The sixth season of My Weird School, a series that is based on the books of the same name by Dan Gutman, began broadcast on March 9, 2018, and is currently airing throughout 2018. It's still about A.J., his friends and May Dole School, but it's not about wacky teachers. It's about the misadventures at school. This will be the first season to utilize digital animation, a major abandonment from the traditional animation which was used in seasons 1-5, and the first one to feature an underlying story-arc centering on A.J. searching for the reason why Andrea begins to ignore him. On June 30, 2018, the sixth season received an additional 5-episode order, totaling 26 episodes for the season.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
6 26 March 9, 2018 Fall 2018


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Title Original airdate Prod.
116 1 "The Problem With Andrea" March 9, 2018 431-116
After Andrea comes back from her Christmas vacation, she becomes more outgoing and flirty, causing her to get taken by one of the school jocks (Scott Menville) and ignore A.J. So he decides to bring the old Andrea back, with the help of of her former friends Emily and Annette, and they try to locate the reasoning for Andrea's change in personality. However, they come up empty, but they manage to persuade her to become friends after she reluctantly spends time with them. However, she becomes cold towards A.J. and will refuse to talk to him, leaving A.J. making it his mission to discover why Andrea's suddenly distant towards him.
117 2 "Your Anus: The Musical" March 9, 2018 431-117
Miss Tracy (Betty White) is a retired scientist who becomes the gang's new Science teacher, teaching them about the solar system consisted of eight planets. She decides to stage a play revolved around the eight planets, but A.J. is unsure of his role as Uranus, due to its hilarious pronunciation. Meanwhile, he ends up clashing with Andrea during rehearsals following her reintegration in the gang, and it culminates into the failure of the play, which causes the audience to boo and leave immediately. Eventually, the gang and stage crew leave as well, leaving A.J. in the stage pondering about Andrea.
118 3 "Smart Alex" March 23, 2018 431-118
An 8th-grade child prodigy with a teaching license, Alex (Atticus Shaffer), comes to teach Algebra I at May Dole School, much to the students' dismay and hatred towards him due to his goody two-shoes and smartass nature. The only one who seems to genuinely like him as a person is Andrea, who A.J. believes is starting to fall in love with Alex. Meanwhile, Alex himself tries to fit in with the other teachers at Mia Dole despite his apparent age gap between them. He wins their hearts (and friendship) after he retells a sob story of his parents' early death and having to "grow up really fast" to care for his ailing 105-year old grandmother. After, he proceeds to leave but is invited for a coffee by one of the female teachers (Susanne Blakeslee).
119 4 "Alexia" April 6, 2018 431-119
After a lovesick Alexia realizes about A.J. and Andrea's break-up, she begins brainstorming methods of gaining A.J.'s affections. One of her plans involves buying A.J. a dirt bike, but he's still hurt over his previously-mentioned drift from Andrea and rejects the bike. Afterwards, she tries other ways, including buying him lunch, letting him sit with her, and even escalating to a kiss in the mouth! A.J. realizes of Alexia's true intentions behind her good deeds and tells Alexia they can't be friends since she clearly doesn't respect his "quiet time" while he re-thinks his and Andrea's relationship. As Alexia leaves in tears, A.J. leaves as well, in anger, while the final shot shows Andrea kissing Pierre (from the Season 1 episode "Pierre") in her Algebra II classroom.

Note: The alternate title was "A Series Of Complicated and Elaborate Events In Order To Gain the Affections of A.J.".

120 5 "Dungeons & Plungers" April 13, 2018 431-120
When A.J. and his friends (with the exception of Alexia) start a food fight, they're punished by the custodian and tasked with the responsibility of cleaning the mess up. So they must explore the custodian's closet/school dungeon and gather some cleaning supplies. They start getting lost, and eventually, begin to deprive of oxygen and hallucinate of fantastic creatures due to the closet/dungeon's stuffy atmosphere. Meanwhile, our two lovebirds Andrea and Pierre decide to sneak out to somewhere private in order to have a make-out session, ultimately deciding on the custodian's closet aka school dungeon. They bump into A.J. and his friends in a moment that surprises Andrea, but A.J. can't recognize her due to his hallucinations. She leads him and his friends to freedom, which is actually to the main building. A.J. awkwardly thanks Andrea (seeing how her boyfriend is Pierre), before he and his friends are forced by the custodian to the dungeon again, to retrieve the cleaning materials.

Note: This episode was originally set to first broadcast on April 20, 2018, but was moved for unknown reasons.

121 6 "That's the Spirit!" May 4, 2018 431-121
Ella Mentry decides to host a pep rally during one of their home varsity football games, which becomes the setting of a ghost sighting by multiple students, causing a riot in the school gymnasium. A.J. and his friends, with Andrea and Pierre by his side, then decide to investigate further into the matter and come up with the ghost's identity being that of a bullied student, Richard (J.J. Totah), who killed himself after his homosexuality came into light. They decide to do his ghost justice by giving a speech on this forgotten bullying victim and bringing awareness about him. The research on Richard and the emotionally driven speech is crucial to Pierre's ideologies, and he eventually comes out as bisexual to the school's mixed reception. Andrea lets out a gasp and runs out of the gym in tears, leaving A.J. in cahoots with letting her leave or talking to her in private. He eventually lets her go, thinking she might finally dump him. It's later seen that they make-up and make-out in the boys' bathroom. Meanwhile, the principal comically fails at calming down the riot.
122 7 "Saved By The Bell" May 11, 2018 431-122
A.J. stands off against an 8th-grade bully, Michael (Josh Keaton), who carries a mean personality and a heavyset body. He is saved by the bell, however, and he carries on in his classes. Later, he is saved from other incidents, like receiving a detention from the English teacher Mrs. Billingsley (Susanne Blakeslee), (who first appeared uncredited in the episode "Smart Alex"), for yelling at Alexia, bullying Pierre out of jealousy due to his dating status with Andrea, and picking on a 5th grader who's on tour with his classroom around May Dole School. Before the end of the day, he starts counting down the seconds until the bell rings. However, the bell never rings as it's being repaired. Even so, he decides to leave on his own accord, but bumps into the aforementioned individuals he's wronged before, running away from them as the English teacher yells out, "You won't get saved by the bell this time, Zack Morris, referencing the main character from the sitcom Saved by the Bell, which the episode derives its name from.
123 8 "Tutor Sauce" May 18, 2018 431-123
A.J. receives his failing semester grades by mail, and his parents are understandingly very upset. This makes him quickly realize that he has to change them for the upcoming semester, so he "hires" a tutor through May Dole School's brand new "Take-A-Tutor" program, where students can request a tutor by writing the subject in mind on a slip of paper and inserting it on a box. Afterwards, the student is called into the office, where they are assigned a tutor at random. A.J. quickly regrets ever participating in the program, however, when he finds out Andrea's his tutor, since she's an intellectual in every subject at school. His mom will not reject Andrea's tutoring, however, and his own realizations make him let Andrea teach him. Things get more awkward when she invites Pierre over and turns all his attention towards him instead of A.J. Pierre then leaves to go to the bathroom, during which A.J. attempts to strike a conversation with Andrea about their failed relationship to no avail, since she only wants to talk about the subject at hand, math. An angered A.J. then gets Andrea "fired" as his tutor and kicks her and Pierre after his mother finds out about Andrea's distraction of her boyfriend. Before Andrea can pack up all her stuff to leave, an angry Pierre tells her to hurry her "slow-ass" up. She meekly packs up and rushes herself out. A.J. then realizes he might have a clue as to why Andrea has been cold towards him.
124 9 "Weather You Like It Or Not" May 25, 2018 431-124
The local TV meteorologist Sprinkles Newman (Jillian Bell) comes to May Dole School to teach the kids about the weather as they are learning the topic of meteorology in science. Everything goes smoothly and as planned until everyone gets a weather alert on their phones that a hurricane is imminent and on the horizon in their town, which causes a hurricane lockdown. This terrifies all of the May Dole School pupils, especially Andrea, since it revives a childhood traumatic flashback wherein she almost died in a hurricane. She finds unexpected comfort in A.J., who reassures her as Pierre begins flirting with Sprinkles. The hurricane goes by and only causes minimal damage on the outskirts of town, and everyone can now go outside and continue learning metereology. A.J. believes the lockdown has managed to return to his place as Andrea's friend (at the least), but is proven wrong when she ignores him and returns to an upset Pierre, who demands to know where she was during the lockdown. She responds with a sloppy kiss that calms him down, which A.J. views with disgust.
125 10 "Decathlon of the Decade" June 15, 2018 431-125
May Dole School holds its annual Dole Decathlon, and A.J. decides to sign up for it, confident that his physical prowess is superior enough and fit for the athletic event. His friends are not so sure, telling him that, compared to the other inscribed athletes, he's behind, but A.J. ignores their doubtful thoughts and believes they're just "hatin'". He does attempt to train for the decathlon, but fails since it has been a while since he quit football and, therefore, all the physical strength and duress he had gained. So he does not bother with any further training, settling in second thoughts about the competition. He still decides to participate in the decathlon. During the decathlon, however, A.J. fails at most of the decathlon events, like jumping by distance in high jump and breaking his pole in pole vault. The spectators notices his streak of failures in these events and began booing him in order to bring him more down, but A.J. still goes on, despite almost taking last place in the 1,500-meter run. Pierre, who was also in the competition, wins 1st place, while A.J. wins 11th place (out of 15 places). A.J.'s friends still congratulate him since they thought he would take last place, which does lessen the psychological pain he feels from failure. He then sees Andrea opening her arms in an embrace towards his direction and begins heading towards her direction, thinking the hug is meant for him. He's pushed by Pierre, however, who she was actually planning on embracing. A.J. leaves, but not before throwing his tiny trophy at Pierre.
126 11 "Eat Play Love" June 29, 2018 431-126
Andrea, despite having everything she could desire, does not feel satisfied with her relationship with Pierre due to his abusive personality, so when her parents decide to take her on a family vacation which will span 3 different locations, she decides to embrace the vacation as a means of self-discovery and searching for true love. She tells Pierre that she wants to "temporarily" break up with him while she goes traveling, and begins her vacation in Mexico, where she indulges in the country's food and meets a Mexican version of A.J. (Anthony Gonzales), who is more interested in consuming food than dating girls. Her family then heads over to Brazil, where she ends up engaging in a soccer match with some of the local kids, falling head over heels for one of her male teammates only for him to reveal he is currently not interested in "initiating romantic duties". The last location her family visits is France, where she visits the Eiffel Tower and falls in love again, this time with a mime who actually returns her feelings, but cannot confirm them to her since he takes his mime profession very seriously. The vacation ends as her family deserts France on an airplane, where Andrea decides to officially break up with Pierre so she can have have a "break in love". Back at school, she privately meets up with Pierre to announce her break-up, but clarifies that it has nothing to do with A.J. when he begins to get suspicious. Unfortunately, everyone else overhears them and she locks herself in the girls' bathroom in tears as people bully her over her decision.
127 12 "Mae Dull School: The Worst School of My Life" July 6, 2018 431-127
Half of May Dole School burns down during what was originally a fire drill, relocating all 999 students (including A.J. and the gang) to rivaling school Mae Dull School. A.J. and the gang, however, dislike their new situation as they must adhere to what they refer to as Mae Dull School's "Dull Rules". These include: no extracurricular activities or recess permitted on school grounds, no friends, best friends, or girlfriends/boyfriends, no smiling, no electronic devices, and worst of all, no fun. Every student must sport a frown and only consider other students classmates, and are forced to do daily walks around the school's track as some form of exercise. No fast or junk food is served for lunch, instead only healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, tofu, and water, which aren't even in the right conditions to be consummed. A.J. quickly grows tire of these rules and he and his friends map an escape from the school one day, finding out too late that prison-like "security" guards are watching them from Mae Dull's "school" towers. The guards apprehend them and, in a mock trial, will have their punishment decided by the centenarian principal Mr. Gold in front of a student jury. When the trial is to proceed the following week, the principal of May Dole School bursts into the "courtroom" and announces that the school's burnt half has been rebuilt, allowing students to attend it once again. All of the students stampede themselves out of there, with A.J. flipping the bird to the principal for her attempts to punish him.
128[1] 13[1] "Popular Table" July 20, 2018 431-128
A.J.and his friends attempt to sit at the popular table, with A.J. doing so as a means to get an answer from the now-popular Andrea, but are denied from the table...unless they are willing to be "initiated" into the table.
129[1] 14[1] "Class Pest" August 3, 2018 431-129
130[1] 15[1] "The Peanut Butter Prohibition" August 10, 2018 431-130
131[1] 16[1] "This (Fire)Girl Is On Fire" August 17, 2018 431-131
132[1] 17[1] "Take A Chill, Will" August 24, 2018 431-132
133[1] 18[1] "Funny Boy" August 31, 2018 431-133
134[1] 19[1] "Arbor of Feelings" Fall 2018 431-134
135[1] 20[1] "The Party Boys" Fall 2018 431-135
136[1] 21[1] "Lovers' Lame" Fall 2018 431-136
"Thanksgiving But No Thanks" Fall 2018 431-137
139[1] 24[1] "Emily's Tears" Winter 2018 431-139
140[1] 25[1] "Vegging Out" Winter 2018 431-140
141[1] 26[1] "Hostile Makeover" Winter 2018 431-141


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