Man: You know what? The town needs a hero and it's me!
  • Ms. Pac-Man: You know you're the hero i always known.
  • Pac-Man: Don't worry my friends. Pac-Man is here to save the day! *run to the grocery store*
  • Professor Pac: Good luck Pac-Man. Don't let the ghosts spook on you.

(The ghosts are seen breaking down a grocery store by throwing things and grabbing a bunch of fruit)

  • Pac Salesman: Hey! Give me back. You gotta pay for those.
  • Blinky: Well too bad, it's all ours.
  • Pinky: Blinky, Pac-Man is coming.
  • Blinky: What the?
  • Pac-Man: *arrive to the scene* Is it i, your favorite Pac-Hero.
  • Pac Salesman: Oh Pac-Man, you're finally back. Thank goodness you made it just in time.
  • Pac-Man: Go ahead, i'll take care of this ghost business.
  • Pac Salesman: Thank you. I hope i can give you my phone number just for fan calls! *leave the store*
  • Clyde: So it isn't Pac-Man, eh?
  • Pac-Man: Are you up for round one with the yellow?
  • Inky: You're going down.
  • Blinky: You ate us the last time. Now we're going to eat you up.
  • Pac-Man: Bring it on, shorty.
  • Blinky: Shorty? Did you just call me shorty? I'll show you something short. *throw a baseball at Pac-Man*
  • Pac-Man: Ouch. What did you do that for?
  • Ghosts: *laugh*
  • Pac-Man: Oh it's on. *eat the power pellet and make the ghosts blue*
  • Blinky: Blue again?
  • Inky: But i was already blue.
  • Pac-Man: Let's play!
  • Blinky: Run for your lives! He's going to eat us!

(The background song "Pac-Man Fever" by Buckner & Garcia plays as Pac-Man run all over the store to chase the ghosts. Blinky hide into the cookie isle as Pac-Man catch Blinky and keep running from Pac-Man.)

  • Pac-Man: Blinky, where are you?

(Inky drop a bag of powder to Pac-Man)

  • Pac-Man: Ugh, the powder.
  • Inky: *giggle*
  • Pac-Man: Get back here.

(On the fruit isle, Pinky and Clyde hide into the apple area as Pac-Man look around)

  • Pac-Man: Where did the silly ghosts go? *take the apples out* Nope. Nope, nope, nope.
  • Pinky and Clyde: *roll over*
  • Pac-Man: Huh?
  • Pinky and Clyde: *get hit on the stand*
  • Pac-Man: There you are.
  • Pinky and Clyde: *scream and get eaten by Pac-Man*
  • Pac-Man: Taste like cotton candy and orange combined. Now time to find the rest.

(At the ice cream isle, Inky is freezing himself in the cold with the ice creams)

  • Inky: So cold........why every dessert has to be so cold like a iceberg?
  • Pac-Man: Gotcha.
  • Inky: Don't eat me. I'm not a fruit. *eat Inky*
  • Pac-Man: *burp* One more to go.

(Blinky hide into the drink isle as Pac-Man tries to look for Blinky around the drink isle)

  • Pac-Man: Look at these drinks. I see bottles that adults always like to drink. I would take a fruit box even to this day. Huh? What's this? *touch Blinky*
  • Blinky: Eek! You found me.
  • Pac-Man: There you are. You taste like breakfast to me.
  • Blinky: Nooo!!! *get eaten by Pac-Man*



(The background song end as everyone cheers outside with Pac-Man cleaning up the store after the ghost incident)

  • Pac Store Boss: Pac-Man, you saved the supermarket. How can we thank you?
  • Pac-Man: Those ghosts did some wacky stuff around the grocery. I use the power pellet on them.
  • Pac Store Boss: It been 38 years since you saved Pac-Town.
  • Pac-Man: These ghosts are always around. They never stand a chance against me or my family.
  • Pac Store Boss: Set the camera, interview this guy.
  • Pac Interviewer: Pac-Man, how does it feel like saving the day again?
  • Pac-Man: I slam the ghosts and eat them up like blueberries.
  • Pac Interviewer: It's the best of both worlds. Ever since you got out of that mystery world, i thought you were going to be dead.
  • Pac-Man: I am alive after all. Hello? Is anyone seeing me on TV? I can give you a bunch of yellow lemons for snack. Feel free to buy one of my delicious Pac-Lemons for 99 cents.
  • Pac Interviewer: Don't forget to be like Pac-Man and stay healthy by doing your exercise.
  • Pac-Man: Don't let the bed ghosts bite. This is for your own good. Germs not included.


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