Aperture Science Laboratories Enrichment Center

The dangling robotic amalgam of different personalities and inumeral feelings,was GlaDOS, the Aperture Laboratories Artificial Intelligence, and head of the facility. She silently observed a large screen of her new robotic test subjects, ATLAS and P-Body, blazing trough her test chambers in her white tiled room. She began to grow bored of the mechanical creations solving her tests faster then any human on recored.

A human, she thought, a human was much more entertaining than any other substitute. There were humans in the facility,in Extended Relaxation Chambers, all dead. She ran a quick diagnostic scan of the facility in the false hope that she would find- "A human!" She exclaimed,her metallic computer generated voice so high pitched it pained her sound receptors. A second screen slid down from it's resting place to GlaDOS's camera. A man in a Short Term stasis pod in one of the older facilities, from 1982. The man wore a white Aperture jumpsuit relevant to the time. He had short red hair with a chalky white complexion, a possible pigment diefiency. The facility in which in he was enclosed in was old but was repaired and up dated with modern tech.

The AI wondered how this being evaded her presence, possibly because she was murdered, turned into a potato battery, and her gradual repair of the labs. The thought of a potato always brought the image of the spheroid Wheatly, the idiot hat managed to briefly take a hold on the facility until confronted by Chell and sent out to the empty void of space.

She then made the silent decision to put the robots in temporary shutdown and release the human.

"Time to begin testing."


Aperture Science Testing Facility B-00

The clean sterile glass above the man in the stasis pod and receded into the pod. The mans eyes opened and squinted at the sudden bright light as he slowly shifts in the pod, clenching his teeth to fight off small signs of stasis sickness and promptly steps out on to the cool tiled floor. The sharp grating sound of his Advanced Knee Replacements which he investigates and makes a look of remembrance.

The rest is coming soon just started putting this up around mid night so I'm tired, so you just have to wait. Sorry.

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