Somewhere else in the Atlantic, a fish princess poked her head out from behind a tree and sported wide smiles when she saw something magical.

The fish princess was a turquoise humanoid fish with flippers for feet, two pink fins on her head, and pink lips. She wears a formfitting green suit over which her trumpet rests from her right shoulder on her back. Her name was Neptunia.

"Neptunia! Wait for us!" a voiced called in the distance.

Neptunia rolled her eyes slightly then looked over. "Girls, hurry up!"

As she looked around, a white kitten with blue eyes, wearing a big pink bow around her neck and a small bow on her head along with a pair of clear. Her name was Marie.

The second was a dog who has soft point ears, yellow white paws, blue eyes, and brown small nose. Her name was Angel.

The third was a light peach lioness cub with teal eyes and a pink nose. Her name was Young Nala.

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