Neon Exodus Evangelion is a Neon Genesis Evangelion alternate universe fanfic by Eyrie Productions Unlimited, featuring crossover and fusion elements from Tomb Raider, X-Com, The X-Files, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and System Shock, among others. NXE was published in three 'seasons' of nine chapters each and the finale Apothesis Now.

The core concept of NXE relocates NERV from Tokyo to the fictional Worcester-3 and shuffles the main cast significantly. Most specifically, Shinji Ikari's participation is extremely belated, as witnessing Rei's disasterous first synchronisation test leads to him leaving Worcester before the beginning of the story. The role of protagonist is intially taken by Derek 'DJ' Croft, an original character who proved somewhat controversial with fans concerned that he was a Mary Sue. The piloting roster is filled out by Jonathon Ellison, an X-COM raised child soldier, Rei Ayanami and Asuka Soryu-Langley.

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