Nicole Brooks is an original character appearing in the Jurassic Park fanfiction Corruption.


After Stephanie Maximoff expressed doubts about her campaign, Benji Madison called Nicole to console her. Nicole left her grandfather's funeral to attempt to talk Stephanie out of dropping out of the race, but was unsuccessful. Stephanie dropped out anyways.

Nicole was outraged when she met up with Benji and Erik Maximoff in the auditorium. Erik complained that security wouldn't even let him backstage to see his wife. Nicole decided to try anyways, but was unsuccessful.

Later, Nicole was at Stephanie's office when Max Gibson barged in offering to help get Stephanie back in the race. Nicole forced Erik and Benji to include him in their investigation.

Nicole hoped that Max would do something, but she soon found out that he was more interested in the Isla Sorna conspiracy than Stephanie. Max told her to get information on the two mercenaries, Harvey David and Julius Wright, but instead purchased a ticket back to Wyoming.

Still, she still check out the mercenaries and found out about Henry Gibson's conspiracy. Nicole approached Henry and offered her services. Henry told Nicole to get rid of the proof that Stephanie Maximoff had presented him earlier that day.

Nicole, accompanied by a muscled bodyguard named Barry, ransacked Stephanie's house and destroyed all of the copies, but failed to find the original. When Stephanie came home, Nicole ordered Barry to hold her. Stephanie fell unconscious before she told Nicole the location of the proof.

Nicole took Stephanie to an abandoned factory on Fowler Avenue and called Henry and told him of her progress. Henry later called Piper Norvell who insisted on getting the proof her own way.

Once Stephanie regained consciousness, Nicole tried unsuccessfully in getting the location of the proof. Piper Norvell dropped in and informed Nicole that her way wasn't working. Piper killed Barry and held Nicole in a choke hold and offered to let her and Stephanie say a few parting words. They didn't and Piper shot and killed Nicole in cold blood.



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