Chapter One: Love Emergency

Drew was on the floor crying, Jayk came to the house, and found him sitting on the ground trembling, and kept crying, Jayk came to him, and was where he was, a few feet from his, Jayk did not know what happened to him, he moved closer and closer to him, Drew screamed

Drew: Let me leave.

Jayk: It's me Drew, I'm Jayk

Drew looked at him with tears in his eyes, his red eyes from so much crying, with pain and suffering in them, Drew hugged Jayk

Jayk: What's the matter, Drew? You are scaring me

Drew: Jayk -It starts to cry- Thomas

Jayk: What about Thomas?

Drew: Thomas left me.

Jayk: What? Why did Thomas leave you?

Drew did not respond. He just started crying and kept hugging him hard, which Jayk was trying to lift off the ground, but he could not.

Jayk: Come on, Drew calm down please, I beg you -He try to console him- Today we go wherever you want

Drew tired of crying and nodded

Drew: I'm going to take a shower

Jayk: Okay

Jayk goes to the kitchen and Drew goes to the shower

Jayk: What should I buy? -He said to himself- Drew What do you want me to bring you? -Scream from the kitchen-

Drew: From where? -Scream in the shower-

Jayk: From Target Where's it going to be but? -He continued shouting-

Drew: Nothing, I do not want anything -He said by answer-

Jayk: Are you sure?

Drew: Yes -He said-

Jayk: Sure, sure? -He kept insisting and went to the room where the bathroom was-

Drew: I'm sure, well since you offer yourself Can you buy me a chewing gum? -He said at last-

Jayk: Okay and what do you want for dinner today?

Drew: What's in the fridge?

Jayk: Nothing is empty

Drew: Well then buy what you see Okay? -He said cheerfully-

Jayk: Okay and do not take so long that after you spend it and I have to buy a new one, do not delay, goodbye -He left the house-

Someone knocks at the door naturally Drew does not listen to him in the meantime Drew in the shower

Drew: ♪ lalaLalala ♪ -Singing-

He was still knocking on the door, Drew came out of the wet shower and put the towel on his waist over his white body that almost shined went to the hall where the door is and opens it, see Thomas, who broke his heart

Drew: What do you want? -He asked annoyed to see it-

Drew looked down at Thomas's feet, past his body, his arms, his legs, and then to his face, he looked into his eyes, those beautiful blue eyes that he liked so much, and him apart from the eyes, Was crazy about his body but not very developed but equally liked, it was just beautiful, there were almost no words to describe how it was

Thomas: Sorry Drew -Apologize- I should not have -He interrupts-

Drew: I'm sorry? Why? -Think- So why did you leave me lying, when you told me that you would be with me forever, whatever happened, you would never leave, now I tell a lie, why did you tell me that you were disgusted for being a queer? Did you push me and hit me making me blood?, Is it because you called me a cheap whore or why you made me cry and broke my heart? -He said every thing listing with his fingers and continued talking- Which of these things you ask me for forgiveness? -His angry tone-

There was a long silence, it was cold Drew looked at the other boy, Thomas was cold, he was only wearing a short-sleeved shirt and shorts, Drew touched his arms, and he could feel that his skin was frozen, frozen cold, began to rain hard, the other hugged himself, closing his eyes because of the fear he felt at that moment, there was a lightning to fall and the boy began to tremble, Thomas was very afraid of the lightning, storms and the noise, also the pain and the spiders. The spiders simply did not like it, her 7-year-old sister was in a coma and reflected the pain, her 16-year-old brother died by lightning, he did not go to his funeral although his mother insisted and begged, did not want to say goodbye and no thanks, the noise because their parents fought, they could not stand them any more, those were their fears, and not to mention the spoons and the dolls, Drew could see clearly suffer in those eyes that loved and loved so much, Drew continued caressing he other boy's skin, no answer to the question before, Drew did not know what to do now, could not leave there that poor boy in front of him, he finally decided to do something

Drew: Come on, come on -Come on in the house- Take a shower I do not want you to get sick, and if you want something to eat I think at the table there are cookies that is in the kitchen, you can sleep on the sofa if you want blankets is in my room past the stairs -Before Thomas could open the mouth to say something Drew left and did not even notice-

Thomas: Thank you -He said very quietly- Drew -Look at the stairs-

It was late at night, Thomas was up in an eternal nightmare, shaking and crying

-In the nightmare-

It was a black and spacious room, large and square, Thomas walked, every step he went turned the black light into white, the light was approaching, it really was moving away from him, it never reached the end, it was the same old nightmare, he could not wake up from it, Thomas started to run fast the black light was approaching, he could not back down, the boy fell to the ground, did not want to see the end, nor surrender, that was not going to be his end. No sir! He had to follow the path, he could not get up from the floor, his delicate skin hurt, his clothes torn, his color changed to black, his skin was the same color as his clothes, he could not escape, his legs abandoned him, too. He had failed them, and he gave up completely, could do nothing, Yes, sir! It was the end, it had to be accepted. Large red eyes appeared out of nowhere, and then Thomas woke up in a panic and his body was sweaty.

-End of the nightmare-

Thomas: (Raised and screaming) Again that nightmare Why do not you leave me alone? -Get out of bed-

Thomas was walking around the house, another thing that scared him, the darkness, he was always a fearful boy, the world for him was just a child's play, a dangerous world and dark, horrible and mysterious. Anything else? No, he thought he was a boy with no luck that others took advantage of him, he could not trust anyone, he was not lucky because his parents separated, his mother died of cancer, his father abandoned him, his sister in a coma, his brother died, was poor family, had asthma, was in treatment and did not have many friends, could be worse. Thomas kept walking, scanning the dark place he was in. He remembered what Drew said "If you want blanket is in my room past the stairs" Were there any blankets? Thomas walked to the stairs and looked at them, he was also afraid of heights and stairs after the "accident" that occurred with Mark, accidentally shot him down the stairs, it was not on purpose he knew, but I was afraid, I touch them they were cold and he grabbed them and closed his eyes tightly, his bare legs that did not stop trembling, after climbing the stairs, went to Drew's room, did not want to wake him, carefully opened the door, and stood there before What did you see Drew masturbating? Yes, that's what he saw, he froze frozen, watching the boy wake up, he was at the side of the door, disheveled and with tears in his eyes, those pretty blue eyes he had.

Drew: What are you doing here? -He ask nervously and the child does not respond-

Thomas: -Crying- I've had a nightmare

Drew walks over to him and hugs him as if his life depends on it

Drew: It's just a nightmare -Said while wiping the tears of the other boy- Do not cry anymore, you know that you are more handsome when you are smiling than when you are sad -He try to encourage the child-

Drew smiles and Thomas stares at him, first looking into his face and then looking at the man's pale body, completely naked, with the light of the same moon shining on a beautiful night of stars, stars? This was a wish for a star that had been fulfilled, was not a wish was a fact, a reality, was not dreaming, was awake, looked the erect member of the older, throbbing desire, his desire was to spend a night with the greatest, he was super eager to do it with his best friend. Thomas picked up the eldest member and began to caress it gently, waving his hand up and down the length, Drew moved quickly away, and climbed on the bed

Drew: What are you doing?

Thomas: Love -He gave by answer-

Drew: Well, I do not want to do it anymore.

Thomas: When a man has his penis that way he wants to do it -He said looking down-

Drew: I do not want to do it with you, what kind of man would it be if I slept with a kid like you?

Thomas: I love you Drewtiful -Whispering in Drew's ear-

"Drewtiful" is the nickname that Thomas calls him with love and love, no one else calls him that.

Drew: What did you say?

Thomas: I said I love you -Blushing and smiling- Drewtiful -He pronounced it affectionately-

Drew did not know what to say

Thomas: Fall in love with me, make love to me -He said it playfully-

Before he could do or say anything, Thomas climbed up to the eldest, pushed him against the bed, and started kissing him fiercely, pinched his nails in the flesh, Drew pulled him out of his hair, knew he could not do that with Thomas, but it was better to masturbate with him than with a pillow. Drew kissed him on the neck, pulling on him with the bright white teeth he had, Thomas moaned in pain the pleasure would take care of later, he took back the hard and huge cock of Drew, and it was not small, it was quite large

Drew: Is it big? -He asked smiling-

Thomas: Yes -He replied innocently-

He take the dick to the mouth, sucking it and taking it out of his mouth from time to time, to be able to breathe, Drew was surprised

Thomas: When does your toy come out? -Asked curiously-

Drew: Well, when I get high

Thomas: And how do you get turned on? -asked now flirtatious-

Drew: When I see naked people

Thomas: Okay

That said, he took off his shirt and tossed it to the floor, took his hands to the belt undoing and under his pants, Thomas was naked before him, Drew's cum came out, was very excited, never thought he would see naked, Thomas swallowed semen, tickling the eldest member, Thomas's tongue, it was very sticky, he took all the cum he could swallow

Thomas: How rich, your cum is delicious -Drew laughs at his comment-

Drew: Not as rich as your hot mouth -He kept laughing-

Drew ran his fingers through little Tommy's hair, and kissed him savagely, this was not a game, they were already panting and sweating both, Drew crashed without notice to Thomas, Thomas stood awkwardly on the bed and looked at Drew unsure. The two were physically handsome, Drew Ryan Scott ( was tall, not very tall, taller than Thomas was, had green eyes almost gray, a rare color, had blond hair, very white skin and was quite attractive, his character was a little crazy, spastic, cheerful, a hardworking and full of ideas, romantic, perverted and funny, he was bisexual liked girls as much as boys, but more boys. Thomas Fiss ( was short, more or less had the same height as Mark Evans, only a little bit more small, had light blue eyes, brown hair and brown skin, was very cute, his character was kind, sweet, shy, intelligent, proud, somewhat arrogant and very sincere. Instead, he was gay, liked boys. Drew motioned him to his knees, Thomas obeyed, like a good boy, and climbed on Drew's knees, on that he felt Drew's big dick, hard and excited, by the entrance, in that he felt a great pain in His ass, that feeling he felt right now was different from the others.

Meanwhile at Target with Jayk, Wonderbot, Mark, Byron, Bobby and David were buying

Jayk: What are we doing here?

Mark: Buying

Jayk: Okay, at three in the morning Buying! -Scream-

Mark: Yes, that was the idea

There were five guys with their stuffed at Target shopping at three in the morning, the first guy named Jayk Purdy ( was the oldest of them all, looks tough but it's pretty soft, with a muscular body, has black hair with blond hair, reverse form of his brother, covers his eyes, always has a cap and has brown eyes, his character was a boy with a good heart and a beautiful person, who cares more for others than for himself, very responsible and tender, the second boy was called David Lei Brandt ( was very hot, looked weak, has black hair, and turquoise eyes, his character was a different boy, lonely, sad by his past, mysterious and provocative, the third boy was called Bobby Edner ( was the smallest of all, was disheveled hair, brown, and had eyes also brown, his character was quiet, mischievous, who always gets his own, a prankster and gets into a lot of trouble, the fourth boy was called Mark Evans ( He was a nutcase for football, all his weight was to play sports and he weighed little, he was also brown, he wore an orange ribbon in his hair, it was his grandfather's that I did not get to know, and eyes were big and very pretty brown, his character was enthusiastic, motivated, crazy enough, strong, friendly and trustworthy, the fifth boy was called Byron Love ( was an angel, was quite beautiful, has long hair to the waist blonde, and reddish eyes but when he gets angry they become blood red, his character is like that of a small child, childlike, adorable, smug, likes to say phrases of gods and laughs easily and the bear was called Clark Wonderbot ( was blue when she gets angry or angry she changes color pink, has black eyes, seemed to be soft, was Byron's teddy, He was cold, distant, moody and strategic, and realistic

Wonderbot: Hey, do not describe me like this (Said screaming in unison)

Byron: Who are you talking to? (Looking at him like he was crazy)

Wonderbot: With no one was talking alone lol (laughed nervously)

Everyone looked at him

Jayk: Well, why are we coming at this time and not later?

Mark: Because yes

Byron: Now that we're here we're going to buy everything (Enthusiastic)

All: Yes

David: Byron looks like Mark

Bobby: It's just that they are family

Everyone laughs except Byron and Mark

Mark & Byron: What are you laughing at?

All: Nothing

They all laughed again

Byron: I do not understand.

Mark: Me neither, this mission will be called "To buy"

All fall to the ground and rise

Mark: Chocolate

Byron: Milk

David: Spaghetti

Bobby: Bread

Jayk: Juice

Wonderbot: Steak

Mark: Cake

Byron: Candy

David: Bananas

Bobby: Bobby: I wanted to get the bananas

Wonderbot: It does not matter if we start a banana fight -Byron laughs ^^-. Potato

Bobby: Grapes

Jayk: Apples

Mark: Hamburgers

Byron: Pineapples

David: Cheese

Jayk: Cheese? -Thinking-

Bobby: Fish

Wonderbot: Peas

Jayk: I remember, Drew I left him alone at home

Mark: It will be okay

Jayk: No, there's no food either.

Were on the tail, there were a lot of people

Mark: Well, we can not sneak in, can we?

Jayk: What does that mean? No, we're going to stick

Mark nodded and got in, people complained

-Meanwhile in the house-

The pain continued and the belly did not stop hurting him, that was not normal

Thomas: Drew -Groaning choppy- N-no c-can

Drew: Stay a little longer.

Thomas: No

Thomas tried to escape from Drew, and Thomas pushed him up the stairs, Drew rolled down the stairs, and lay face up with his eyes open, Thomas down the stairs, found him dead, went to him he started kissing

Thomas: You can not die Drew -Crying the tears fell to the ground- Do not leave me here alone

He took her hand, did not want to believe that he was dead, he did not breathe and his eyes stayed open, a neighbor came in and heard the blow that was strong, he found Thomas sitting on the floor crying next to Drew's body without life

Neighbor: You've killed him

Thomas: I did not want to kill him -He said crying-

Neighbor: I'll tell everyone to let them know you're a murderer.

Thomas: You will not tell anyone because you're going to die.

Thomas stuck a knife in his heart and the body fell with Drew's

Thomas: What do I do now?

Thomas dragged the lady's body into the bath and put it in the tub, the whole bathroom stained with blood, as if Drew had killed it, went to the garden, picked up a shovel and got a big hole, put Drew's body there, put the earth again, and went to his house, he was not very well.

After a few hours, Jayk was more worried than ever, they came to the house, still wondering why there was blood on the wall of the room, they came in and there was a lot of blood, they chased the blood, down the stairs, into the room. Drew, in the bathroom, found a dead lady

Mark: Did Drew fuck her? -It starts to laugh-

Jayk: Mark this is serious Drew has killed that poor lady. Where is he?

Chapter 2: Echo

They were in the garden, Jayk preferred to stay inside, Mark was playing ball with Winston (, Jayk's dog, was a pitbull dog, white and brown with black eyes, Winston did not come

Mark: Winston? Where are you Winston? -Shouts-

Wonderbot: Maybe if we call it all come

Byron: Winston

David: Winston

Bobby: Winston

Wonderbot: Winston

Mark: Winston

All: Winston Winston Winston Winston -Everyone was trying to call him-

He still did not come and they went to look for him, they found him barking

Winston: Wow Wow -Barking-

Bobby: Winston Why are you barking?

David: As if you were going to answer a dog

Byron: I think his name is Winston.

Wonderbot: We already know that much

Mark: Maybe he says cunt come here I do not have all day

Wonderbot: A dog does not speak

Mark: In your animal language

Wonderbot: Yeah

Winston: Wow Wow Wow -he kept barking-

It was Drew's body, with all that blood, blood falling down his legs and arms, blood exaggerated, Byron screams loudly, Jayk is frightened by the scream that Byron let loose, and the body was on the floor

Jayk: What happened? Byron, why do you scream?

Mark: Winston has unearthed one thing

They looked at Drew's body

Byron: Did he commit suicide?

Wonderbot: I do not think he committed suicide, it's as if someone had dragged him to look if you fixed the blood trail

Jayk: Are you all right, Drew?

No answer, he was already dead

David: What happened to him?

Wonderbot: I do not know, but something has happened here

Meanwhile in Thomas's house, in his room, he was thinking, on the one hand he was sad Drew was the only one who defended him and on the other hand was glad and did not know why, the truth is that Thomas and Drew despite Being the best friends, and that was always discussed, and was not normal, their discussions always end up really fatal, whenever they argued Thomas cried, and as Drew said in a song, he looked at the broken books, the written song said: "It takes one to know one, don't tell me there's no one. Boy, I know you better than that. Cause you're a cheater, a liar. And I just don't get it, get it. Why the hell we in it, in it. When I know it's really you,  just admit you were wrong. And I know its so clear just what's been going on. Cause you're the cheater, the liar and the killer." The final chorus "You took my love and killed it, boy (Why my heart cry?)" That's exactly what that song said, Thomas said it was not all that and the liar is Drew, why was it so hard to love someone? Drew went on the last fight they had insulted him and tried to assassinate him

-Meanwhile in Thomas's head-

Thomas: Who are you?

???: It does not matter who is what matters now is Why do you worry?

Thomas: What do I care about? I just killed my best friend, I feel sad, but on the other hand also happy

???: He deserves you has hurt and that is what has happened

Thomas: It was not so bad

???: Really it's not so bad? It is a serial murderer has killed a lot of people deserve this is their punishment

Thomas: So I'm a murderer for killing him and what is my punishment?

???: Is it really not that bad? It's a serial killer he killed a lot of people he deserves it that's his punishment

Thomas: So I am also a murderer for killing him and what is my punishment?

???: No one will not have punishment but I would disappear besides nobody knows that you have killed him, then it could be that he has fallen down the stairs and left that hole in the head?

Thomas: Yes, but I feel guilty.

???: That will happen to you soon do not worry, he is the past, now is the present, you are the present

Thomas: Okay, but what's your name? Tell me your name, please

???: My name? Well, that does not matter, if you want to know it is Iyali

Thomas: Iyali Do not you have surnames?

Iyali: It's something else without importance

Thomas: Iyali Where are you going?

Iyali: I'm leaving

Thomas: But where?

Iyali: I can not tell you, I think we'll see you soon.

Thomas: When?

Iyali: I can not tell you right now, bye.

Iyali, was a girl with light vanilla skin, her hair was wavy and straight that came to her shoulders with two white locks that came to touch the end of her neck, she wore a black skirt, a white blouse, on this jacket brown and a few accessories, his eyes were jet black as black, his voice was sinister and something hoarse, it was mysterious.

She disappeared from Thomas's room, and Thomas did not know where he was, disappeared as if by magic, but she said they would soon see each other again.

The next day in high school, the rumors had already arrived, they flew from one place to another, people said that Thomas was a murderer and that I killed Drew, another rumor was that Drew fell down the stairs, but the first one they believed it more, according to the people Thomas was a despicable being, the people learned quickly.

"Murderer, murderer, murderer" He only heard in his head and he did not stop crying, he started going crazy, started taking pills, drugged, drunk and did not take his treatment, spent three days and committed suicide, cut himself the veins with a razor, not too hard, the others entered the house, found the dead boy on the bathroom floor, thrown with blood, razor on the floor lying, pills of all kinds, bottles of beer, marijuana and a letter, the letter said:

"Thank you for what you have forced me to do I could not have done it without you all helping me very much, now I will go to Drew's death and an eternal nightmare where I will never wake up, again thank you, a kiss Thomas." That's what the letter they read said.

)Now they went to his funeral, to the funeral of the two young lovers, almost the same as happened with Romeo and Juliet, were Jayk (Drew's brother), Byron, Mark, Bobby, David and Wonderbot (His friends)

-At the funeral-

The two of them put them in the same grave, which was heart-shaped, with a lock, and a key, both with their eyes closed forever.

Wonderbot: Do you know any songs?

All: Not

Wonderbot: Okay, we should say something to say goodbye, right? I start Drew, I'm glad I met you.

Mark: If I had known that you were going to die I would have treated you better and even though I hated you, I liked you very much.

Wonderbot: Thanks Mark, if Drew had listened to you, you'd be glad

Byron: If I had known that you were going to die I would have raped you.

Wonderbot: Byron that has been very special

Jayk: If I had known that you were going to die I would have been raped by you more times

Wonderbot: Jayk that has also been special

Bobby: Sorry for trying to stifle you with the belt.

Wonderbot: I wish Drew would have heard you Bobby

David: You're very good.

Wonderbot: That already knew it, but anyway thanks David, Anything else to add?

Mark: If we tell your story Wonderbot: I'll start

[Narrating Wonderbot]

Drew was a boy who was born in a poor family so poor that he could not go to a hospital to be born, and was born in an abandoned house, on the outskirts of the country, the house was dark and there was almost nothing, born prematurely with five months and could not breathe very well for his not very developed lungs

[Narrating Byron]

He had diseases and psychological problems, he suffered every day, and he did not want to worry the others with his many problems, when he was seven years old he had an accident and he hit a car, affected his sight and had to operate him, although with the risk of death and was alone in the hospital.

[Narrating Mark]

His stepmother tortured him all day, Drew had to clean, cook and his stepmother prostituted him for money was spent on tobacco, drugs and drinks, his father violated and abandoned him and his mother died giving birth to him and never met, killed his little sister, and also murdered his brother unwittingly while playing.

[Narrating Bobby]

He was abandoned from a very young age in the street, and they took him to the orphanage with the other children his age, they did not feed him anything, they got in with him, they made fun of him, they laughed and pointed him out,

[Narrating David]

He was abused for being gay, and he had no friends, he was always alone, and nobody wanted to play with him, at twelve he tried to cut his veins, he thought that it was much better to die than to continue living, he often tried to kill himself, people harassed him

Jayk: And to this day here I finish his life with fifteen years, to the 12:41, the day Thursday, 10 of September. Along with her best friend who was also her boyfriend. Goodbye, Drew.

Byron was crying, Mark was laughing, all sad and Jayk gave a kiss on the cheek to Drew, as farewell.

-Meanwhile in the sky-

Iyali: Why did you do that? I did not tell you not to worry, they are just opinions of others, explain it Thomas

Thomas: Iyali -Crying- I could not go on like this I'm sick of this life, I also knew that this was the last time we would see each other, Drew waits for me to live forever together, now no one will separate us

Iyali disappears forever or that is believed, appears Drew, Thomas takes him by the arm and they go away together to live a new life, in the sky, where they vowed to want all the life and not to be hurt. They kissed each other and left.

A girl appears walking with a knife in her hand, her body with blood and her face cracked, her bangs covered her eyes lifeless, she banged her side with her hand, full of blood, and was the person who least you think it was.

???: This is not over yet (Laughs) Of course it's not over, you'll pay me all! (He owns Byron's body opens his eyes) Because I am Iyali (He laughs like a madwoman)

For now nothing else is known about Iyali and the newspaper arrived:

"A fourteen-year-old boy has killed his boyfriend, throwing him down the stairs and leaving a hole in his head, you can not say the child's name for being a minor, you could not do anything, the next day he took off life and found the child's body in the bathroom, apparently committed suicide because some of his classmates harassed him for killing the other boy of fifteen, who can not say his name, today has been buried the two boys, the rest is unknown at the moment."

What they did not know was that they were going to be Drew and Thomas to be parents, Thomas was pregnant, neither his parents, nor Drew nor anyone knew, nor did he know. And there is still Iyali's revenge, it will be cold.

Chapter Three: Where People Go

It was two months since the death of Thomas and Drew, they were all sad, except Mark was laughing, Jayk was having a bad time because his little brother died, and there was no possible solution, he really felt sorry for Thomas, that boy with no luck , It was not necessary to treat him like that, at least he thought, they called him a murderer, and he had three solutions, which he did not like, and they were; The first to live with all the lies and suffering for the people, the second would go crazy and go to the lunatic asylum and the third suicide to be in the other life with his beloved Drew, that choice was the one that chose Thomas, did you regret? No, at least he did not suffer, that was enough for him.

Jayk knew perfectly well that he would have to leave Drew one day, but he expected to die first and then Drew, and Drew was younger than Jayk. There was so much life ahead of that boy, and I did not expect that tragic death. Death is a feeling of pain, especially if a relative dies, although Drew was not his real brother, and they did not have the same blood, they were best friends, and they loved each other as if they were blood brothers. That relationship developed between friendship and love, more than brothers and friends, they liked and much, as if they were boyfriends, Jayk had already girlfriend, which Drew was very affectionate, and Drew loved Thomas, did not have those two a relationship. Jayk did not want to believe that Drew was no longer, and as Mark always said: "You do not know what you have until you get lost." And that was true, before he could not stand Drew, he was very annoying and could not stand it, now he missed him.

Byron asked what was going on, why Thomas and Drew, they were both asleep, without breathing, unable to move or speak, Byron said that if they were dead, the others told him that they were not, that they were well and that they were not worrying more, Byron knew that it was not true and that they were dead, he was not stupid, their eyes were open without blinking or moving their eyes, they were also in a tomb and buried with them two inside, despite his age, was pretty smart.

Wonderbot was cold, not crying or sad, still cold while Byron was still crying, he was the only realist, they had to accept that they were dead, and if they did not let them alone they would never rest. Mark could not stop laughing at a joke they told him. Bobby was thinking about something and David was also suffering, Thomas was his cousin and he loved him.

Long ago they made the funeral, bid farewell to them, closed the grave and buried it under the ground, and here would not end that horrible nightmare and follow her revenge. Iyali possessed Byron, and his body seemed weak to him, but he was better than the others.

Byron: What's wrong with me? -He said confused- I do not understand what is happening to me -He said without understanding anything-

Iyali: This body seems weak to me, at least I did not betray like him -She said looking at himself in the mirror that was in front of him-

Days passed, and while Iyali planned revenge, Byron learned that David liked Thomas, his cousin, but that did not know him, Byron went into the room, and made in bed, with eyes sobbing of sadness

Byron: Why does not David love me? -Crying- Now that Thomas is dead, he still ignores me, but if he is not mine he will not be anybody -He gets up from the bed and closes the strong door-

Byron was angry and much, Iyali understood to him and wanted to speak with him

Iyali: What's the matter, little one? Why are you crying? Tell me and I will help you

-Byron moved his head forward, and looked at it, he was still crying- Byron: I cry because someone does not love me, and I do not know what to do, I've already tried everything -Crying-

Iyali: You leave it to me, but if you want me to help you, you'll have to give me something in return

Byron: What do you want money, jewels or what?

Iyali: I do not want jewels or money

Byron: So, what do you want?

Iyali: I want a body -Byron withdrew with fear- As you will see I have no body, I am not a real matter

Byron: And why can I see you?

Iyali: Because I want you to see me leave your body and I will help you, but before

Byron: But before what?

-Iyali takes a knife-

Byron: What are you going to do with that knife?

-Iyali with the knife begins to crack, Byron shouts-

Iyali: I'm going to kill you!

Byron: It hurts

Byron, his body falls on the ground, making a great pool of blood, blood falls through his beautiful face, Iyali gets into his body, lifted the corpse lifeless Byron, smiles like a psycho and picks up the knife squeezing with Force against the hand, it begins to laugh while the rain falls

Iyali controlling Byron's body, went to the house of David, the boy I was in love with Byron, I knock on the door, David opens it without knowing it

David: It's you Byron -Looking at you- Pass

-David enters the house and Byron follows-

Byron: I want to talk to you David, explain it to me -He wanted to scream-

David: What?

Byron: I want you to explain to me why you left me for that?

David: For that? You mean Thomas, there's no explanation, he was my best friend and he's already

Byron: Friends? If you were just friends you could tell, now that he's dead, you'll be with me

David: I will not be with you, that would not be fair to me or to Thomas

Byron: If he's already dead, I want you to be with me please -Holding David by the arm-

David: I do not like you -he said, letting go of Byron's arm-

Byron: So you do not love me, why?

David: Because you were separating me from him, I love him

Byron: So you love him, you're going to go with him! Go dead!

After saying that, Byron begins to stab him with David, Bobby who hears the noise and David screams, decided to go down, and saw Byron on top of his friend, David, he was frozen and could not move his legs for the fear, terrified by what he saw, David on the floor, with a knife that he nailed again and again, many times, did not stop nailing the knife, and Byron laughed like an evil, Bobby to see that Byron did not see it, ran to the door, Byron ripped the knife from David's heart and threw it up Bobby's head, the two of them were dead, walls and blood.

Byron: Two birds with one stone! Hahaha (laughs macabre) Who does not get the joke?

I kill two, plus two others who were already dead, missing two without telling Jayk, and does not bother to finish him. Jayk after Drew's death, got depressed, sick, stopped eating and made himself believe that Drew was still alive, went crazy, one day a nurse made venom in the pills, Jayk took them, and died after three days, suffering. Now, I'd be with Drew in the afterlife. Byron did not want to kill anyone, but David rejected him and forced that, Iyali was still inside his body.

Chapter Four: Hide and Seek

Byron was walking, already took care of Wonderbot, anyway, it was a teddy bear, what could I do? Nothing, one more missing, I did not know where I was, I entered the house, Byron saw Mark, sitting on the sofa watching the television, Byron approached him, with eyes that had no expression, Mark looked, eyes Byron browns turned a crimson, strong, Mark asked

Mark: Hello, Byron, did you finish school yet? -No answer- Where are the others? -He wanted to know-

Byron: Dead

Mark: What? What happened? -Mark scared-

Byron: I killed them

Mark: Why?

Byron: David rejected me and challenged me, Jayk went crazy and he died alone, Bobby would betray me and that can not be and Wonderbot Who knows? Hahaha -He chuckled-

Mark: What did you do to him?

Byron: I recycle it -He continued with laughter- Now you will die

Mark: What?

Byron: I should not leave anyone alive, play with me, I'll tell you and hide you well, I'll start counting! Fate will come for you!

Mark: What to hide? What do you mean by that?

Byron: one, two -began to tell-

Mark ran to the door and was locked with keys

Byron: three, four -Keep counting-

Mark went to the upstairs room, and listen

Byron: five, six

Missing a few numbers up to ten, Mark was scared

Mark: Where I escuendo me?

Byron: seven, eight

Mark is hiding, afraid

Byron: nine, ten -just tell-

He looks everywhere

Byron: If you have not hidden, I think that time would have had

Byron looked everywhere, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the living room... Just missing a place to search the room.

Byron climbed the stairs, turn it squeaked, while Mark was shaking.

Byron: Tik Tok down, the time on the clock, and when aiming at 9:00, the destination is near. Tik Tok, Do not you hear the clock? This is going to end.

Byron and rose and went to the room

Byron: Know Know, will go but do not want, what am educated?

I was already in it, and Mark was still shaking would scream, but covered her mouth with his hand

Byron: Where are you, my beloved? I've seen the whole house now missing your room, I'll look at your desktop -Look at the desk and not- seems you're not, I'll look under your bed, silly meets you -Look under the bed- Did not... -Byron looks at the closet and saw him as he was ajar, Mark hill running- there are these silly I've seen, I see, now you're going to pay the price, so you made me run, and the price is death

Byron looked in the closet and found Mark trembling, Mark screams

Byron: Look at the nine -Watch the clock- Your turn

Byron dismember first cut off her arms, then legs, dismember the body into small pieces and finally the head

Byron: You see? It was much easier to kill than to let it run around the house -Byron laugh- Hahaha

All were dead and Byron continued wandering the world, killing people, the city was no soul, was called "Ghost Town" and was Byron cursed forever for the rest of his life, he should not talk to that girl ever, and this He taught not to talk to strangers.

-In heaven Thomas and Drew were embraced-

Drew: I love Thomas

Thomas: I love you Drew

Iyali leaves the body of Byron, and leaves the body of Byron, it falls to the ground.

This melody unnamed consider a nightmare and would be called the "Whispers of the victims" Drew knew this would happen, had a dream that was prescient, but said nothing to anyone, because they would take crazy.

Two one-shot

Chapter 1: Bad Habit

This is a love story

Drew: I love you Thomas

Thomas: I love you more Drew Two young men who were in love, You really were? Or was it just a game? How old you would know that truly love? But everything changed for some reason

-Two weeks later-

Someone calls on the phone, picks it up and was Drew Thomas

Thomas: Hello? Drew?

Drew: Yes, I am What do you Thomas?

Thomas: I'm sorry

Drew: Why?

Thomas: My mother does not want to be together

Drew: What does that mean? That we will never see

Thomas: Yes, we can not still be friends, I'm sorry

Drew: No, I'm sorry for having trusted you, I feel like an idiot for having believed your lies

Thomas: There are lies, everything I said was true

Drew: Really? -Mockingly- For everything that I told you was a lie, I really do not like you -That offends Thomas-

Thomas: Well, neither do I like you -said in a tone of being about to mourn-

Drew noticed it in his voice that was hoarse

Drew: Well, mutual feeling're a girl

Thomas: And you an idiot

Drew: Silly

Thomas: Stupid

Drew: Okay, I'm stupid but you are everything people say, may be right

Thomas: I hate you

Drew: I hate you anymore, asshole

When Drew realized they were screaming and cursing in a discussion But what was he doing?

Thomas: You know what? I do not ever talk in your life until you die, moron, I will never forgive

Thomas hangs, Drew put the phone on the table, and dropped to the ground, where he was sitting, put his head lying in the legs, and began to mourn

Drew: What have I done? Now I will never speak -He kept crying-

What offended him most was that he called mentally retarded, even if it were true, it hurt, he told his best friend. He also told quite strong things and was sorry.

-Then came Jayk-

Drew cornered in the corner to Thomas, grabbing the neck, Drew Thomas pushes the other site, on the stairs, and heard a voice, coming from your head? That's not possible, or so he thinks, but it was true, the voice went out of his head

"Kill him, kill him, kill him" Why did he say that in your head, expecting who said it? He was not

"Kill him, kill, kill" Again sounded that voice, that voice was angelic child was a girl, but Why did you kill Drew?

Drew put it against the wall and kissed him passionately touched her body, Thomas did not want to continue with that

Thomas: To Drew, you hurt me

Drew: I love you -That was the last thing he said-

His last words were "I love you" Because Thomas threw it down the stairs, causing it to fall rolling down the steps, the steps that were previously pure white were now full of blood and with golden hairs, if you had were three hairs, dirty.

Thomas: What have I done? -Screaming- But what have I done?

I pluck three hairs to see him pulled, grabbed his head, so I leave a hole in the head, but did not die from the blow of the stairs but the blow that gave Thomas began what kissing, but not aroused, then on that came the girl next door I hear everything and Thomas turned his head toward her, she felt like killing her why this was happening?

Jayk still did not understand why there was blood on the wall of the room Drew


Drew sorry for everything I told Thomas, attempted suicide, he took a knife and tried to slash his wrists, his fragile veins of 15, when he came Jayk, Drew threw the knife down, and hugged Jayk, he began to mourn, Jayk looked at the knife that was with a little blood, blood splattered on the wall

Jayk: Drew, I'm here it's all over

End Flashback

Jayk very concerned and more so Mark said, Are you really going to cast?

in front of many people who were angry they were cast

Lord: have been cast

Mark: And what do you want then do a tail?

Lord: Yes, as we do here all

Mark: And what will you do us out torch?

Sir: Good idea

-All nasty looks to Mark-

Mark: Why do you look like that?

-Everyone was running and people were chasing with torches-

-Meanwhile in the house-

the lady was on the floor with a crimson path, and she climb into the pool, Thomas with a knife in his hand, laughing like mad, blood splattering everywhere

-With Mark and others-

People: We are going to take from here

Mark: You can not

Three seconds later, they were on the street, they could not go to the store anymore

Jayk: Thanks Mark, for help

Mark: You're welcome

Wonderbot: We can not go in there anymore

Byron: What does that mean? We can not go anymore

Wonderbot: What do you think? Of course we can not go

Jayk: Another store where you can not go, fine -Clap-

Mark: It's not my fault

Wonderbot: Sure, was the neighbor who has come

Byron: Was not he on vacation?

Wonderbot: Yes, so I say

Thomas left the house two hours later, they arrived and found blood everywhere, there were traces of blood, as if someone had dragged something as a body, were chasing the trail of blood, down the stairs, curious because here was more blood strange thing is that there were three blond hairs were in the room and in the bathroom found a lady in the bath, after the "funny" comment Mark, they went to the garden to play, Jayk preferred to stay at inside. Before they left I ask Byron Jayk

Byron: Why was blood?

Jayk: I Do not Know

Byron: Was she dead?

Jayk: Of course not it's going to be dead *Thinking: If dead, I'm sorry for lying Byron*

Mark: Let's play Byron

Byron: Okay

They went to the garden and Jayk still inside.

Chapter 2: Not Okay

Everything was quiet until Byron screamed, Jayk very frightened was there to see what was going on, his dog, Winston unearthed something... it was the body of his brother, Drew.

-Meanwhile at Thomas-

Thomas was crying, he did not want to have killed his best friend in that horrible way.

A girl appeared in her room, and hugged him

Thomas: Who are you?

Girl: My name is Iyali and stop crying he deserves it -It touches his cheeks- All that he -I do not finish the sentence as Thomas departs-

Thomas: He did not deserve to end up like this -He's still crying- but what are you doing here? How did you get in? Iyali: If he deserved it he hurt you, hurt many more people and you almost die -Thomas is silent.

Thomas begins to remember by the words of that girl


Drew and Thomas began to argue, but it was not a normal discussion when Thomas realized Drew was crazy, hit him on the bed, hurting him in the ear, and began to bleed

Drew: Did I hurt you? -Disguising to have concern- Come, to see that I have made you -Mocks-Thomas was close to him, touched his ear and came out. Blood? Drew hits him again, blood drips blood on his neck, Thomas already knew Drew did if his partner did not work, he killed them horribly

Drew: You're going to go with your mom. Is not it a joy? -He smiled-

Thomas locked himself in the bathroom with a latch, while Drew knocked on the door.

Drew: Come on -Says laughing- Come out of there baby I will not hurt you if you do not annoy me -Said in a loud voice- Now really, if you do not want to die salt -He try to open the door, but he could not-

-Thomas calls Mark-

Mark: Are you Thomas? It's three in the morning, you know, right? -Yawn-

Thomas: Yes, I know it's three o'clock.

-A blow is heard-

Mark: What was that hit? -Worried-

Thomas: Drew has gone crazy is going

-Before saying it, Drew made the door down-

Drew: Look who it is? -Pick up the phone and break it on the floor-

Thomas pushes Drew against the wall and leaves.

Mark: Hey Thomas. Are you there? -Do not listen to the answer-

Wonderbot: Who is it?

Mark: Thomas, but it looks like he hung up.

Wonderbot: That is calling for hanging

Mark: I do not think it was like this, I was going to say something, but it has been cut

Thomas had to go to the hospital and was admitted, Jayk could not believe that his brother had done that to him, Thomas was in the bed trembling and crying so that they did not leave

Thomas: I do not want you to go -Crying- Drew will come and kill me, he will -I kept grabbing Mark by the hand-

Mark: Do not worry we're in the other room and Drew is not going to kill you.

Wonderbot: And you have to rest

They closed the door and Thomas was still crying.

This was soon solved, Drew apologized to Thomas and Thomas accepted them with a smile, Thomas was gradually healing

-End Flashback-

Iyali: You remember what happened, right?

Thomas: Yes, but he asked me for forgiveness.

Iyali: Are you scared?

Thomas: It's not normal for a girl to show up in your room at midnight. Iyali: In that case, I will answer your questions only those that you think appropriate

Thomas: Okay, why did you want me to kill Drew?

Iyali: I can not tell you Thomas

Thomas: How come you know my name? If I did not tell you at any time

Iyali: I know everything about you, I've seen you many times

Thomas: I've never seen you. What do you want? Iyali: I do not even know what I want -She touches her face with his hand and takes her hands- We'll see again do not worry until then -She gives her a short kiss on the lips-

Thomas: Wait

The girl disappeared, just as I entered, she left, as if by magic.

-In high school-

The rumors ran fast and they made it to high school, everyone knew that Thomas killed Drew and harassed him

Boy: How's Drew doing?

Thomas: What are you talking about?

Boy: I'm talking about how was your murder to Drew?

Thomas: I -Stuttering-

Boy 2: Did you like it?

Boy 3: Have you loved it?

Boy 4: Were you excited?

Boy 5: Was it great?

Girl 3: Was it awesome? Thomas was scared, they kept reminding him that he killed Drew and started to cry, Thomas was pushed by some of the girls, he felt someone behind him, grabbed him before he fell, looked at him and it was Mark, one of his best friends

Mark: Leave it alone

Wonderbot: Yes, you are seven against one

Byron: Cowards you get you with a smaller one than you

Girl 2: Look who's talking Cinderella is with her two mice -Look at Thomas- And from what I see with the stepmother too -She laughs-

Byron: Do not ever call me Cinderella or I'll break your face -threatened her, her eyes were getting blood-

Boys and girls were laughing, Thomas ran while crying, Mark remained worried. Got home and went into the bathroom, as he took a small knife, he first stabbed and blood began to fall as his eyes filled with tears that fell to the ground

Thomas: I am the worst person in the world, I do not deserve to live

Iyali: What are you doing?

She reappeared

Thomas: I want to die

Iyali: For, you'll hurt yourself. Please for

Thomas his veins short and his body fell to the floor of the bathroom floor. Iyali gently touched the boy's face

In the sky Thomas and Drew they were kissing and Iyali looked at them, she disappears forever and while they are running, to live a new life in heaven.

-In the House-

Jayk: How I was your school?

Mark embraces Jayk and start mourn while others are sad

Jayk: What's wrong? What happen to you?

Wonderbot: Thomas is dead

Jayk: kidding?

-Byron shakes his head saying "No".-

Jayk: What happened?

Wonderbot: committed suicide wanted to be with Drew

And they celebrated the funeral and in the distance you see a girl, she was Iyali

Iyali: Is the you will pay me -laughs and disappears into the fog-

Chapter 3: Alice Human Sacrifice

Iyali owned Byron, and Byron was wrong, the others ate cake

Wonderbot: Mark leave us a little, do not be selfish

Mark: But I'm hungry.

Jayk: We're all hungry

Mark: What? -With his mouth full of food and looked like he had a beard of cream-

Byron laughs and with his finger licks the cream, and gently pecks Mark's lips with bites "mmm that rich"

Wonderbot: Is something wrong, Byron? You're weird

Byron: My head hurts, I'm going to the bathroom.

All: Okay

-Byron goes to the bathroom and looks at himself in the mirror, looks behind him and sees a pretty girl-

Byron: Hi, I have not seen you come in. What's your name?

Iyali: My name is Iyali, you are Byron, right?

Byron: Yes

Iyali: I like your hair

Byron: Thank you, it's not as pretty as yours, I like your dress.

Iyali: Thank you

Byron: You're welcome.

Iyali: Why were you crying? -It points to the dry tears-

Byron: Not at all -Wiping the tears with his finger-

Iyali: I'll help you

Byron: Okay, a boy does not listen to me, it does not correspond to me, because he loves another person

Iyali: I understand

Byron: Do you understand me?

Iyali: Yes

Byron: Have you ever been in love?

Iyali: Yes, but now he's dead

Byron: Sorry

Iyali: Nothing happens

Byron: By any chance is Thomas Fiss?

Iyali: Do you know him?

Byron: Yes, he was one of my best friends, but he would never notice you.

Iyali: And why? You say so

Byron: No, because I had a boyfriend, you need arrangements

Iyali: Like what?

Byron: Like putting on more colorful clothes, putting on your shoes, picking up your hair, because it looks long or shorten it -Iyali, was getting angry- You look like a ghost, you have makeup, you should throw yourself a little -Iyali was already angry-

Iyali: But what a most insolent child -Disgruntled-

Iyali opens the tap and pushes Byron's head into the water, drowning him, because he has no breath and dies. Iyali seizes him, opens his eyes and smiles.

Iyali: Look what you made me do

-Look at the mirror, and it breaks, making cuts in the skin and left-

Already in the house of David, I killed him with a knife, nailed it in the heart and returned to nail, to take out, to nail and so all day, Bobby saw it and in reverse of running away, approached to him with fear

Bobby: What are you doing Byron? -He ask scared-

Byron: Hi Bobby, killing David or you do not see him -Smiling-

Bobby: And why?

Byron: He challenged me and that's what happens, that ends well, and now you too, you're very lucky, you know?

Bobby: What?

Byron snatches the knife from David's heart and throws it into Bobby's head, two dead.

Chapter 4: One Night

Byron he recycle to Wonderbot, and at home with Jayk depressed about his little brother's, until his mother called him

Mom: Jayk Can you do me a favor?

Jayk: Yes Mom What do you want?

Mom: You can go to your brother's room and get some things

Jayk: In Drew's room, but Mom

Mom: Please, my son.

Jayk: Okay, -He said without encouragement-

Jayk opened Drew's room, yes, from his little brother, he was afraid of that room, since his brother died he heard small laughs and someone running and counting, a small boy's voice, his brother's

Jayk: Here it is -Take the things your mother asked you and it was going to go when I heard the voice-

-Nii-san Do you want to play with me? -With a smile-

Jayk: No

-You do not love me anymore Nii-san- -Sad-

Jayk: If I love you

-No, you do not love me as before. Why have you changed?-

Jayk: No, I have not changed I am still the same

Jayk thought he was crazy, not only listened to him now also saw him, his brother

-Play with me and with Thomas-

Jayk: No

-Come on Jayk-

-Yes, play with us- Another voice was heard and was Thomas

-Come on, come on, come on, come on- Both at the same time

Jayk: No, no, no, not out of my head -Scream beating with some furniture-

-Please, Nii-san plays with me-

Jayk: Okay, I'll play with you one more time

His mother on hearing the screams went to the room and found his eldest son dead on the floor, with a knife beside his body and blood. She ran to her son's body and began to cry, her mother shouted her name, it was too late now she would be with her brother in the sky. His father had an accident and his mother committed suicide, and so the family was reunited again. But at what price?

Byron smiles, his brown eyes turned blood red, a dark color paints his clothes, his expressionless face, and his teeth stained with blood with cracked lips. Look at the house with a devilish face. He enters the house and sees Mark, approaches him, Mark looks at him

Mark: Byron that is the new look that young people wear today -Looking at clothes-

Byron: No

An annoying silence without speaking, and finally Byron speaks

Byron: Hey Mark Do you want to play with me?

Mark: Okay, what game do you want to play?

Byron: I do not know -Said with a mischievous smile-

Mark: One question Byron

Byron: Yes

Mark: Why do you have that knife? -He said while pointing to the knife-

Yes, he had a knife, in his hands Byron, bloodstained

Byron: Not at all -Getting behind Mark and whispering in the ear- You know you're the last, not fantastic, my love -With sweetness-

Mark: This is bl-blood -Fearful-

Byron: I love you, this will be your night

Byron nails a knife to Mark, in the neck and begins to come out blood, he laughs macabre.

And there ends everything.

-In the sky- Thomas and Drew began their new life there, where they would love and be together forever.

Thomas: I love you Drew

Drew: I love you too Thomas

And they kissed.

One autumn afternoon, a boy of at least 17 years old was walking down the street and met a child between 11 and 12 years old, had long blond hair and reddish eyes that cried blood from them, the boy stops to help the child

TC: What's the matter, little one?

The child was with his head on his knees that were bent up

Byron: -Falsely crying- I'm lost

TC: Where's your mom?

Byron: I do not know

TC looks at the child, he was hurt

TC: Let's get your mom

TC puts the boy to the back while he grabs him by the legs, and this one grabs the shoulders

Byron: That's my house.

TC: That's great. I'm sure he'll be happy to see you.

TC gets the child back as he grabs the legs and grabs the shoulders

Byron smiles and had the knife with blood


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