220px-KRDO-Oct Imagin.png
Oct Imagin
Episodes: Will O'Wisp
Season: Kamen Rider: Electric King

Oct Imagin: The Oct Imagin is a red-colored version of the Kraken Imagin with suction-cup trimmings on its body. He intends to grant Shirley Mooney's wish by getting Garrett Meggyesfalvi, even though the Imagin has to bring him alive for the contract to be completed. The Oct Imagin uses ink smoke bombs to temporarily blind the opponent & possesses tentacles able to control an inanimate object, controlling & sabotaging the Electro-Bird & a truck against Electric King. But when the Oct Imagin travels back in time, he can now kill Garrett without any penalty, using the MinoGasher against Minos. Although destroyed by the combined effort of Liner Form & Zero Form, however. A piece of his tentacle entered the AuraLiner, bring it to life as it became a hydra monster-like rampaged time track, using the combined firepower of all the time trains & KingLiner to destroy it.

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