Fan Fiction

Power Rangers: Mask Quest is yet another Power Rangers fanfiction by Sean Bridges. It also incorporates BIONICLE canon with its use of BIONICLE's Kanohi masks, elemental powers, and sometimes even characters.


A portal between the BIONICLE universe and ours has been opened using the Kanohi Olmak, releasing an unspeakable evil heck-bent on resurrecting the evil Makuta. But there is hope. The portal has also released six Kanohi Morphers, the wearers of which will become the next generation of Power Rangers!


Character Title Element Rank
Steve Red Masked Ranger Fire Team leader
Johnny Black Masked Ranger Earth Second-in-Command
Amy Blue Masked Ranger Water
David Green Masked Ranger Air
Karan Brown Masked Ranger Stone (first female Toa of Stone)
Jacen White Masked Ranger Ice
Robert Silver Masked Ranger Life
Eddie Chronos Ranger Time
Gina Jade Ranger Plantlife


  • Turaga Aodhan: The mentor to the Masked Rangers. Wears a light orange Kanohi Mahiki and can control fire.
  • Bohragah: A group of six heroic Bohrok. Their name is a portmanteau of "Hagah" (Matoran for "guardian") and "Bohrok." They can grow to Zord size and form a Bohragah Nui when they need to.
    • Stehvok: Can control fire.
    • Johnok: Can control earth.
    • Ahmok: Can control water.
    • Dahvak: Can control air.
    • Kahrak: Can control stone.
    • Jahcak: Can control ice.


The Masked Rangers' main Zords are Battle Borgs like those of Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers. Like almost everything in BIONICLE, they come in sets of six. With each new mask uncovered, another Battle Borg can be summoned. They are as follows:

Battle Borg Controlled by Introduced in Episode...
Hau Battle Borg Steve 2
Pakari Battle Borg Johnny 2
Kaukau Battle Borg Amy 2
Miru Battle Borg David 2
Kakama Battle Borg Karan 2
Akaku Battle Borg Jacen 2
Huna Battle Borg Steve 5
Ruru Battle Borg Johnny 5
Rau Battle Borg Amy 5
Mahiki Battle Borg David 5
Komau Battle Borg Karan 5
Matatu Battle Borg Jacen 5
Calix Battle Borg Steve 17
Kadin Battle Borg Johnny 17
Elda Battle Borg Amy 17
Suletu Battle Borg David 17
Sanok Battle Borg Karan 17
Iden Battle Borg Jacen 17

Villains (Makuta Clan)[]

  • Lord Nakhaark: The leader of the Makuta Clan. Wears a Kanohi Kraahkan and (in the finale) pilots the Kraahkan Battle Borg.
  • Princess Dahija: Nakhaark's ten-year-old granddaughter. She is a spoiled brat, but she is excellent at building monsters out of LEGO pieces.