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Natalie The Hedgehog As She Appears Natalie Has Sideways Black/Red Spikes And Quills Natalie Is Black Furred Natalie Has Red Eyelashes And Black Eyebrows Natalie Has White Lenses And Red Eyes Natalie Has A Light Tan Muzzle With Black Nose And Mouth Natalie Wore An Orange/Light Tan W/3 Squares Tubetop Showing Her Boobs And Black Curved  Stomach Natalie Wore Dark Purple Jeans Showing Her Black Tail Natalie Wore Orange High Heels Natalie Wore Yellow Inhibitor Rings On Both Of Her Hands Natalie Wore Dark Maroon Red Glasses On Her Eyes

Natalie's Biography

Natalie And Her 22 Daughters (Nicole, Alyssa, Michelle, Megan, Morgan, Amber, Rachael, Katie, Danica, Desiree, Christina, Elizabeth, Emily, Jessica, Jennifer, Yvonne, Samantha, Stephanie, Bethany, Denise, Hannah And Claire The Hedgehog) Were Born On The Space Colony Ark They Were Female Clones Of Shadow The Hedgehog But Much More Sexy, Hot, Attractive, Provocative, Intelligent And Funny Than Shadow Not To Mention More Powerful, Faster, Stronger And Invincible Than Shadow Natalie Looks Around And Sees That Nobody Was There

Natalie's First Adventure

Natalie Then With Her 22 Daughters Adventured Onto Mobius Where They Were In The Middle Of A Big 3 Way Battle Between Mobius, Mercia And Anti-Mobius Luckily Natalie Was Able To Teleport Herself And Her 22 Daughters To A Safe Place In Mobius Natalie Finds An Empty Base Next To Her And Decided To Build Her Own Personal Base There One Day When Natalie Was Resting Peacefully Natalie Heard A Loud Bang On Her Door Natalie Answers It Only To Find Her Clone Julie The Hedgehog Natalie Asks Julie Why Is She Here? Julie Reveals To Natalie That She Was Her Mother And Mother Of The Daughters Natalie Hugged Julie And They Were Happily Reunited Once Again

Storming The Suppression Squad's Base

One Day Julie The Hedgehog Hatched An Brilliant Plan To Remove The Suppression Squad And Told Natalie About It Natalie Was On Board With This Plan Along With Julie's 23 Daughters (Natalie Is The 23rd Daughter) So They Attacked The Suppression Squad With Julie Leading The Charge


Natalie The Hedgehog Was Then Used To Promote Her Debut In SA2 In 2001 In This Installment We See Natalie Preparing To Fight Against Dr. Eggman, Shadow The Hedgehog And Rouge The Bat Natalie Was Portrayed As Rather Kind And Sweet-Hearted One Of The Memorable Moments Was When Natalie Thwarted Eggman's Plans

Natalie's Backstory And Information

Right After Shadow The Hedgehog Unexpectedly Fell Sick And Died Natalie Was Created To Replace Him Natalie Was Depicted As Your Friendly Bad Ass Biker Chick Who Loves Guns And Saving The World Natalie And Her Family Are Considered Female Ultimate Lifeforms But Powerful And Enhanced With Powerful Abilities

YouTube Channel

Natalie The Hedgehog Believe It Or Not Actually Has Her Own YouTube Channel Called Natalie The Hedgehog Podcast The Channel Centers Around Natalie Doing Her Usual Rants About Gaming In General Natalie Would Occasionally Do Let's Plays Natalie With Her Glasses Makes Her More Intelligent Natalie Has Done Various YouTube Videos With Her Strip Teasing Which Julie Herself Does A Lot Of Natalie Also Had A Live Stream Featuring Her And Her Family

Hobbies And Interests

Natalie Loves To Play Video Games Since She Is A Gamer Natalie Also Loves To Cook

Comic Book Series Appearances

Natalie And The Family Made Their First Official Archie Debut In Sonic The Hedgehog (1993 Comics) In Issue #1 Where Natalie And Julie Were Seen Building Natalie's New Base Of Operations Also Natalie Names The Team The Freedom Fighters 2.0 During This Time Natalie Was An Leader Who Wanted To Protect Mobius From Harm Natalie Was Determined Not To Let Anything Happen To Mobius Natalie's Favorite Pasttime

Acting Career

Natalie's First Acting Debut Was In Sonic The Hedgehog: The Arrival Of The Female Ultimate Lifeforms The Plot Here Is That Natalie And Her Family Were Resting Peacefully In The Stasis Tubes Julie The Hedgehog Pressed The Button Natalie's Eyes Open Up Wide And Hugs Julie They Soon Get Called Into Action In The Animated Series Natalie The Hedgehog The Story Revolves Around