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Chapter 1 is the first chapter of Mr. Men and Timbuctoo: Flashback to the 90s written by MarioFan65.

This chapter is called "A New Year Begins".


(The story starts in the present day of 2019 as it was snowing in Misterland with Mr. Happy and his friends celebrating a New Year party at his house, cheering with water on their cups and sandwiches on their plates, eating for joy with the start of a new year as the countdown is still going on with the clock moving its arrow close to 12 where the new day would start)

  • Everyone: Three, two, one! Happy New Year!
  • Mr. Happy: Happy New Year to everyone in Misterland.
  • Little Miss Sunshine: Happy 2019 isn't it.
  • Little Miss Tiny: Hip hip hooray! A new year has started.
  • Mr. Tickle: Are you amazed that we're in the last year of the decade?
  • Mr. Greedy: If it isn't the 2010s decade, we are almost to the 2020s decade.
  • Mr. Grumpy: Another stinky year in a awful life.
  • Little Miss Sunshine: Cheer up Mr. Grumpy. There's plenty of reasons to be happy on a new year.
  • Mr. Grumpy: Well it's not for me, but is for them.
  • Mr. Happy: It feels so good to be happy on a New Year.
  • Little Miss Sunshine: It's like the six of us together, but we're a family of happy people in one town.
  • Mr. Tickle: It make my arms stretch like a rug.
  • Mr. Happy: *lay on the sofa* Aw, nothing than a big tight rest of a sofa chair.
  • Mr. Tickle: Anyone got some goals set for this year? My biggest goal is to stretch as many arms I can.
  • Little Miss Sunshine: Mr. Tickle? They're just your arms. You were born with long arms.
  • Mr. Tickle: I can grow more and have my arms stretch tight like Mr. Tall's legs.
  • Mr. Happy: You're playing silly. Are you?
  • Mr. Tickle: Nah. It doesn't tick a arm.
  • Little Miss Sunshine: I wonder what our goals will be for the last year of the decade?
  • Mr. Greedy: Eating?
  • Mr. Grumpy: Being grumpy.
  • Mr. Tickle: Make a laugh?
  • Mr. Happy: I can take a look at my memory book if I want to. We'll read all of our memories throughout the years of our lifetime. *trip over a ball as the ball hit the book shelf, causing the books to fall over with the memory book falling to flip pages* Ow, I think I trip over a little ball.
  • Mr. Grumpy: Watch your steps Happy! Oh, you're daydreaming again, are you?
  • Mr. Happy: Of course not. I'm not Mr. Daydream or Mr. Bump. *grab the memory book, showing pages of him and the animals looking like Mr. Men and Little Miss in pictures* Ooh, what is this?
  • Little Miss Sunshine: Is that a Zoo book?
  • Mr. Happy: *show the memory book with himself and everyone with the animals in front of everyone* Take a look of this!
  • Little Miss Sunshine: Oh my gosh.
  • Mr. Grumpy: Really?
  • Mr. Greedy: I remember the moment where we saw our own counterparts as animals.
  • Mr. Tickle: Are they variants of us?
  • Mr. Happy: Those animals are from another dimension, like us.
  • Little Miss Sunshine: What happen on this day when we first met them?
  • Mr. Happy: You do not remember anything what we saw on this special day? Oh well. I'm going to tell you a story of how the Mr. Men and Little Miss meet the people of Timbuctoo in another world.
  • Little Miss Sunshine: We'll love to hear.
  • Mr. Grumpy: Get to the point of the story. I'll love to see what our lives were back in the past.
  • Mr. Happy: It was actually around the end of the 20th century. We were in the start of the 90s. Anyways, it all started when we were celebrating New Year and the 90s begin a brand new decade for everyone else in the world! Way before the 21st century.

(Flash-forwarding back two and a half decades ago in 1990, everyone in Misterland celebrate New Year with the end of the 80s and the start of the 90s with many Mr. Men and Little Misses throwing out balloons, holding a parade, eating grapes and blowing party horns at each other. Mr. Happy host a New Year party with all of his friends at his house by blowing party horns while watching the New Year Countdown on television.)

  • Mr. Happy: *blow a New Year party horn* Happy New Year Everyone!
  • Little Miss Sunshine: Cheers to the end of 1989!
  • Mr. Tickle: Happy party it is!
  • Mr. Greedy: Here come 1990!
  • Little Miss Tiny: I like to see these fireworks pop.
  • Mr. Grumpy: Ah yeah. A new year.
  • Mr. Tickle: Bup bup bup.
  • Mr. Happy: Ah, I can't believe we are now in the 90s.
  • Little Miss Sunshine: We'll be missing the 90s a lot. At least, it was a fun ride.
  • Mr. Greedy: It make me happy a lot!
  • Little Miss Brave: It's a whole new year to celebrate.
  • Little Miss Kind: Look at the fireworks. They are popping as rock candy.
  • Mr. Brilliant: I'm telling you. This food got the best choice.
  • Little Miss Energy: Light up the energy.
  • Mr. Calm: Peaceful town it is, Little Miss Calm.
  • Little Miss Calm: How peaceful Misterland really is right now.
  • Mr. Happy: There's a whole ton of celebration going on outside. Anyone have a goal for the new year?
  • Mr. Grumpy: You mean like a New Year Resolution? A list full of goals to complete? Ha. Who still uses that?
  • Mr. Happy: But Mr. Grumpy. You don't have to be selfish about it. It's just the goals you wanna achieve for the new year.
  • Mr. Grumpy: Like why do I care?
  • Mr. Tickle: Feel free to make your goals.
  • Little Miss Tiny: And be thankful for what you have put on your effort to achieve the goal for the new year.
  • Mr. Grumpy: Whatever. I'm making up my mind.
  • Mr. Happy: We really love to see your effort on your daily goals.
  • Mr. Grumpy: Don't remind me!
  • Mr. Bump: *came by the door* Woo. Tough crash. Mr. Happy. Guys. There is a New Year Celebration going on! With a parade!
  • Mr. Happy: A New Year parade? Sweet. Come on you guys. A New Year Celebration is on the air with some love.
  • Little Miss Sunshine: We gotta get on the ride.
  • Mr. Greedy: Balloons! Parades! We're ready!

(The Mr. Men and Little Miss head over to the town of Misterland with a New Year Balloon Parade going on with lots of cheers from the parade as people are seen blowing out party horns, drinking some watermelon juice and eating bunch of cookies and food in the town)

  • Mr. Tall: New Year! New Year! We are in the New Year!
  • Dr. Makeyouwell. A apple a day keep the doctor away! *eat a apple*
  • George: Man, I'm going to catch a lot of new fish in the new decade.
  • Mr. Noisy: *at the table, cutting some steak on the plate with a fork* A fresh meat of steak is a good eat for my diet. *eat some steak* Taste like regular meat like choice cuts. I want more!
  • Little Miss Naughty: No bad year this time. Amazing.
  • Mr. Nosey: Sing a ding of a jingle bell. Fa la la!
  • Mr. Happy: *arrive to the town with most of his friends* Wow, aren't we late to the party?
  • Little Miss Sunshine: The celebration is just getting started.
  • Mr. Grumpy: Already?! Why didn't they invite us back then?
  • Mr. Clever: Tacos! Get your tacos here!
  • Mr. Skinny: Who want some French sticks? They're like French toast, but they're skinny as me! Cinnamon flavor added!
  • Mr. Mischief: *make a dog balloon* A dog balloon is a good time to bark up the new year. Arf arf!
  • Mr. Strong: *lift up the fruit wagon* Yeah! Blow some fireworks!
  • Everyone: *shoot fireworks in the sky with their cannons as everyone cheers*
  • Mr. Robinson: Ah. A good show is what pop with the fireworks.
  • Mr. Dizzy: Oi. The fireworks popping is making me all dizzy.
  • Mr. Muddle: Yep yep yep!
  • Mr. Bounce: *bounce around* Yee! I just can't have enough of the fireworks booming! Boom boom boom!
  • Mr. Busy: Fireworks are ready to go.
  • Mr. Perfect: Perfect timing.
  • Mr. Stamp: Great job you guys. You are amazing!
  • Little Miss Twin #1: Yay yay yay!
  • Little Miss Twin #2: Fireworks are popping!
  • Little Miss Fun: Seeing the fireworks show on New Year is so much fun.
  • Little Miss Giggles: I can barely tell. *giggle*
  • Little Miss Dotty: It's the best show i've ever seen since the Thanksgiving parade of 1984.
  • Little Miss Late: Never been late on a show before.
  • Little Miss Sunshine: Way to start off a new day.
  • Mr. Happy: It's a blast from the past. *laugh* It doesn't get old on midnight.
  • Little Miss Sunshine: I didn't expect to have the firework show late at night.
  • Mr. Happy: It has always been late at night.
  • Little Miss Sunshine: Sure is buddy. We can go rock on the show and get to it.
  • Mr. Happy: People are going to see our names on the sign!
  • Little Miss Sunshine: For all the Mr. Men and Little Miss in the town, this is for Misterland!
  • Mr. Happy: For Misterland!
  • Everyone: *cheers for the fireworks blasting in the sky and exploding by making reflections of each Mr. Men and Little Miss citizen*

(After the fireworks show at night, in the morning, Mr. Happy wake up in his bedroom as the clock ring and turn off the clock. Mr. Happy get up from the bed, go to the bathroom to brush his teeth, take a shower and clean himself with a tower as he head downstairs to toast some bread for breakfast, cook up some fried eggs, make orange juice on the blender and set up his breakfast at the table as he eat the toast happily by sitting)

  • Mr. Happy: The perfect breakfast set make it a perfect time to start off fresh with a year. *hear a door bell* And that's the door bell! The first visitor on the first day of the year. I wonder who is it? *open the door, revealing to be Little Miss Sunshine* Little Miss Sunshine. How did you manage to come at the front door on the first day of the new year?
  • Little Miss Sunshine: Well, you just had a good fireworks show from yesterday.
  • Mr. Happy: Yesterday. Today was midnight. We saw the show together when the next day started on a new year.
  • Little Miss Sunshine: I thought the next day would start in the morning.
  • Mr. Happy: Time zones don't always work right on where you live. Anyways, how is the gang doing?
  • Little Miss Sunshine: Gang is doing well. They are just minding their own businesses as always.
  • Mr. Happy: Everyone always mind their business. That's the bottom line they all should have been hearing.
  • Mr. Tickle: Hey Mr. Happy, what's up?
  • Mr. Happy: Looking good. Just happy as a normal person. *laugh*
  • Mr. Tickle: You wouldn't see happy on a angry day, are you?
  • Mr. Happy: Nope. Not at all.
  • Mr. Greedy: *show up by eating a cheeseburger* Oom nom. That was a good cheeseburgers from Six Guys. *curious* What's up? What did I miss?
  • Mr. Happy: Oh, nothing Mr. Greedy. You just showed up. Did you save any fries?
  • Mr. Greedy: Uh, I feel a little guilty right now. I ate all the fries at the fast-food restaurant.
  • Mr. Happy: I'm just playing with you. Playing is like making fun. *laugh*
  • Mr. Greedy: You didn't meant to make a joke on me, are you?
  • Mr. Happy: No. Why would I make a joke? Only Mr. Mischief make jokes in his comedy show.
  • Little Miss Sunshine: Are we going to take a walk together like a family?
  • Mr. Tickle: Or ride a bike?
  • Mr. Happy: I feel like taking a walk down to the city.
  • Mr. Greedy: That's a nice comment!
  • Mr. Tickle: I love it!
  • Little Miss Sunshine: Let's take this nice walk and we're ready to go.
  • Mr. Happy: Alright. You know the drill and you know what we're gonna do.
  • Mr. Greedy: Take it easy.
  • Mr. Tickle: We'll take a nice ride around town.
  • Little Miss Sunshine: Safety's first.
  • Mr. Happy: With my favorite people on block, we'll get used to on walking when hanging out. This is a new generation for all of us in the city. *singing*

Give me one reason to stay here

And I'll turn right back around

  • Little Miss Sunshine:

Give me one reason to stay here

And I'll turn right back around

  • Mr. Happy:

Said I don't want to leave you lonely

You got to make me change my mind

  • Mr. Tickle: *tickle his friends*

Baby I got your number

Oh and I know that you got mine

You know that I called you

I called you many times

  • Mr. Greedy:

You can call me baby

You can call me anytime, you got to call me

Give me one reason to stay here

And I'll turn right back around

  • Little Miss Tiny: You can see me turnin'.
  • Mr. Happy:

Give me one reason to stay here

And I'll turn right back around

  • Little Miss Tiny: You can see me turnin'.
  • Mr. Happy:

Said I don't want leave you lonely

You got to make me change my mind

I don't want no one to squeeze me

They might take away my life

I don't want no one to squeeze me

  • Mr. Grumpy:

They might take away my life

I just want someone to hold me

Oh and rock me through the night

This youthful heart can love you

Yes and give you what you need

I said this youthful heart can love you

  • Mr. Happy:

Oh and give you what you need

But I'm too old to go chasin' you around

Wastin' my precious energy

Give me one reason to stay here

  • Little Miss Sunshine: Yes and I'll turn right back around.
  • Little Miss Tiny: You can see me turnin'.
  • Little Miss Sunshine:

Give me one reason to stay here

Oh I'll turn right back around

  • Little Miss Tiny: You can see me turnin'.
  • Mr. Happy:

Said I don't want leave you lonely

You got to make me change my mind

Baby just give me one reason

Oh give me just one reason why

  • Mr. Tickle: *tickle his friends once more*

Baby just give me one reason

Oh give me just one reason why I should stay

Said I told you that I loved you

And there ain't no more to say

  • Everyone: *walk all over town as the song keep playing in their heads with people working and waving hi at the gang*
  • Mr. Perfect: Perfect morning Mr. Happy.
  • Mr. Happy: Perfect day for you, my friend.
  • Mr. Perfect: Always a blessing.
  • Mr. Bump: *crash on the garbage cans* Ow. I think I hurt my knee.
  • Mr. Daydream: *sleep on the cloud* Ah, clouds, ah, fairies, ah, heaven.
  • Mr. Chips: *construct a new window* Yes. A new window is fully complete without any break-ups.
  • Little Miss Princess: Who's the sweetest prince of all?
  • Mr. Happy: Me!
  • Little Miss Princess: Mr. Happy. Happy new year to you.
  • Mr. Happy: Oh, Happy New Year to you, princess of the castle.
  • Little Miss Sunshine: You wouldn't say princess of the castle, if I was owning a castle like the Princess of Egypt. *giggle*
  • Mr. Sneeze: *sneeze* Ah choo! I still can't get over Flu season.
  • Mr. Uppity: Hello my friends. You may be wondering about what the riches are going to do today.
  • Mr. Tickle: That's gratitude, Mr. Uppity!
  • Mr. Uppity: Oh, the charming. Don't let the greed try to steal your money!
  • Mr. Greedy: Hey, not only that I'm fat, but am also greedy when it come to things I want. Like look at Mr. Noisy for example, yelling in a grocery store.
  • Mr. Noisy: *at a grocery store, yelling at a employee* I want a loaf of bread! And I want a piece of meat!
  • Mr. Happy: *feel awkward* Crazy world we live in today.
  • Mr. Lazy: *sleep on a bench*
  • Mr. Impossible: *walk* It's impossible to start the day with a morning walk. Y'all know?
  • Little Miss Mean: Don't let the city monitors spy on you!
  • Mr. Happy: People. Why are they so sensitive?
  • Little Miss Sunshine: Like what's up with them?
  • Little Miss Inventor: *see Mr. Happy and the gang only for their song to be put on pause* Hey Mr. Happy and Little Miss Sunshine! Happy New Year to all of you.
  • Mr. Happy: Great day we're having with a nice percent chance of cloudy weather and no rain.
  • Little Miss Inventor: Rain over me with a taste of your medicine. Anyways, I have breaking news for all of you.
  • Mr. Grumpy: Is it time for everyone to leave me alone after my arguments?
  • Little Miss Inventor: No! I have a special surprise for everyone.
  • Everyone: Ooh.
  • Little Miss Sunshine: Is it a present box?
  • Little Miss Inventor: Nah. Good guess. You might be trying to guess yourself what it is like trying to cheat on a spelling test.
  • Mr. Happy: But we just graduated from high school. Some of us got dropped us college.
  • Little Miss Inventor: I already graduated college to become a scientist and a inventor. I got a super showing for everyone to look at as you may come over to my lab for more instructions and details.
  • Mr. Tickle: What kind of instructions she got for us?
  • Mr. Grumpy: Let her be more specific. I don't know what she's talking about. But I don't know the what in the where on when she's gonna reveal it by taking the blanket off everyone faces!
  • Little Miss Sunshine: Why don't we find out ourselves.
  • Mr. Happy: She told us to come over. Come on, we can't be sitting here all day in the hot weather.
  • Mr. Greedy: It's still cold to me as my belly feel kinda still.
  • Mr. Happy: Just the tip of the box. You know what we're gonna get out of her inventions.

(Mr. Happy and his friends follow Little Miss Inventor's lab to check out all of her inventions on the table and a blanket covering up her latest invention for Little Miss Inventor to reveal the surprise to everyone)

  • Little Miss Inventor: Ta da da, da da! You all came to the right place to look at my latest invention on what I build for you guys to be surprised of.
  • Mr. Happy: Now we can look at it.
  • Little Miss Inventor: Behold! The one and only invention that will change your lives forever and the whole universe. *reveal the invention by taking off the blanket* The dimensional portal!
  • Little Miss Sunshine: Ooh.
  • Mr. Tickle: What?
  • Mr. Greedy: No way.
  • Mr. Grumpy: That is the surprise?! Lame. I would rather get tickets to go on vacation to the United Kingdom.
  • Little Miss Tiny: It's ain't that bad to me. It look fine I guess.
  • Mr. Happy: It look like a big "O" on the machine like a big hole.
  • Little Miss Inventor: Once the dimensional portal open, it will lead to new worlds and new places you guys never traveled to.
  • Mr. Tickle: Like, what is on the portal?
  • Little Miss Inventor: You will have to find out. I got places for you guys to travel on. Let me see. *see a list of places to go on the screen* America, Canada, Africa, China, Japan, Antarctica, Alaska, United Kingdom, Peru and even Rio.
  • Mr. Happy: River of January?
  • Little Miss Inventor: Rio de Janeiro.
  • Mr. Grumpy: That's in Brazil you know.
  • Mr. Greedy: I'm excited about the new world. Let us see it with passion.
  • Little Miss Inventor: Hold it. I wouldn't say we should all go together at once and be picky about the places you wanna go. I wanna even check the list of universes yet.
  • Mr. Happy: There are like a thousand like a billion and trillion.
  • Little Miss Inventor: Ooh, you just said it!
  • Mr. Happy: What did I say?
  • Little Miss Inventor: There are like a trillion of universes in one vast of multiverse. In other words, the whole collection of realities titled the omniverse just take it all like a bowl of cereal.
  • Mr. Tickle: So, there is one universe, then the next one is another universe and after all, another universe!
  • Little Miss Sunshine: How many are we gonna go in one day?
  • Little Miss Inventor: Maybe two. Or three.
  • Mr. Happy: Four?
  • Mr. Greedy: Five?
  • Mr. Grumpy: Six?
  • Little Miss Inventor: You'll have to wait and find out. I found a place for us to travel and it's called... *read the list of places on the computer* Let me see. Timbuctoo, California?
  • Little Miss Sunshine: Isn't that the unincorporated community in Yuba County, California?
  • Little Miss Inventor: It lies northwest of Smartsville, at an elevation of 397 feet, 121 meters. It's also said to be an ghost town.
  • Mr. Tickle: G-g-g-g-ghost town?!
  • Mr. Grumpy: It's not a ghost town, it's an abandon town!
  • Mr. Happy: Like no one ever go to the town no more.
  • Little Miss Sunshine: We're going to Timbuctoo in California as a set up?
  • Little Miss Inventor: That's what we're setting up. I have all the tools and wires ready to activate the big hole portal.
  • Mr. Happy: We're going to test the portal like it's going to work and make us go to a new world.
  • Little Miss Tiny: What if it's a new place?
  • Little Miss Inventor: You'll always go to new places with new people to meet.
  • Mr. Happy: But we won't know any of these people when we travel to a new world.
  • Little Miss Sunshine: What if the plan don't work out right?
  • Little Miss Inventor: I would have to shut it all down and never travel by a portal again.
  • Mr. Happy: Don't shut it down Little Miss Inventor. If the plan work out great, we'll travel to many places as we want.
  • Little Miss Inventor: Okay. I can barely trust you on that. Let's get this portal system going. *press the button to open a portal up to Timbuctoo*
  • Little Miss Sunshine: It works.
  • Mr. Tickle: It open like a bubble.
  • Little Miss Inventor: Who want to try out going to a new world?
  • Mr. Happy: Me. I would like to be the first one to enter the new world first.
  • Little Miss Inventor: Give it a shot Mr. Happy. It's your lucky day.
  • Mr. Happy: Ah ha. I knew I was going to be the luckiest Mr. Men on the planet to go to a new world first.
  • Mr. Grumpy: Thanks a lot Mr. Happy. I should have been first in line.
  • Little Miss Sunshine: Good luck Mr. Happy. Make all of your friends proud.
  • Mr. Happy: Trust me. I'm not scared of anything of the new places I go to, unless I act like Mr. Worry.
  • Little Miss Tiny: You don't need to be another Mr. Worry. You just have to be yourself and act up with the perfect steps.
  • Mr. Happy: I will. The benefits in my resume will make me a good hard working employee.
  • Little Miss Inventor: If you ever work with me, you know you're going to get a good shot.
  • Mr. Happy: My time is up. I'm ready to go.
  • Little Miss Inventor: Good luck Mr. Happy.
  • Little Miss Sunshine: Have fun testing the new world.
  • Mr. Greedy: If you ever get lost or pass out in faint, please forgive us.
  • Mr. Happy: I will. I'm just brave enough to get into the new world. Okay Timbuctoo. I'm going in your place right now. Ready, set, go! *run into the portal and jump into the hole*
  • Little Miss Sunshine: Did it work?
  • Little Miss Inventor: It sure did.

(As Mr. Happy jump into the portal, he landed into a new world in Timbuctoo on a island surrounded by water as the sky is orange and the grass is green and big hills on the way)

  • Mr. Happy: Ooh, ah. My eyes. What happen? Where did I go? *walk into the green hills and see a town that look a lot like Misterland, but is full of animals looking like Mr. Men and Little Misses* What the animal is this?

(A bunch of Mr. Men and Little Miss-like animals are seen in town, acting like animals as many animal variants like a pig, dog, cat, mouse, crocodile, bee, giraffe, bear, koala, panda, hamster, owl and bat are making animal noises all over the city in much of Mr. Happy's horror of warping to the wrong Timbuctoo in which was suppose to be in California, but he was in another dimension the whole time)

  • Oink: Oink oink oink.
  • Hoot: Hoot hoot hoot.
  • Buzz: Buzzzzzz. I'm a bee. Buzz buzz.
  • Roar: *roar like a lion in a rock*
  • Everyone: *sing out loud* Tim. Buc. Too!
  • Mr. Happy: *faint* Furries? FURRIES?! I think i'm going to get sick. *pass out*
  • Oink: Oink! It's an emergency!
  • Cluck: *act like a chicken* What the cluck is that?
  • Neigh: Neigh! It look like a dead man on the ground.
  • Everyone: *shocked*
  • Bray: Oh gosh. This got to be a joke.
  • Buzz: He pass out! I swear! Buzz buzz.
  • Sniff: *sniff Mr. Happy* He's not getting up. Let's take him to the emergency room.
  • Oink: We're on our way.
  • Hoot: Hoot! Let me handle it. Or how about you all help me pick up the individual guy with me to the hospital.
  • Neigh: Yes Mr. Hoot!
  • Buzz: Make me buzz.
  • Sniff: Must be the rabbit.
  • Oink: Is he going to be okay as a bacon strip?
  • Hoot: He will. Everyone together!
  • Everyone: *hold Mr. Happy into the hospital*

(As everyone hold Mr. Happy and take him to the hospital of a animal town, Mr. Happy wake up on a hospital bed, surrounded by animals looking at him to see if everything is okay)

  • Mr. Happy: Where am I? Is this Timbuctoo?
  • Oink: He's awake!
  • Buzz: Glad you're alive.
  • Mr. Happy: Oh my. What happen to all of you guys. Why are you dressed in animal costumes and markings?
  • Sniff: We're all animals. We call ourselves Timbuctoos.
  • Mr. Happy: Timbuctoos? Is this Timbuctoo, California?
  • Bray: You're actually in Timbuctoo.
  • Mr. Happy: Really?
  • Roar: Yes.
  • Mr. Happy: In California?
  • Hoot: No.
  • Mr. Happy: What? You got to be kidding me. I thought I am in the right Timbuctoo.
  • Oink: You are in the right Timbuctoo my friend. There's nothing to be worry about. There is no right or wrong answer to answer the question.
  • Mr. Happy: What is this? What kind of world am I living in?
  • Buzz: Relax. You get used to our world when you got the chance to feel better.
  • Roar: You passed out earlier. Last year, we got a couple of animals who passed out after a fire alarm in a school.
  • Mr. Happy: I never heard of you guys, never heard of the place and went to the wrong Timbuctoo. What you meant by a right or wrong answer, there is a wrong answer for the opposite reasons.
  • Sniff: This guy don't know what he's talking about.
  • Hoot: He must have lost his brain or something.
  • Oink: Let me tell you something. What kind of animal are you?
  • Mr. Happy: I'm not a animal. We have animals back in my world.
  • Hoot: Are you a turtle?
  • Mr. Happy: No. I don't even wear a shell as a helmet.
  • Oink: Are you a snake?
  • Mr. Happy: What? No. I'm not a snake type guy with the long stretch of necks.
  • Roar: Or, how about you are a monkey.
  • Mr. Happy: I'm no monkey, mongoose or meerkat. I'm a Mr. Men. Mister. Men. A Mr. Men being like a human being.
  • Everyone: Ooh.
  • Oink: What is a human?
  • Mr. Happy: Even through we Mr. Men are different, human beings are people that evolves from fish, to primates and apes.
  • Roar: How can a fish become a ape? I don't get it.
  • Mr. Happy: The Greeks make history on how these humans evolve over time. We Mr. Men evolve on our own time differently. Like how we faced off a T-rex in the wild and working with knights to fight off a dragon in the Medieval Times. *act like he's swinging a sword* Huu-ya! Take that. Eat that. Taste my soul. *hurt back* Ooh. *lay on the bed* My back. My back hurts.
  • Oink: Let's give him a break.
  • Buzz: He's not feeling well. He's still hurt from passing out.
  • Neigh: That's what happen when you have a seizure. And it's not good.
  • Hoot: We'll be back in a hour, or two.
  • Oink: Let's wait one more hour to find out if the Mr. Men is okay or not.
  • Roar: We'll love to see more of his history when he feels better.
  • Oink: We'll be right back. See you in a little bit.
  • Mr. Happy: I...can'
  • Hoot: Let's go.
  • Oink: Proceed to the exit.
  • Roar: We're on our way. *he and everyone left Mr. Happy's room*

(An hour later, Mr. Happy wake up in his hospital bed to realize where he is as he is still in the same hospital room as earlier)

  • Mr. Happy: Oh man. Am I awake?
  • Oink: *outside* He's awake now.
  • Roar: Let's go in. *enter Mr. Happy's room with everyone else* Glad you're awake.
  • Mr. Happy: I'm alive. Did you bring in any bread rolls?
  • Oink: Sorry. We don't have any bread rolls to return.
  • Mr. Happy: Aw man. I thought every hospital have little snacks in plastic wrappers like these soup crackers.
  • Hoot: Too bad. You were in bed all day.
  • Mr. Happy: All day? Did I miss out on something?
  • Hoot: No. We're going to get you out of here, right now, this minute.
  • Mr. Happy: If we are going to leave the hospital, then get these strains out of me.
  • Hoot: As you are fully covered, we will soon leave the hospital right away.
  • Mr. Happy: We're good to go then. *give a peace sign*

(As Mr. Happy got out of the hospital, he and the Timbuctoos walk around the city to see what their culture is like in their world)

  • Oink: This is our city. We Timbuctoos make the wildest community than any community could ever build. Look at Squeak for example, eating his cheese.
  • Squeak: *eating his cheese* I love my cheese so much.
  • Mr. Happy: Is that a mouse?
  • Oink: Of course he is a mouse. I'm a pig, he's a owl as he is a frog and everyone else is a animal.
  • Croak: Croak.
  • Mr. Happy: You're all animals and are named after a sound you guys make, right?
  • Oink: Yes. It's what we originated in.
  • Mr. Happy: I must be a normal person, but am a Mr. Men after all.
  • Hoot: Are you up some snack time?
  • Mr. Happy: Oh yes. I would love a snack break. Let's go have some honey toast for snack. At the snack table!

(Moments later, Mr. Happy, Oink and their Timbuctoo friends are at the snack table, eating some honey toast on the plates)

  • Mr. Happy: It's like avocado toast, but is a honey toast.
  • Oink: How about putting some bacon bits. It taste better.
  • Squeak: I recommend a cheese sandwich!
  • Hoot: It's actually grilled cheese.
  • Squeak: Who grill cheese on a griller?
  • Croak: This is my kind of food.
  • Mr. Happy: Yummy bits, great samples.
  • Oink: So where are you from?
  • Mr. Happy: I originally came from another world. I'm from Misterland. From where I grow up is Happyland.
  • Everyone: Oh.
  • Hoot: I bet everyone in Happyland is happy as being happy in elementary school.
  • Mr. Happy: At least, no one is angry in Happyland, at all times.
  • Roar: *growl*
  • Mr. Happy: Whoa. Mr. Lion, you're not going to make a roar sound, are you?
  • Roar: It's actually Roar, not Mr. Lion. Plus, I don't live in Misterland like you.
  • Mr. Happy: What are your names again?
  • Oink: I'm Oink. The frog here is Croak, the mouse Squeak, the owl Hoot, the bear Grizzle, the bee Buzz and everyone else is named after a animal sound.
  • Mr. Happy: Yep. I know all the animal sounds that are named after them.
  • Grizzle: Like what a bear make. *make a grizzle sound*
  • Mr. Happy: I get it. Everyone here is a animal and are entitled to making a sound. Do you all prey like most predators?
  • Oink: No. We never prey for other animals. Just because we're born different doesn't mean, we have to hate each other and fight back.
  • Mr. Happy: Everyone back home has a different color and everyone is either born big or small.
  • Hoot: When we hit rock bottom, we go up!
  • Mr. Happy: Up when we go high.
  • Oink: And down, *thumbs down* It's not going to get any better.
  • Mr. Happy: What if we go down?
  • Hoot: We just lose, like we normally do.
  • Mr. Happy: Well we can't lose. You guys are born to live. We people are free to make our own decisions.
  • Squeak: You wanna know what I make for all the newcomers in the garden.
  • Mr. Happy: Like what? You tell me.

(After snack time, Squeak show Mr. Happy a garden full of flowers based on him and his people)

  • Squeak: Ta da! A garden based on you.
  • Mr. Happy: Seriously? How do you know me when I was already in the world prior to meeting you guys all.
  • Squeak: I saw you when you pass out in front of everyone and have to cheer you up by working hard on making this garden dedicated to you.
  • Mr. Happy: Oh man. Like, wow.
  • Oink: He's gonna pass out again!
  • Mr. Happy: No no no. I'm not dead. I love it.
  • Squeak: Ooh.
  • Hoot: He think it's a success.
  • Woof: *howl*
  • Mr. Happy: I like it. Look at the details, it got flowers and roses sticking with a sunflower on top.
  • Squeak: Uh, you know all these flowers are made based on your appearance.
  • Mr. Happy: At least, it's not a scam.
  • Chirp: Imagine if you were famous enough and celebrate with all these products based on you.
  • Mr. Happy: That would be cool. Imagine a ice cream bar based on me.
  • Moo: Or a milk based on you. It has to be banana milk then.
  • Neigh: Like banana bread. Neigh!
  • Trumpet: Lucky you.
  • Snap: If you try to appreciate someone's else, just say thanks to them.
  • Mr. Happy: Okay. Thank you Squeak for the big gift.
  • Squeak: You're welcome.
  • Mr. Happy: What's in the garden?
  • Oink: Let's just take a look for ourselves.
  • Everyone: *look around the garden to see flower art based on Mr. Happy*
  • Mr. Happy: Wow. I'm always that famous of a person.
  • Snap: You just crashed.
  • Mr. Happy: Yeah. It happen sometimes.
  • Hiss: Better late than never, you'll be going with the sssssssssun.
  • Mr. Happy: The sun is suppose to heat up the flowers to grow. Without it, they be dried up and rotten like old fruits.
  • Squeak: I water them every day.
  • Mr. Happy: That's more like it.
  • Honk: Add a little touch of water to the flowers.
  • Mr. Happy: I really love your work of art there Squeak. I really appreciate it.
  • Squeak: Thank you. Yay! I made a fan!
  • Mr. Happy: A fan has been made.
  • Chatter: We should be all fans.
  • Baa: Me too.
  • Grizzle: And me us.
  • Mr. Happy: I need to tell you guys something. I really need to go back to my world. Have any of you guys heard of a portal?
  • Sniff: Huh?
  • Bleat: What?
  • Puff: A portal?
  • Mr. Happy: You guys don't know what it means?
  • Oink: Like a bubble?
  • Mr. Happy: Close. It's a hole that lead to one place to another. And can go through different worlds in different realities.
  • Everyone: Ooh.
  • Grizzle: We'll love to hear about it.
  • Cluck: How are we going to go to another world by a portal?
  • Mr. Happy: Actually, I have to get back to my world to see my friends.
  • Everyone: *shocked*
  • Mr. Happy: I know what you're thinking. I wouldn't say I will return to my world and never fall back within traps. But maybe you can come to my world if you want.
  • Oink: That would be cool!
  • Moo: Moo!
  • Snap: I snap it! i mean, approve it like a new project!
  • Honk: Make some noise!
  • Everyone: *make animal sounds except for Mr. Happy*
  • Mr. Happy: I hear the pressure! Where will we start making a portal?
  • Bleat: I know a place where people invent machines. The perfect place to make a portal hole is to go into the lab.
  • Mr. Happy: You mean like a portal machine?
  • Oink: Yes. A machine to make portals.
  • Mr. Happy: Well, you're going to have to create a machine to get to the other world.
  • Oink: We can help.
  • Squeak: We got all the tools to make.
  • Moo: We never rush on time.
  • Mr. Happy: If you like to help. Then let's get to it.

(Mr. Happy, Oink and the Timbuctoos head over to the lab where they see bunch of inventions and machines into the testing room as everyone enter the room quietly)

  • Mr. Happy: Whoa. Did someone took a dump by bringing all of these machines in?
  • Hoot: These must be for a science fair. There's a telescope hanging on the wall.
  • Mr. Happy: Well we're not going to act like creeps on this one and get going to the program to create a portal machine to get to Misterland.
  • Grizzle: Do you call out your friends to get you home?
  • Mr. Happy: Actually, I don't know if that gonna work. But I can make another portal just in case they don't call me to return home.
  • Oink: We're gonna do what we're gonna do.
  • Baa: Show me what you're working with.
  • Cluck: *hold a wrench* I got the wrench!
  • Mr. Happy: Alright people. You know what we're gonna do. We're going to make a portal machine!
  • Everyone: *clap*
  • Oink: That's our boy.
  • Honk: We love it.
  • Mr. Happy: Let's get to work. The first thing start with a hole.

(Mr. Happy, Oink and the Timbuctoos begin work on the portal machine in the lab as they grab out all the machines together to construct the portal machine as some design the pluggers and some create a big hole together to assemble into the portal machine. With lots of batteries placed in the portal machine, Mr. Happy press the button to test out the portal machine with a interdimensional hole opening up in the portal machine as everyone cheer with the success of the portal machine.)

  • Mr. Happy: It works!
  • Oink: Hallelujah!
  • Hoot: What the light means?
  • Mr. Happy: The light means, we go.
  • Hoot: Does it mean we have to go all together at the same time?
  • Mr. Happy: Everyone can go to the light anytime as long it's not screwed up.
  • Cluck: What if the machine breaks?
  • Mr. Happy: No way. Most of you guys won't be able to go back to your world.
  • Baa: Does that mean, we'll be stuck here together like black sheep?
  • Mr. Happy: Oh, I almost forgot. My friend build a portal machine back home and if yours broke when we're in Misterland, I can take you guys back home anytime.
  • Hoot: I thought you were brought in by a blind of light. And you're saying, if the portal machine broke in our world when we're in your world, we can go back if your portal machine work?
  • Mr. Happy: The consequences don't make up the rules. We just build this portal machine already and we should be good to go.
  • Squeak: Everyone is waiting for you back home.
  • Mr. Happy: How much my friends miss me when i'm gone.
  • Croak: Do they believe you you're dead?
  • Mr. Happy: No. I'm not dead. I'm alive. I am brought in this world via a portal from my world.
  • Oink: We can't wait to see what your culture is like back in Misterland.
  • Croak: You live in Misterland, right?
  • Mr. Happy: Sure I do. And we're going to Misterland right away.
  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Oink: We'll be amazed when we enter Misterland the first time.
  • Hoot: First times are always a first thought.
  • Honk: Can't wait to go to the new world.
  • Croak: It's about time.
  • Mr. Happy: Everyone together. Stand to the portal and *point at the portal machine* move along!


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