Chapter 161

if you look at a light,
not follow,
to follow,
Like if you die before reaching?,
have the knife in your hand,
do not hesitate and do what you have to do,
because the world you wanted,
and no good for him,
bush and drown your sorrows,
your guilt free,
you happy humanity.

Chapter 162:

so quiet words
Full of malice
hidden eyes
And crying instead of laughing.

Pain and suffering
With beats that tear,
Cut feelings
With their hands tied.

Looking afar
Counting the minutes,
Think of the times
That happen in seconds.

Suffer from thoughts
Arising out of malice,
living excited
Lying to the truth.

Sharpen a knife
Only for curiosity,
Or sharpen a pencil
To devise a plan.

See torn hands
Both fight,
And the bitter sugar
Trying to sweeten.

A friend who failed
Not to thank,
A flower marchit {or
Unable to retreat.

One minute you lost
Trying to understand,
That would be you
If you could understand'

Something you did not see
Or you would not see,
That you felt,
Without knowing why.

Pain and suffering
Exchanged for love,
Paste feelings
With some illusion.

I do not know if you will fail
but you have to try,
Gives some will know
And you have to react.

Do not be angry my friend
That's just what I think,
Do not delete your smile
That is my simple argument.

One more thing:

If for being so far
You think you do not understand,
Scan quiet
And you'll see what I think.
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