Fan Fiction

New Beginnings is the first episode of Alpha X: The Secret of the Saber.


(Tommy Oliver is attacked)

  • Tommy Oliver: (grunts) Dang it! I'm not going to make it! I can't let Thrax get this sword! I have to do something! For the sake of the world, he must not use the sword to open the "Gate". I have to hide it... (uses powers to send away sword) I hope it falls into the right hands... (robot comes in) (to robot) Do your worst. (to Thrax) Curse you, Thrax! (blast!) (Pit finds sword in garden)
  • Pit: I wonder what this is...

Artie's House[]

(Artie is sleeping) (Virgo comes in)

  • Virgo: (to Artie) Artie, wake up! Gamma's looking for you!
  • Artie: (snores)
  • Virgo: Artie! (Artie wakes up)
  • Artie: Alright, alright! I'm up! What do you want?
  • Virgo: Thank goodness! Gamma's looking for you! He says it's important! He's over at Pit's!
  • Artie: I'm on my way! (leaves)


(Artie runs into Omega)

  • Artie: (to Omega) Hey, Omega! What's up!
  • Omega: Omega! I won't let you pass without a fight!
  • Artie: Alright! (morphs)

After Battle[]

  • Omega: (coughs) Darn you, Artie! I'll get you for this! (leaves)

Pit's House[]

(Artie runs into Pit & Gamma)

  • Artie: (to Gamma) What do you want, Gamma?
  • Gamma: Pit said he has something to show us.
  • Pit: Look at this. (shows sword) Look at this sword. From the looks of it, you can tell it's not. Something you can just buy... Why don't you hang on to it, Artie...? (gives sword to Artie) (Omega runs in)
  • Omega: (to Artie) Artie, this is an emergency! Virgo's missing! I tried to defend her, but they were too powerful...
  • Artie: What?! Dang it! Let's go! (team leaves)


(Artie & Omega run into minion)

  • Omega: (to Artie) That's one of the guys who were there!
  • Artie: (to minion) Who are you?! Why are you here?!
  • Minion: ...
  • Artie: Answer me!
  • Minion: My being here is of no concern to you...
  • Artie: We'll see about that! (Artie & Omega morph)

After Battle[]

(Artie & Omega are knocked out)

  • Minion: Weaklings... Long live Emperor Thrax. (leaves)


  • ?1: (to ?2) How is he?
  • ?2: He's suffered serios slash wounds... He'll survive, but we had to redo his structure. We also found this sword on him.
  • ?1: Sword you say? So he's the one... Well, now this is his story... It's up to him. To stop the rise of darkness... Status report on the other one?
  • ?2: He's fine. Minor injuries & a broken pride, but otherwise he's OK... Oh, he's waking up!