Fan Fiction

Poppy Playtime is a character in the fan fictional show Poppy Playtime: Break Time. She is the first toy ever produced by Playtime Co.. She is a popular doll with a high reputation, but is also the "Spoiled Brat", and "Tsundere" of the factory to other toys.


Poppy Playtime is a miniature, chibi-like and very pale big-headed doll made out of white porcelain. She bares white, shiny porcelain skin, freckles under her eyes and on her nose, red curly hair tied in pigtails using a pair of blue ribbons, smooth bangs with a triangular bunch of hair smack right between her dark red eyebrows, and giant, uncanny blue Animesque eyes with a realistic bloodshot look to it. She has many lashes on her lashlines, red lipstick and blush applied to her face. In contrast to her small height, she is measured in inches, possibly around 6 or 7.

Poppy's clothes are Victorian/Colonial-styled and are shown to also look very expensive, with the main attire being a big, flouncy blue dress decorated with bows and ribbons of a darker shade and white frills.


Poppy Playtime, in general, is a bossy, spoiled, and self-centered doll who is seen to be a social and outgoing individual who is also very attentive to her appearance. If Poppy wants something, it should be given to her, and if not, she will scold whoever disobeyed her and maybe even throw a loud hissy fit right then and there. She treats her allies like housepets, butlers, and maids. Though she can be quite a spicy and rude girl who wants what she demands for, she also has a nice side as a bubbly and caring young girl. She may have similar traits with Mommy Long Legs, but she doesn't necessarily "bully" other people, though she does seem to tease and brutally insult other people and even beat them up if she needs to, but this isn't on every single occasion, and is only for emergency reasons only.

Poppy also seems to have a very dark mindset, as she is curious about death and features of the outside and inside of the body that people may find grotesque, but it doesn't to her. She is even self-proclaimed as "a real girl" in addition to caring about her appearance and has the looks and personality of one. Many rumors were also spread about her, wondering if she really was a real girl and spread the rumor that an actual human girl was put inside her, whom she grew up in a family with an incredibly wealthy upbringing, spoiled sweet by her family and everyone else. However, this girl came off as very humble despite the immense wealth her family acquired.

Similarities and differences to her original counterpart[]


  • The color scheme and design is mostly the same to her game and artwork counterpart
  • Both are voiced by Nola Klop
  • Both love their appearance
  • Both love attention given to them
  • Both love children
  • Both have a very dark mindset


  • In the game, Poppy wasn't necessarily a spoiled child, nor was she ever a snooty being
  • Only minor changes were made to this character's appearance, like making her eyebrows dark red



  • The rumor about Poppy Playtime actually being a real girl on the inside is also a common theory by fans, which has yet to be debunked or confirmed to be true.