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Chapter 3 is the third chapter of Mr. Men and Pac-Man: Summer Spice written by MarioFan65.

This chapter is called "2 Become 1".


(The next morning at Pac-Town at Pac-Man's house, Ms. Pac-Man eat breakfast with the kids and the pets at the kitchen)

  • Ms. Pac-Man: I always wonder where Pac-Man is.
  • Pac-Man Jr.: We haven't seen him for two days straight.
  • Baby Pac-Man: He has been hanging out at Misterland a lot with the Mr. Men and Little Misses.
  • Ms. Pac-Man: I just wonder why.
  • Chomp-Chomp: *eat the food on the bowl*
  • Sour Puss: *lick the water on the bowl*
  • Ms. Pac-Man: I wish Pac-Man was here by now. He must be running late into many things in his life.
  • ???: *knock on the door*
  • Ms. Pac-Man: Who is it?
  • Professor Pac: *open the door* Ms. Pac-Man, it's me, Professor Pac.
  • Ms. Pac-Man: Oh lord. Professor Pac, are you here to come over for breakfast?
  • Professor Pac: No. We haven't seen Pac-Man for two days straight. I don't know what's going on. Is he having a seizure at Misterland or something?
  • Ms. Pac-Man: Where is my baby? Is that back at the closet hiding from me?
  • Professor Pac: No. We have to find him. There's no sight of him anywhere. I check all the houses and stores this morning. Maybe he's out of town or something.
  • Ms. Pac-Man: He must be out of town with his friends. We need to go find him.
  • Professor Pac: He's everywhere. Take the kids and let's go.
  • Ms. Pac-Man: Wait. But who is going to watch the pets for us?
  • Professor Pac: There's no babysitter right now. Take the pets. They'll help to sniff around looking for clues and solve mysteries to find out Pac-Boy.
  • Ms. Pac-Man: Pac-Man.
  • Professor Pac: Anyways, let's keep moving.

(Ms. Pac-Man's family and Professor Pac are about to go into the warp pipe)

  • Ms. Pac-Man: Are you ready?
  • Professor Pac: Yes i am.
  • Pac-Man Jr.: Let's go already.
  • Professor Pac: *jump* Up and away! *enter the warp pipe*
  • Ms. Pac-Man: Come over kids. *enter the warp pipe*
  • Pac-Man Jr.: Here we go! *enter the warp pipe*
  • Pac-Man Baby: Okay. *enter the warp pipe*
  • Chomp-Chomp: Arf! Arf! *enter the warp pipe*
  • Sour Puss: Meow. *enter the warp pipe*

(Meanwhile in Harlow, Essex, England at Little Miss Posh's house, Little Miss Posh was sitting on her sofa, watching TV of the news while eating waffles and pancakes with a fork and plate)

  • Little Miss Posh: *eat her breakfast* A chance of rain? Not a chance. *look at her photo gallery* Hmm. *walk to the photo gallery and take a picture of the Little Miss Spice Girls. Baby, Sporty, Ginger and Scary. I miss you guys. Hope i'll come back for our performances someday. This year gotta be my latest comeback.

(Back at Los Angeles, California at the big hotel, Pac-Man, Mr. Happy and Little Miss Sunshine wake up from their beds)

  • Pac-Man: Ah, what a nice nap.
  • Mr. Happy: I feel very well.
  • Little Miss Sunshine: Are you feeling what i'm feeling?
  • Mr. Happy: In good trouble?
  • Little Miss Sunshine: No. It's daylight.
  • Pac-Man: It's suppose to be morning when the big ball of fire is up.
  • Mr. Happy: That's the sun that give us light.
  • ???: *knock*
  • Pac-Man: A knock on the first start of the day? Who could it be? *walk to the door and open it* Hello?
  • Little Miss Baby: Hello Pac-Man. Come over to the cafeteria for a big breakfast with everyone. Tell Mr. Happy and Little Miss Sunshine about the cafeteria we're going to.
  • Mr. Happy: We already know for sure.
  • Little Miss Sunshine: Safe and sound.
  • Little Miss Baby: Alright. Come on over.

(At the cafeteria of the hotel, the Mr. Men and Little Misses grab their food for breakfast as they all eat on the table with their friends)

  • Mr. Greedy: *eat the bread buns* Yummy bread. Om nom nom.
  • Mr. Noisy: Ah, a fresh piece of meat.
  • Mr. Lazy: *sleep on the chair*

(Pac-Man, Mr. Happy, Little Miss Sunshine and the others are in line getting their food at the buffet)

  • Pac-Man: Scrambled eggs? That's my kind of lunch.
  • Mr. Happy: A nice little cupcake for a day.
  • Little Miss Sunshine: The sausages look great.
  • Pac-Man: Mix them up with eggs and call it sausage eggs.
  • Little Miss Sunshine: Sausage eggs? I'll go with that.
  • Pac-Man: Take a will chance of good luck.
  • Mr. Happy: We'll meet up at the table.

(The Little Miss Spice Girls are eating together on the table with three more spaces added for people to come)

  • Little Miss Baby: The apple pie taste great.
  • Little Miss Sporty: Ooh, i love the sandwiches they make.
  • Little Miss Scary: I would take a English muffin over a sausage patty.
  • Little Miss Ginger: Sausage patties aren't that bad. Even a breakfast burger wouldn't taste that bad.
  • Little Miss Baby: This beats my soul.
  • Pac-Man: *sit on the table with Mr. Happy and Little Miss Sunshine* Hey girls, leave some space for us?
  • Little Miss Baby: Hey, you decided to show up.
  • Pac-Man: I got my gang together.
  • Mr. Happy: That's my boy.
  • Little Miss Baby: I hope you enjoy a great breakfast.
  • Little Miss Sunshine: I'm gonna love it as usual.
  • Mr. Happy: It's fresh like baked beans.
  • Little Miss Baby: Just dig in your food.
  • Pac-Man: Dig in for treasure?
  • Little Miss Baby: No. It means eat your food.
  • Pac-Man: Oh, i see. Let's eat. *eat his food*
  • Little Miss Ginger: We'll be leaving in a half hour. We'll be heading to our next stop in no time.

(Back at Misterland, Ms. Pac-Man's family and Professor Pac arrive at the town, realizing there's no people around with all stores closed)

  • Ms. Pac-Man: We're here.
  • Pac-Man Jr.: Where are all the people?
  • Baby Pac-Man: I don't see them inside of their stores.
  • Ms. Pac-Man: I think we're in a ghost town.
  • Professor Pac: We're not in a ghost town, silly. We're in the right place.
  • Ms. Pac-Man: Pets, go sniff out to see where the gang are.
  • Chomp-Chomp: *sniff on the ground*
  • Sour Puss: *sleep*
  • Ms. Pac-Man: No Sour Puss. We're looking for people, not lazy sleeping.
  • Sour Puss: *sleep*
  • Professor Pac: Cats are always cats. Let the cat sleep.
  • Ms. Pac-Man: I should have brought in a cage for the trip.

(Back at the airship, Blinky is still searching around in the forest side of the world)

  • Blinky: No sight of the people.
  • Clyde: There's no people around. Do you mind getting back on Pac-Man and his friends?
  • Blinky: We been searching around for hours. We didn't even get enough sleep!
  • Pinky: Let's go home. We've been searching around on this entire planet.
  • Blinky: Not til the captain say yes.
  • Inky: Blinky, i just located Pac-Man's family on Misterland.
  • Blinky: What? Ooh, now i'm going to teach his family a big lesson. Sail back to the town!

(Ms. Pac-Man's family and Professor Pac are still searching around in the town of Misterland)

  • Ms. Pac-Man: Keep looking around. There gotta be Pac-Man somewhere around the area.
  • Pac-Man Jr.: We can't find him in one of the alley areas.
  • Baby Pac-Man: The houses are closed. Maybe they're all not inside.
  • Professor Pac: They're all not inside? But we just got here like a second ago.
  • Baby Pac-Man: Look up in the sky.
  • Professor Pac: Oh no.

(The airship arrives for the gang)

  • Blinky: *on speaker* Well well well. You came to the wrong place! I finally found what i'm looking for.
  • Professor Pac: What? We're here for help!
  • Blinky: *on speaker* You're here for help? Let me show you some help!

(The big vacuum hose started to suck up many things as Baby Pac-Man and Professor Pac run from getting sucked in)

  • Professor Pac: Ms. Pac-Man, we're in big trouble!
  • Ms. Pac-Man: What is going on?
  • Professor Pac: The big vacuum hose is going to suck us all!
  • Pac-Man Jr.: This is real bad.

(The vacuum hose suck the rest of the gang into the airship as the airship flies off)

  • Everyone: *scream and get placed into the cage*
  • Professor Pac: What the? Is that a cage?
  • Blinky: Ha ha ha. Welcome to my airship.
  • Ms. Pac-Man: What have you done to everyone?
  • Blinky: They were on vacation. I saw Pac-Man there and i push him off the bridge into the water.
  • Pac-Man Jr.: You pushed my father!
  • Blinky: Ha ha ha. I did. That's for eating us all back at the forest. My friends, lock this traitor to the cage.
  • Orson: *get held by two ghosts* You let go of me you cowards! I'll get you for this! *the ghosts throw him to the cage and lock him up with the others* Oh, you son of a twitch.
  • Blinky: I hope you enjoy your stay at the cage, traitor. Ha ha ha ha ha. Let's go. We're going to capture all of Pac-Man's friends next.
  • Funky: That does it.
  • Ms. Pac-Man: Hey! You can't leave us all here.
  • Orson: I screwed up. There's no way out of this cage.
  • Baby Pac-Man: Don't worry pets. We'll be fine.
  • Pac-Man Jr.: There need to be a way out of this. But there's no clues around the floor.
  • Orson: We're forever doomed.
  • Professor Pac: Pac-Man's friends are our only hope left to save us all.

(Back at California, the gang is packing their bags out of the hotel and heading back into the airplane for their next stop. The Little Miss Spice Girls take control of the cockpit.)

  • Little Miss Baby: Where are we heading next?
  • Little Miss Ginger: How about we go to England for our next stop?
  • Little Miss Baby: England? I don't know what to say about this.
  • Little Miss Sporty: Don't worry Little Miss Baby. We'll all be fine. As soon things go better, we'll make the best effort for it.
  • Little Miss Baby: One of our former members moved to England. It's going to be a big risk.
  • Little Miss Ginger: Everyone will enjoy England. It's no big deal.
  • Little Miss Baby: Alright. I better make the best effort out of our list.

(Meanwhile with the passengers with Pac-Man, Mr. Happy and Little Miss Sunshine sitting together)

  • Pac-Man: The Spice Girls said that England is going to be our next stop.
  • Little Miss Sunshine: England will be great.
  • Mr. Happy: I heard their food there is amazing. We're going to have the best time in England.
  • Pac-Man: I hope no ghost is there to trick the people off.
  • Little Miss Sunshine: You don't need to worry about ghosts.
  • Pac-Man: I hate them and always will.
  • Mr. Happy: You take my word from here.
  • Pac-Man: 2 Become 1.

(The background song "2 Become 1" by the Spice Girls plays as the airplane flight off to the skies and arrive at England by landing into the parking lot)

  • Pac-Man: Alright we made it.
  • Little Miss Baby: *on speaker* Welcome to England. Hope you have a great time exploring through the cities*
  • Mr. Greedy: I think i smell bread.
  • Mr. Noisy: And a meatloaf of variety.
  • Mr. Lazy: *sleep*
  • Mr. Muddle: Wake up Mr. Lazy. We're already here.
  • Mr. Lazy: *wake up* Whoa, what? What year is it? Is the new Mr. Men and Little Miss movie out in theaters or the studio is taking long on working on the animation?

(The gang take a look at the city in England with Pac-Man and the Spice Girls leading in the group)

  • Pac-Man: This place remind me a lot of Italy of France.
  • Little Miss Baby: Are you referring to Paris?
  • Pac-Man: They're all in France.
  • Ms. Pac-Man: This  is a very miraculous city. I'm loving it so far.
  • Pac-Man: That's what i was going to say.
  • Mr. Happy: The skyscraper is looking sharp as a sharped pencil.
  • Mr. Muddle: They always look like that.
  • Pac-Man: Seems fair to me.
  • ???: *a Mr. Uppity-like person show up in front of the gang* Hello there Mr. Pac-Man.
  • Pac-Man: What the? Who are you?
  • ???: I am the deal sellers of all of England.
  • Mr. Happy: Your a Mr. Men like all of us.
  • Mr. Tall: Hey.
  • ???: I got a big surprise for you. We're at a park.
  • Little Miss Baby: A park? You set up a concert for our Spice Girls band?
  • ???: Follow me to the park.

(The background song end and meanwhile at the park, the gang is taking a look at the trees)

  • Pac-Man: You want us to look around in the trees, didn't you?
  • ???: It's not my responsibility to corporate you guys into the park.
  • Mr. Happy: Are you some sort of president?
  • ???: No. I'm the mayor. What do you expect? All states have mayors like me.
  • Little Miss Baby: You're giving us a surprise are you?
  • ???: That's what i am planning about. To the stage.

(Everyone is seated to the stage as the mystery person give out a speech to the group)

  • ???: Attention everyone. I need your undivided attention. Who is a band in here?
  • Little Miss Baby: We are. We're the Spice Girls.
  • ???: Four girls? Come up to the stage.
  • Little Miss Spice Girls: *walk up to the stage*
  • ???: Little Miss Spice Girls. We got big news for you.
  • Little Miss Sporty: How do you know about us?
  • ???: I read a big history about you. But that is a long story.
  • Little Miss Ginger: That's it? That is all you got to say?
  • ???: Breaking news. Your concert will be held in New York City!
  • Little Miss Baby: Wait, what?
  • Everyone: *cheer and clap*
  • Pac-Man: New York. Here we go!
  • Mr. Happy: Let's go!
  • ???: Yes yes. New York will be the place you will all go to. Your concert will be in that dump area of the beach.
  • Little Miss Baby: Wait wait wait. We're performing in the garbage?
  • ???: No. We're going to be far from the dump. Your performance is set up at the stage with the junkyard's gates closed.
  • Little Miss Scary: I see.
  • ???: Release the airship.
  • Pac-Man: Airship?

(The airship arrives at the park)

  • Mr. Happy: Why is there a airship in the park?
  • Little Miss Sunshine: Are you giving us surprises?
  • ???: Capture them.

(The airship started to hold a vacuum hose as the hose started to suck up the people from screaming and running)

  • Pac-Man: What are you doing?
  • ???: *evil laugh*
  • Mr. Happy: What's so funny?
  • ???: You'll never see your friends again after you got off from that river.
  • Pac-Man: Blinky?
  • ???: That's right. *take off his disguise, revealing to be Blinky* I am a ghost!
  • Little Miss Baby: Ghosts are real?!
  • Pac-Man: No! That can't be you.
  • Blinky: I hope you're enjoying the rest of your lives living in a dump. We build a fortress for you and all of your friends to suffer the rest of your lives in the cage.
  • Pac-Man: Run for your lives!
  • Little Miss Baby: Adios Amigos!
  • Blinky: More vacuum speed!

(The vacuum hose suck all the Mr. Men and Little Misses into the airship as Pac-Man grab from the tree to prevent from getting sucked in)

  • Pac-Man: You'll never catch me.
  • Blinky: *hold a feather* What make you laugh?
  • Pac-Man: Comedy shows.
  • Blinky: I remember the part when you laughed at a guy getting dunked in a circus! *use the feather to make Pac-Man laugh*
  • Pac-Man: Ha ha ha ha ha. That's tickles.
  • Blinky: You're going to the cage!
  • Pac-Man: *get sucked into the vacuum hose* I never laughed at a single scene of a comedy show!
  • Blinky: Yes! I capture all of the Mr. Men and Little Misses in the world. And i got Pac-Man! Yes! *return to the airship*

(Pac-Man and all of the Mr. Men and Little Misses get sucked into the cage at the airship)

  • Pac-Man: We have been tricked!
  • Mr. Happy: That ghost from the same place caught us all with his tricks.
  • Mr. Greedy: That was no Mr. Men. That was a disguise of a ghost.
  • Pac-Man: I told you guys. The ghosts are back.
  • Everyone: *shocked*
  • Mr. Worry: The ghosts! The ghosts are back! We're doomed!
  • Little Miss Baby: How did you know the mayor was a ghost all along?
  • Pac-Man: It was a disguise. I know that ghost and all of his friends. I knew he brought in a big airship this time for the ride.
  • Little Miss Sunshine: I thought you ate them all.
  • Pac-Man: Let me tell you something. The ghosts are undead beings. Just because you eat them doesn't mean they're dead forever. They always come back like a spirit and soul coming out of the light. I can't believe we have to eat them all together.
  • Mr. Greedy: You're going to make us eat ghosts? Blah. I almost ate a garbage burrito back in 2013 on the Day of the Dead.
  • Pac-Man: The ghosts taste like blueberry. If you use a power pellet, we'll eat them all like eating candy at a candy store.
  • Little Miss Sporty: So where is the power pellet?
  • Pac-Man: The power pellet is hard to find. I forgot them on the trip.
  • Mr. Mean: What? You didn't bring one for the trip. Just in case some bad guy come and try to rob us, you use one. For example, we were caught on a terrible tragedy!
  • Pac-Man: This is all my fault. I shouldn't have plan this trip before i got sucked in the warp pipe in the first place.
  • Little Miss Baby: Actually, the world has heard about you. It's our fault. We should have never travel to England in the first place for a trip. I knew Posh was up to something bad.
  • Little Miss Scary: Posh? Who cares about Posh? She's not on the team anymore.
  • Pac-Man: It's better best to wait til the end of my legacy.

(Back at Harlow, Essex, England at Little Miss Posh's house, Little Miss Posh was sitting on her sofa, still watching TV to watch the incident of the England park)

  • News Reporter: This just in. A ghost has been located in the park of Essex. A giant airship has caught all the people during a concert announcement from the Little Miss Spice Girls. What have this culprit has come into this tragedy?
  • Little Miss Posh: Oh no. The Spice Girls has been captured. It is time to go out of retirement. *set up her spy gear and locate the airship on her phone* The fortress of New York. I'm going in. *go outside and fly with her jet pack to the skies.

(Meanwhile at New York, the airship arrive at the fortress of the junkyard as the airship land down with the ghosts held capturing every Mr. Men and Little Misses to their cages. Ms. Pac-Man's family and Professor Pac is placed on a cage by Pinky.)

  • Pinky: You'll be good, safe and sound.
  • Ms. Pac-Man: You let us go. Our baby will not be leaving until our second wedding!
  • Professor Pac: We're done for.

(Pac-Man and Mr. Happy are placed into a cage of their own by Blinky)

  • Blinky: Welcome to your new home.
  • Pac-Man: I let my friends down for this.
  • Mr. Happy: Get us out you freak. Apologize for what you did back at California.
  • Blinky: You'll never know. I have a big fortress and i am planning to dominate the whole world with our names. Wait til we get rid of your popularity.
  • Mr. Happy: What are you going to do to Misterland?
  • Blinky: We're going to sell it for the ghosts. That includes Happyland, Dillydale and many more lands where the colorful people lives. You'll never go back to your hometown ever again. Cheerios. Good day to you guys. *leave*
  • Pac-Man: I'm messed up.
  • Mr. Happy: We need to get out of here. This is the biggest trap of our lifetimes.
  • Pac-Man: There is only one way out and that's where we go small.
  • Mr. Happy: We can't go small in pieces. Only Mr. Bounce and Little Miss Tiny can escape through the chains.
  • Pac-Man: We'll never getting out through the cages.
  • Mr. Happy: There's no food in our rooms like we're stuck in prison. This is the dead zone for the day.

(Little Miss Posh arrives at the fortress by landing in the top and breaking into the ground to find the prisoners. Pac-Man and Mr. Happy are expected to be the first ones to get out.)

  • Pac-Man: Look at that hole. It's so tiny that the ants can get through the way out.
  • Mr. Happy: If i was small, we'll be leaving in no time.
  • Pac-Man: I agree with you on this.
  • Little Miss Posh: *arrive* Hello. Need help?
  • Pac-Man: What? Who are you?
  • Little Miss Posh: There's no time to explain. I'm here to rescue you.
  • Mr. Happy: Rescue us? What about the others? We have friends out there who were held captured by the ghosts.
  • Little Miss Posh: I know where your friends are. Follow me.
  • Pac-Man: We're trap. There's no way out of this cage.
  • Little Miss Posh: Let me do the honors. *use the laser stick to laser on the cages* Eureka.
  • Mr. Happy: That's a very nice spy weapon you got.
  • Little Miss Posh: Let's go you guys. Show me your friends and we're outta here.
  • Pac-Man: All of them.
  • Little Miss Posh: All? I know what you're talking about.

(While Pac-Man, Mr. Happy and Little Miss Posh are running to find the others, the ghosts are setting up Toc-Man on the engine room)

  • Blinky: Just in case the colorful people escape, we'll use Toc-Man to crush them all up.
  • Clyde: I can't believe Orson is not here with us to help out.
  • Blinky: He betray me more than 19 times a year. I'll get my hands on those meddling good ghosts.
  • Pinky: But we're the bad guys.
  • Blinky: I'll teach those prisoners a big lesson and i'm just getting started on my reign.

(Pac-Man, Mr. Happy and Little Miss Posh arrive to the prison zone where the prisoners are in their cages)

  • Mr. Worry: Help me!
  • Mr. Lazy: That's not my bed.
  • Little Miss Inventor: Get me out of this cage! I have other machines to work on back home!
  • Little Miss Splendid: That's not splendid at all. We're in our small rooms!
  • Mr. Uppity: I have been framed. They got the wrong guy.
  • Mr. Happy: Guys, we're alive.
  • Pac-Man: We're going to get you out as soon as possible.
  • Little Miss Posh: Okay guys. Release them out and we'll head out.
  • Pac-Man: *open the cage* You're good to go.
  • Mr. Muddle: Thank you.
  • Little Miss Posh: What the? How did you open it?
  • Pac-Man: You just unlock it. Mr. Muddle, release the prisoners and tell your friends to release the others.
  • Mr. Muddle: Aye aye sir.
  • Mr. Happy: Time for a little jailbreak.
  • Everyone: *while others are being released, the prisoners release the others out of their cages*
  • Little Miss Posh: Go straight to the exit.
  • Pac-Man: We got more rooms to release the prisoners in!

(Meanwhile, Mr. Jelly and Mr. Messy are in a room of their room in a cage cell)

  • Mr. Jelly: We're dead meat. I hate going into long distance traps.
  • Mr. Messy: I'm a mess.
  • Mr. Jelly: Oh wait. I am made of blob.
  • Mr. Messy: You're jelly.
  • Mr. Jelly: Jelly. Ah ha. *pass through the cage* I knew i would get out of that cage cell.
  • Mr. Messy: Get me out of this cage.
  • Mr. Jelly: I got you. *release Mr. Messy out of the cage.
  • Mr. Messy: Thanks a lot.
  • Mr. Jelly: You're very welcome.

(Ms. Pac-Man's family and Professor Pac are in the cage cell too in the same room)

  • Ms. Pac-Man: Hey Jelly Guy, get us out of the cage!
  • Mr. Jelly: Don't worry, i'll get you out of this prison cage. *open the cage*
  • Ms. Pac-Man: Thank you very much.
  • Professor Pac: You're so kind.
  • Mr. Jelly: We're special.
  • Mr. Messy: We're all special.
  • Pac-Man Jr.: Do you think our dad is in the same prison?
  • Mr. Jelly: Just follow us.

(Pac-Man, Mr. Happy and Little Miss Posh arrive to the cage cell where the Little Miss Spice Girls are)

  • Pac-Man: Ladies, we got company.
  • Little Miss Baby: Posh?
  • Little Miss Posh: Baby!
  • Little Miss Sporty: Oh my gosh. It's you.
  • Little Miss Ginger: How did you find us here?
  • Little Miss Posh: There's no time to explain. We're getting you out of here.
  • Little Miss Baby: Always knew i still have you on the team.
  • Pac-Man: You're Posh?
  • Little Miss Posh: If you say so. I have heard a lot about you since you saved Misterland.
  • Pac-Man: I saved the whole world for everyone. Even for Mr. Happy too.
  • Mr. Happy: He put so much care into his place.
  • Little Miss Baby: Time to break out of prison.

(All of the Mr. Men and Little Misses are breaking into the hallway and running into the door)

  • Pac-Man: We're gonna make it!
  • Mr. Happy: We're really gonna make it.
  • Mr. Grumpy: We're not gonna make it.

(The doors are locked with the chains)

  • Pac-Man: Drat! We were so close. We should have gone faster.
  • Mr. Happy: Mr. Grumpy, why would you prevent a trap like never before?!
  • Mr. Grumpy: It's not my fault to get you guys trapped.
  • Mr. Jelly: Pac-Man! Look who's there?
  • Pac-Man: Huh?
  • Ms. Pac-Man: Pac-Man.
  • Pac-Man: Guys. It's you. How did you follow me all the way there?
  • Ms. Pac-Man: We were all there.
  • Pac-Man Jr.: We all got trapped.
  • Baby Pac-Man: The ghosts capture us.
  • Pac-Man: I knew it was going to be the ghosts the whole time.
  • Chomp-Chomp: *bark*
  • Pac-Man: Chomp-Chomp, i knew you missed me.
  • Sour Puss: Meow.
  • Pac-Man: Sour Puss.
  • Mr. Happy: I didn't know you have pets.

(The ghosts arrive at the scene)

  • Blinky: Hello people. You have no place to go.
  • Pac-Man: Blinky!
  • Blinky: Ha ha ha ha ha. I have a bigger army this time. We were following you all along since you left Misterland to travel through the whole world.
  • Mr. Miserable: You cannot destroy our homes and our freedoms!
  • Blinky: Silence! I would love to set up a big battle with all of you people. Who's ready to settle it in smash?
  • Pac-Man: It's a smashing time to fight!
  • Clyde: Play brawl!
  • Pac-Man: We will not back down!

(The Mr. Men and Little Misses clash in with the ghosts as the background song "Join the Pac" by KEN ISHII plays)

  • Pac-Man: *fight Blinky*
  • Blinky: Ah! *punch Pac-Man*
  • Pac-Man: Ow.
  • Blinky: You'll never own a nickel for a dollar.
  • Ms. Pac-Man: *punch five ghosts*
  • Mr. Happy: *use a pan to hit on the ghosts* Stay out!
  • Little Miss Sunshine: *fight Clyde* Back off!
  • Clyde: You'll never stand a chance.
  • Mr. Greedy: *fight Pinky* Come on little baby, i'm over here.
  • Pinky: *slap on Mr. Greedy's belly*
  • Mr. Greedy: My belly!
  • Mr. Grumpy: *punch Inky* You get over here.
  • Inky: Not without my blue pen!
  • Pac-Man: *kick on Blinky*
  • Blinky: Ooh.
  • Pac-Man: Not standing a chance, eh?
  • Blinky: You have my will for it.
  • Little Miss Hug: *hug Funky* You're so soft.
  • Funky: Get off me you hugger!

(In the other room, Orson was in his prison cell, trying to get out of the cage and use a hair to unlock the cage and get out of the cage)

  • Orson: Yes. Free at last!

(Back at the hallway, the Spice Girls throw bombs at the ghosts to blast them out while the others are fighting the ghosts)

  • Little Miss Baby: Just a little more.
  • Little Miss Sunshine: *punch the ghosts*
  • Mr. Noisy: *loud noise* Yodel he hoo! *the lamps fall out in the scene*
  • Mr. Worry: Look out below for the lamps!
  • Everyone: *dodge the lamps falling*
  • Mr. Lazy: *sleep walking*
  • Pac-Man: I'm going to set up a trap for you.
  • Blinky: *escape* No! I cannot die again!
  • Pac-Man: Where are you going?!
  • Mr. Happy: He's getting away again.
  • Pac-Man: He cannot leave until we eat him.
  • Little Miss Sunshine: How are we going to do that?
  • Blinky: Ha ha ha. Nothing for all of you, except a little pounce. *fly over to the engine room and get inside Toc-Man* Come on, work this thing. Turn on!

(Toc-Man is activated to the battle as he break the wall to the hallway)

  • Pac-Man: Uh oh.
  • Toc-Man: Ha ha ha ha ha. Welcome to your doom Pac-Man!
  • Pac-Man: I remember you.
  • Toc-Man: I'm going to smash you all into tiny bugs!
  • Mr. Daydream: It's a nightmare come true. Run everyone, run!
  • Everyone: *panic and run*
  • Toc-Man: Ha ha ha! Ready or not, here i come.
  • Professor Pac: That is one big beast.
  • Pac-Man: We gotta stop the big mecha.
  • Mr. Happy: I can help fight along.
  • Pac-Man: Let's do this together. *he and his friends run after Toc-Man*
  • Toc-Man: *smash the ground*
  • Pac-Man: *jump over Toc-Man's hands*
  • Toc-Man: Get over here.
  • Pac-Man: Make me.
  • Little Miss Magic: *use her wand wand to zap on Toc-Man*
  • Toc-Man: Ah! The pain!
  • Pac-Man: Whoa.
  • Toc-Man: Ghosts, get him!
  • Pac-Man: *punch every ghost*
  • Inky: Get outta here.
  • Pac-Man: *kick the ghosts*
  • Mr. Happy: We need to get into the thing.
  • Mr. Greedy: Climb along!

(Meanwhile in another room, Orson is trying to get out of his cage)

  • Orson: Come on, come on, come on. Why won't this cage unlock? *unlock the cage with the stick* I'm getting outta here.

(Orson rush out of the cage while everyone is still fighting the ghosts with Pac-Man trying to defeat Toc-Man)

  • Toc-Man: Get off me you cheese!
  • Pac-Man: You'll see me coming.
  • Toc-Man: Ah! *bump his head over Pac-Man* Ouch. My head.
  • Pac-Man: Ha ha. You got hit.
  • Toc-Man: You'll pay for this.
  • Mr. Happy: *try to punch Toc-Man in the iron* It's too hard and made of iron.
  • Little Miss Baby: It's made of metal. Robots and machines are suppose to be made of metal.
  • Little Miss Posh: I guess we'll never gonna win.
  • Pac-Man: *punch Toc-Man* Come on, time for round two with the yellow.
  • Toc-Man: I'm gonna eat you like a whole slice of pizza.
  • Pac-Man: Take the whole pizza home with you. *punch Toc-Man's eye*
  • Toc-Man: Ah! I can't see! The cameras are going down!
  • Pac-Man: Whoa. You got a big mouth like a garbage truck.
  • Toc-Man: Don't make me puck you.
  • Chomp-Chomp: *growl at the ghosts*
  • Sour Puss: *chase the ghosts*
  • Pac-Man: You act like it's the end of the world.

(Orson arrive at the scene by holding a rifle gun)

  • Orson: Don't worry Pac-Man, i got this.
  • Pac-Man: Orson?
  • Mr. Happy: Wait, who's Orson?
  • Orson: *shoot the light on the top, making the light fall on Toc-Man and Pac-Man*
  • Toc-Man: No!
  • Ms. Pac-Man: Pac-Man!
  • Pac-Man: *crash on the floor with a damaged Toc-Man, shocking everyone on the scene*

(The background song end as everyone is shocked about Pac-Man's fall and Toc-Man's damage)

  • Mr. Jelly: No!
  • Pinky: Orson.
  • Orson: What did i do?
  • Pac-Man: *unable to get up*
  • Mr. Messy: Whoa, what a blast.
  • Little Miss Wise: Messy!
  • Mr. Messy: Oops, never mind.
  • Baby Pac-Man: We need some help, call a doctor.
  • Mr. Uppity: He won't get up.
  • Blinky: *get off Toc-Man* You ruined everything.
  • Orson: I won't back down for everyone.
  • Blinky: You stay out of the good guys. I don't care how many times you fail, but you will always be a failure.
  • Orson: You can't tell me what to do.
  • Ms. Pac-Man: *hold a power pellet and walk to Pac-Man*
  • Little Miss Baby: What are you doing?
  • Ms. Pac-Man: I got this. This will help. *use the power pellet on Pac-Man's mouth* Make it work, make it work.
  • Pac-Man: *power up*
  • Ghosts: *turn blue*
  • Clyde: Oh no, i'm blue!
  • Pinky: Not again.
  • Pac-Man: *get up* You know what you guys? It's dinner time!
  • Blinky: Run for your lives!
  • Ghosts: *scream and run*
  • Ms. Pac-Man: Go get them Pac-Man.
  • Pac-Man: The Pac is Back!
  • Everyone: *cheers*

(The background song "The Pac is Back" plays as Pac-Man run around to eat all the ghosts by going loop to loop one by one)

  • Sue: You'll never catch me! *get eaten by Pac-Man*
  • Funky: No! *get eaten by Pac-Man*
  • Yum-Yum: Daddy, help me! *get eaten by Pac-Man*
  • Kinky: Ha ha, i'm close. *get eaten by Pac-Man*
  • Spunky: *get hit by Toc-Man's broken hand and get eaten by Pac-Man*
  • Tim: The door's locked! *get eaten by Pac-Man*
  • Miru: We're doomed. *get eaten by Pac-Man*
  • Wandy: Uh oh. *get eaten by Pac-Man*
  • Rocky: Whoa! *get eaten by Pac-Man*
  • Kelly: There's no way out. *get eaten by Pac-Man*
  • Terry: Drat. *get eaten by Pac-Man*
  • Harry: Double drat. *get eaten by Pac-Man*
  • Baby Pac-Man: Yay Pac-Man, go eat the ghosts.
  • Pac-Man: I'm doing my job. *eat every single ghost.
  • Clyde: This is not good! *get eaten by Pac-Man*
  • Inky: Mommy! *get eaten by Pac-Man*
  • Pinky: I'm too young to get eaten. Help me! *get eaten by Pac-Man*
  • Blinky: You can't catch me. *fly away*
  • Little Miss Posh: Pac-Man, he's going up!
  • Pac-Man: Don't worry, i'll stop him. *fly to chase Blinky*
  • Orson: Wow, he can fly.

(Pac-Man chase Blinky all over the fortress by going through rooms and going through stairs)

  • Pac-Man: Get back over here!
  • Blinky: You won't survive to see the end of the day.
  • Pac-Man: I'm stopping you from chasing all of my friends.
  • Blinky: Well i pushed you. Look like i have to kick you out again!
  • Pac-Man: Back off!

(Pac-Man and Blinky still run around the prison cells)

  • Blinky: *stop right at the cell* Yoo hoo, i give up. Eat me all you want.
  • Pac-Man: You're finished! *tries to catch Blinky and crash to the cell*
  • Blinky: *turn red and lock Pac-Man* I got you!
  • Pac-Man: No! I was close!
  • Blinky: I won this time. This is my revenge for paying back from the Easter egg hunt.

(The background song end as Orson show up at the scene)

  • Orson: Oh no you don't.
  • Blinky: What the?
  • Orson: *punch Blinky*
  • Blinky: You son of a-
  • Orson: *push Blinky*
  • Blinky: Ow. What was that for?
  • Orson: Play time is over. *fight Blinky*
  • Blinky: *punch Orson*
  • Orson: *bite Blinky's hand*
  • Blinky: Ah! *punch Orson's face*
  • Pac-Man: I can't watch. Now it's turning into a horror movie.
  • Orson: *slam Blinky down* All of your friends are already eaten and getting send back into the ghost town*
  • Blinky: Make me you little son of a prick. *punch Orson*
  • Orson: My face.
  • Blinky: This is the end of the universe for you. *hold his dart gun* You're going bye-bye.
  • Orson: You're not going to pick on me, or the Pac.

(Back at the hallway, Mr. Happy make a announcement to his people)

  • Mr. Happy: Guys, there is no point on Pac-Man's return. What should we do?
  • Little Miss Posh: I'm going to spice up some things. *use the rocket gun to blast rockets on the wall*

(The fortress is about to collapse)

  • Mr. Happy: The fortress is about to fall down.
  • Ms. Pac-Man: It's collapsing. There's no way out.
  • Mr. Jelly: We're all going to get crushed.
  • Mr. Strong: Don't worry ladies and gentleman. Mr. Strong got this. *break the door to the exit* Go go go!
  • Mr. Greedy: Freedom!
  • Mr. Tall: Yay!
  • Mr. Worry: Thank you very much.
  • Ms. Pac-Man: Where did Pac-Man go?
  • Little Miss Baby: Girls, we got a real job to do. This is what our spy mission used to look like back in the 80s.
  • Little Miss Sporty: It's go time!

(While the fortress is falling apart, Blinky hold the dart gun to Orson)

  • Blinky: Say any last words before you go.
  • Orson: This isn't the end of time you know. The fortress is about to tear down!

(The top part breaks half of the place, leading the prison cells to break down and Pac-Man holding on to one of the chains and breaking out as he fall into Blinky and Orson by holding on to the floor)

  • Pac-Man: Your fortress is made of broken wood!
  • Blinky: We painted it to look like a actual mansion wall. We were suppose to take over the world and now, it's ruined.
  • Orson: We're ghosts. We can fly. *hold off the floor*
  • Blinky: *hold off the floor* Oh, never mind. See ya suckers! *fly into the airship*
  • Pac-Man: Come back!
  • Orson: Don't worry Pac-Man, i got you. *hold Pac-Man*
  • Pac-Man: He's getting away. We can't let him leave with the airship.
  • Blinky: *fly back to the airship and sail it* I'm getting out as usual.
  • Little Miss Spice Girls: *arrive at the top and shoot rockets at the airship*
  • Blinky: No! I'm crashing!

(Orson, Pac-Man and the Little Miss Spice Girls made their way out of the fortress from breaking apart as the airship crash to the junkyard. The Mr. Men and Little Misses has escape through their jailbreak.)

  • Blinky: *get off the airship* Ugh, today is not my day.
  • Ms. Pac-Man: *eat the power pellet and jump to Blinky*
  • Blinky: Uh oh. *get eaten by Ms. Pac-Man*
  • Ms. Pac-Man: And that's how it's done.

(Orson, Pac-Man and the Little Miss Spice Girls land to safety with the others)

  • Little Miss Sunshine: Is anyone okay?
  • Mr. Bounce: Yes we are.
  • Little Miss Tiny: Hey look! Pac-Man and the others are alive!
  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Ms. Pac-Man: Oh baby, i knew you could survive the crash.
  • Pac-Man: That crime chase is finally over.
  • Little Miss Baby: We saved the day after all.
  • Mr. Happy: We did saved the day, or save the world? What about both?
  • Professor Pac: So Pac-Man, we'll be ready to get home to safety.
  • Pac-Man: Wait. The airship is crashed!
  • Everyone: *shocked*
  • Mr. Tall: Oh no. Not again. How do we get out?
  • Pac-Man: It's all the ghosts' fault. Blinky escape with the airship and crash through the trash.
  • Mr. Happy: I guess we're all gonna sit through the garbage for the rest of our lives.
  • Little Miss Baby: Don't worry. We'll take a bunch of boats back into your hometown.
  • Mr. Happy: But we didn't bring the plane for the fortress.
  • Little Miss Baby: It doesn't matter. Our managers will take the place back since they located the plane with their devices.
  • Little Miss Sporty: How about a cruise ship back to Misterland?
  • Little Miss Baby: That's a great idea.


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