Pooh's Adventures of Mickey Mania is the first film from The 100 Acre Wood Sequel series.

  • Plot

Mickey Mouse lived on a farm with Donald Duck and Goofy. But when Yosemite Sam came to the farm - He captured Mickey and took him to NIMH.

Mickey however now has super powers of his own after the scientists gave him a needle. He escaped their lab and struggled to get back to the farm. He fought his way through The Dangerous Part of The Forest.

Meanwhile - Donald and Goofy found Minnie Mouse Winnie the Pooh and Tigger and they told them that they need their help to find Mickey. They set off to save him. In the dangerous part of the forest - They discovered that Mickey was captured and imprisoned by Lord Congo a humanoid lion who lived in The Stone Aged Castle. Lord Congo plotted to capture Mickey for a million dollar reward and kill Minnie.

Pooh and the heroes sneaked through the castle and freed Mickey. They fought their way through the woods after they defeated Yosemite Sam who tried to capture them. However - Congo finds them and attacked. He chased Mickey and Pooh up a tall tree where he furiously tried to kill Mickey with a dagger. But Lord Congo had been tangled in some vines - falls down and was killed. Mickey fell off the tree too. But He had landed onto another edge of the tree unconscious. Minnie ran to his aid and wept. Her tears fell onto Mickey's face. He woke up and hugged Minnie happily. Minnie was glad that Mickey was alive.

The next day - Minnie moved in with Mickey Donald and Goofy on the farm.

  • Triva

  • This story takes place after Winnie the Pooh and The Secret of Nimh.
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