Pants Visible is what looks like Pants (Panty) are slightly.


The word "Pants" and "Chirarism" is omitted, and basically it is not to show purposely, but it means to have been seen for some reason. In addition, it is not about the state that bread is slightly visible. Most of the cases attached to Women's Illustrations, but sometimes attached to Men's Illustrations. In Pixiv, there are many Illustrations where Skirt's hem is flipped and Pants are visible, but with Trousers it is possible to make Pans Visible even from the short low rise Jeans and social windows. However ... It is said that Pants Visible is one of the situations where tickling of the male mind (female mind) is more obvious than the open-minded panmoro. Although it is truly regrettable, in reality there are many women who take measures with showing bread and Leggings from an early age (including the intention of a guardian for the purpose of crime prevention in recent years). It's likely a situation that is not so easy to see in practice.

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