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Peter Nirsch (?-18 may 1581) was a German serial killer who between 1575 and 1581 killed the beauty of 520 people. Almost nothing is known about his past or his birth. Its history began in 1580, when he moved to La Francophonie. Here, his first murders took place, killing almost 200 people around the river Rhine. Nine of them were pregnant. Then came his first act of Anthropophagy. Killed his pregnant wife profandandone the body, then slashed his belly and made out the fetus that made a small incision to extract the heart and eat it. This gruesome experience loved. Struck in Württemberg, killing 123 people, then moved in and Urm in Augsburg, arriving to the Danube. His journey led him even in Austria, where he killed 5 more pregnant, and around parts of Prague and Bohemia, where it killed 140 people, including pregnant women 8. Back in Germany, he traveled in Regensburg 

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