Object Town is an animated series on the Fanfiction Network. It takes place 1 year after the cancellation of Battle for Dream Island and Inanimate Insanity in which the characters of both series are living in a small town called Object Town on a remote island called Object Island.

The winner of the first season of Battle for Dream Island, Firey, is the main protagonist of the series, with his next-door neighbor and best friend/love interest, Leafy, serving as the main dueteragonist, and Nickel, who was a contestant on both Inanimate Insanity and Battle for Dream Island, serving as the main tritagonist who sometimes joins in their adventures. The host of Inanimate Insanity, MePhone4, is the mayor of Object Town.

Each episode has two major plotlines each centering on a certain topic. (i.e. spring fever or falling in love.) however, half-hour holiday specials will usually involve multiple plotlines instead of two.

There are many breaks in the fourth wall and adult jokes in the series, with many of the adult jokes, swears, and suggestive and/or violent situations cut out in international showings of the series.

There is also to be an anime style version of the series called Object Town the Anime (オブジェクトタウンザアニメ Obujekutotaun za Anime) which will only be shown in Japan.

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Running Gags

  • Apple accidentally hurting Marshmallow while apologizing for what she said while she was possessed by the ghost of Bow in the 6th episode of Inanimate Insanity 2. As well as Marshmallow believing Apple is hurting her on purpose.
  • Apple not knowing what a lot of words mean.
  • Microphone inadvertently raising her voice.
  • Lightbulb's obsession with cookies.
  • Bubble getting popped.
  • Needle slapping anyone who calls her "Needy."
  • MePhone sending Toilet to get wires.
  • David saying "Awww, seriously."
  • Ice Cube vowing revenge on whoever kills her.
  • Soap cleaning everything.
  • Yin-Yang arguing with himself.
  • Cheesy making bad puns.
  • Knife being a jerk.
  • Characters dying. Usually according to what they are or what they are made of. For example, glass characters die from getting shattered and fire and electronics die from getting wet.
  • Nickel being sarcastic.
  • Ruby saying "Poopy Mayonaisse."
  • Bubble shouting "Yoylecake" when excited.
  • Balloon shouting "Oh, come on" when frustrated.
  • Baseball being sensitive about his weight.
  • Firey and Coiny slapping eachother.
  • Firey and Leafy's privacy being interrupted by someone, mostly David.
  • Teddy Bear getting her limbs ripped off.
  • Teddy Bear trying to prove how "evil" she is.
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