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This is the second episode of Total Drama High by SuperSaiyanKirby.

Nurse of the Drama
Season 1, Episode 2
Challenge Give a teammate a booster shot, give medicine to cure sick people.
Eliminated Danny
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"The First Day of Drama"
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Last time on Total Drama High.... 26 arrived, 1 big tough gym challenge. Espio just wants to win the Million. When it was down to Owen and Espio, Espio beaten Owen at his own game and threw a party. Will Espio's coolness act up to the others? Will I ever get my autograph back from Espio? Stayed tuned for lot's of drama on Total Drama High!

The students is at the cafeteria. Chef is serving Toe-Jam Stew. Espio just threw it somewhere and Chef got mad. Espio grabs his stew and eats it, and then pukes on Chef's shoes.

Chris walks in. He says that today's challenge is at the school nurse!

The first task is to give a teammate a booster shot. They give Sierra one, and then Owen, but ran away afterwards.

The last task is medicine. They see dummies that look like sick people. They give medicine, but Danny made a mistake: he gave a dummy Itchy Powder. The others were mad at Danny. They had to vote for someone.

Elimination Ceremony[]

This is the Gymnasium, here is the elimination ceremony. On this plate is pizzas, if you don't get a pizza, you will ride the Bus of Blame and you can't come back, EVER!


One pizza left, who will get it? It's Danny and Petrie. The last pizza goes to.......... Petrie.

Danny has been voted off. What will happen next?

Lindsay Puking
Warning! This episode contains puking.