Pokemon-- Rise of The Great Battle Prodigy & Legacy of The Aura Guardians / Legend of The Greatest Pokemon Master in The Pokemon World is a fan fictional story based on Pokemon.

This is a retelling of The anime.

The pairings for this story are Ash / Cynthia / Sabrina / Elesa / Skyla / Diantha. later more this will be a harem story.

Ash will also be powerful, intelligent and component. He will also be able to do Mega Evolution.

Ash will also get Lucario as his partner along with Pikachu.

Ash gets two legendary Pokémon in his group.


Ask Ketchum is on this first Pokemon journey with his 2 partners, Pikachu & Lucario. He was able to save a group of women from Team Rocket. They travel along with him on his journey




  • This is part 1 of a 2 part series..
  • This story features major alterations to the anime tv series.
  • This stry will only lead up to Pokemon BW: Adventures in Unova & Beyond.
  • Ash gets Lucario when it was an egg and then a Riolu along with a book on Aura.
  • Cynthia's staus as The Sinnoh League Champion will not be revealed until the group heads to The Sinnoh Region.

Part 2 / Sequel

Pokemon--Judgement's Divine Storm & Glorious Fall: The Ultimate Great War of Light & Darkness for The Future of The Pokemon World

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