Fan Fiction

This page is dedicated to pokepoke1234567's main fanfiction series, "True Awakening". He needs people to read his stories! They're actually pretty good for an amature writer. Please, help him out for a chance to be in one of his books. Just PM him on and submit a character! He'll only accept a total of seven characters. Be sure to give acurate physical description, personality, and special abilities. His stories are mostly pokemon, but hess going to include most animes, so your character can be from any anime universe! Thank you from Icy Hydro. Here is a link to his first book, enjoy!

True Awakening is a series of so far five books created by pokepoke1234567 on The base series is Pokemon but becomes a crossover later in the series (around book three) The main character, Jon, was experimented on and combined with his Lucario, Lu, to create a sort of super soldier, but when Jon escapes, he seeks out a young man to warn him that Team Rocket is hunting them to do the same thing Team Plazma did to Jon. Together they end Team Rocket, but all heros have secretes. It is rumored that pokepoke1234567 is working in a detailed back story for Jon and Lu. If this is true, the book will most likely be call something along the lines of "The First Journey" or "The Legend is Born"

Pokepoke1234567's series was inspired by THEBLACKJACK's "The Gathering". Most of the characters in Book 1 are from The Gathering, with the exeptionn of Jon, Z, Hudini, and Giovanni. Jon, Z, and Hudini were created by Pokepoke1234567, but Giovanni is from the Pokemon series, mostly the games.

Some of the anime/tv shows that pokepoke1234567 has confirmed to be in future books include Sonic X, Megaman X, Bleach, Rosario+Vampire, possibly Legend of Zelda, Attack on Titan, and even Kirby. His stories, the even though it may not be clear, have morals. In Book 1 the moral is that enegative events can be turned into positvee events. Book 2 is that everyone is important. Book 3 is that enemies may become your friends. And the most recent, but not last book, Book 4's moral is to be kind to those you meet, and to follow your dreams.

Even though his stories aren't that dark yet, it is rumored that Book 7 will be hardcore, and not for those who throw up at the thought of blood, because there will be blood.