Fan Fiction

Hello, and welcome to Naruto: Senior Year! This fanfiction is made by Luis Lamborgini, who does not own Naruto, or claims to own it.

Anyways, this is a PG-13 fanfiction, and can get above the level at anytime, so be warned.

After all, enjoy my fanfic!


Chapter 1: Meeting

Chapter 2: Gaara's Temperment

Chapter 3: After School

Chapter Four: Ramen night, Unexpected

Chapter 5: Fight for love!

Chapter 6: Karin

Chapter 7: Nightlight Beach

Chapter 8: Apology, declined.

Chapter 9: Gaara's Tempterment: Change

Chapter 10: Pull the Trigger

Chapter 11: Hinata, long kiss goodbye.

Chapter 12: Out of Bullets, long kiss goodbye