Peggy Carter is a major character in the British/American reality TV show Keeping Up with Kylie Jenner. She is the eldest of the Carters and is fiercely loyal and loving to both Trixy and T.J, she is also the only one of the siblings to actually have a good relationship with her dad.

She appears as the secondary antagonist of season four and as a minor character in season five & six.


Early life

Peggy was the eldest of the Carter siblings and was separated from her father at a young age due to his irresponsibleness as a parent, although the two did still love one another and regularly kept in contact, with her father even sending her birthday presents. Years later Peggy's mother had another lover and birthed Peggy's younger brother T.J but almost immediately walked out on the family before finally after remarrying she birthed Trixy the youngest Carter.

At some point the three children were separated from their mother and put into care, with Peggy being the only one of the three kids to still have contact with her father. The three soon gained an infamous reputation among care workers, social workers & children alike.

KUWKJ Series 4

KUWKJ Series 5


Peggy was the most responsible and sensitive of the Carters but also the most lonely, although she did love all of her family she had a tendency to get annoyed with them (especially Trixy) when schemes were taken too far and her father who she viewed as a deadbeat for a long time. She was also moved easily by gestures of kindness, shown when she actually cries over being gifted things from Jackie out of what she perceived as kindness.

She was closer to T.J than she was Trixy being unable to actually bring herself to tell him when the time came for her to leave the dumping ground as well as T.J and Trixy. She was also much nicer to her housemates then Trixy much like T.J and was grateful for them giving her a themed send off during her departure.


Physical Appearance

Peggy was a very tall, dark skinned young woman with thick black hair with red highlights going down to her back which was always tied back, she also had brown eyes and regularly wore dark makeup such as purple eyeshadow, lipstick and nail varnish.


Her fashion sense much like her siblings was also punkish and alternative, her most common outfit being a black skater dress with magenta piping that had a skull and crossbones embroiled into its breast pocket.

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