Fan Fiction


At home, Alexandros Martinez deals with the quirky situations, even if it's naked parents. For example, Vince is the hairiest man in the family. Lorna shaved him before they went off to school. The name of the school that Alex, Elisa, and Christian attend is Marystar K-8 School.

One day in class, his current teacher Mrs. Schrock complimented Alex's piece of art, and tells him that Sherry wants to talk to him. In her office, Mrs. Troiani decides to move Alex into a special class entitled The Krelboynes. Before they begin, she runs some tests on Alex to see how smart he is.

At Paul's house, they enjoy comics since his mother say that "TV makes them dumb". Alex claims that TV is normal for his household. They have great comics, from Pokemon to Superman. The next day at Alex's house, his shirtless mom does the laundry. She allows Christian to have the pizza, and Alex and Elisa get peas. However, when the doorbell rings, they fight, which cause Lorna to get mad, and do it herself. When she is at the door, Mrs. Troiani, Alex's new teacher, is shocked to see Lorna's chest. Lorna tells her that it's just boobs. Shocked, Troiani enters the house.

At dinner, Lorna announces that Alex is being moved up a class this Monday. This saddens Alex since he's too shy to move on.

However, Alex has to move on, as he says goodbye to his old classmates. He gets furiated that his new classmates are looming at him in an awkward way. At lunchtime, he sits alone, thinking he made a fool of himself. When a bully throws a thing at Alex, he gets back by throwing pudding at him. He defends himself by using his friend Evan-Paul as target. That made the bully the hated one.