Neon Genesis Pretty Soldier Neon Sailor Moon Solar Aeon Eclipse Infinity Zodiac Celestial Titan Warlord Deity Meteor Storm--Ancient Divine Beast God Slayer / Galactic Supreme Holy Dragon King Revolutionary Mega War Zone Guardian Millennium is a fan fictional crossover series based on Sailor Moon & Ghost In The Shell.

Motoko Kusanagi is Neo Sailor Moon's aunt and one of The Sailor Soldiers, Neon Sailor Charon.

The main focus is on The Silver Millennium Great War also known as The Intergalactic Great Wars and the Sailor Wars.

The Neon Soldiers are Princess Serenity's bodyguards and The true princesses of The Solar System.

The canon Sailor Scouts are from noble families, they are the reason for The Fall of The Silver Millennium and The Alliance of The Star Kingdoms.

The Neon Soldiers possess lost high-tier longinuses containing the spirits of The Supreme King and The Primordial Beast God Slayers.

This story involves history about the Sailor Senshi Civilization and more history about the Silver Millennium.

Sailor Galaxia is not a major villain in this series because she was once the jailer of Chaos until Dark Sailor Sun ripped it out of her soul, causing her star seed to return to her body and the existence of Chibi-Chibi.

The Silver Millennium fell because of this war.


Sailor Senshi Civilization

Neo Soldiers

Infinity Scouts / Grand Council

Zodiac Sailors

Celestial Sailors

Deity Sailors

Cosmic Sailors / Sailor Primes

Intergalactcic Sailors / Elite Guard

Sailor Animates

Divine Sailors / Iron Heart Grand Council


  • The setting for this story is in Washington D.C. instead of Tokyo, Japan.
  • There is change in the character personality and relations.
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