Neon Genesis Pretty Soldier Neo Sailor Moon Ancient Primordial Beast God Emperor / Intergalactic Aeon Star Guardian / Supreme Holy Dragon King Infinity Celestial Divine Zodiac Entity & Revolutionary Grand Millennium X-Storm is a fan fictional series remake of the anime, Sailor Moon.

This series stars the Neo Soldiers as the main heroines, they wield Talismans containing The spirits of The Supreme Dragon King & The Primordial Beast God Emperors.

This story involves more information about The Silver Millennium.

There are also new upgrades to The Sailor Soldier Uniform, as well as new ranks, and new weapons and characters.

The Neo Soldiers are the sole survivors of The Fall of The Silver Millennium, They changed their opinions of the goodness of The Moon Kingdom and they also lost faith in Queen Serenity.

Serena took over as The new Queen of The Moon Kingdom, she has a massive personality change after the massacre.

Sailor Galaxia is not evil in this fanfic.


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