Pokemon Heroes is a Fan Fiction created by Station Ex. It adopts the same concept as Pokemon: Mystery Dungeon. By which all Pokemon replace People. Pokemon Heros centres around a small team of pokemon who work, live and fight together. (Please Note That only First, Second, Third and Fourth generation of Pokemon exist in Pokemon Heroes)

Team Extreme

Team Extreme is the name of the team of pokemon who star in Pokemon: Heroes.


Including only Final Evolutions by the end of Pokemon Heroes:

The characters stated above are all part of the team from the start with exception to Kidd, Bolt, Slash, Spook, Baby, Rio & Hunter.

Episodes 1~10

The following is an overall summary of what happens in each Episode.

Episode 1: POKEMON HEROES- In episode 1 we see Ivan, Razor, Ripper and Chip sat around a table in there base found at the foot of Mount Cosmo. They are talking about Sparky and when he will return from his rutinely trip to the peak of Mount Cosmo. Ivan was sat in his liquid tank because he could not leave the base but instead talked to everyone using S-P comunication device's feeding them valuble information throughout there missions. Sparky eventually returned and said there was a problem, the sealed door to the Cosmo Temple was open. He requested help from his Team. The rest of the episode is Sparky and Chip climbing to the top off the mountain. The episode ends when the pair survive a anger filled Onyx Attack and Chip is stood looking up at how far is left, feeling tired and beaten he is strugling to keep up with the self apointed leader Sparky.

Episode 2: MOUNT COSMO HERE WE COME!- Episode 2 starts with Sparky and Chip looking bellow at how far they have climed to get there. Sparky hears a catchy little beep in his ear all of a sudden Ivan contacts him using the S-P Com Device. He says that he has some information regarding the Cosmo Temple Door. He says that according to legend only a beign with a strong enough Inner power can open the door. Sparky tells him they will be carefull the pair continue there rise to the top of Mount Cosmo. At the end Chip and Sparky are left standing before a beaten and highly damaged Graveler he is covered in burns.

Episode 3: Cosmo Bregade's newest members- As Chip tries to wake the Graveler sparky slowly aproaches the door, staring into the deep darkness.

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