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Narnia (ナルニア, Narunia) is a fanfiction anime by LDEJRuff, based on the Chronicles of Narnia book series by C.S. Lewis. It features a group of children going on adventures to and from the fictional land of Narnia, where animals talk, magic is real, good fights against evil, and a lion rules over all.


Each season in the series is referred to as a book, and is based on a specific book in the series. There are five seasons in all, and two OVAs (one that takes place before the series, and one that takes place during the near end of season one).

Book One: The Lion and the Witch (ライオンと魔女)[]

While spending a weekend at their Uncle Digory's mansion, Pete, Sue, Ed and Lu Pevensie discover a world within a wardrobe. There, they join forces with walking, talking animals to stop the White Witch, Jadis, and save Narnia.

Book Two: The Chronicles of Prince Caspian (カスピアン王子のつのぶえ)[]

Book Three: The Dawn Treader's Voyage (朝びらき丸東の海へ)[]

Book Four: The Silver Chair (銀の椅子)[]

Book Five: Our Last Fight (さいごの戦い)[]

Prequel OVA: The Magician's Nephew (魔術師のおい)[]

OVA 2: A Horse and His Boy (馬と少年)[]