In 2012 , The Series Aired The 3rd Season , In 2013 The Series Aired The 4th Season , The Last Season Ever , The Show Is Now On HBO Max Cast

NOTE - Some Voice Actors Where Changed And Some Were Not Like Pinky And Daddy

India And Jim Reprises Their Roles In The 2 Seasons

India Ennenga As Pinky

Jackson Aleibe As Tyler

Kathlyn Jamivin As Mommy

Jim Jinkins As Daddy

Zachary Ealeniacel As Mr. Guinea Pig ( Season 3 )

Tom Yale As Mr. Guinea Pig ( Season 4 )

Beli Van Hughes As Nicholas

Quinn Fester As Bobby Boom

Robin Alzaurpi As Daphane

Jamie Rencio As Miss McGanza ( Season 4 )

NOTE - Miss McGanza Did Not Aired In The 3rd Season But Came Back In Season 4

Production Companys After The Credits ( Season 3 - Present )

Cbeebies , Nicktoons , Blink Films , Cartoon Pizza , Sesame Workshop

List Of Pinky Dinky Doo Season 3 - 4 Episode's

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