Fan Fiction


Rita Repulsa has completely wrecked the Command Center, including the Power Coins. When the Rangers have arrived, it is too late... or so it seems. Appparently, Alpha keeps five spare Power Coins: The Thunder Coins! When activated, these new Coins transform the five teenagers into: The Power Rangers Thunder Warriors!


Actor Character Title Animal Rank
Jason David Frank Tommy Oliver Red Thunder Ranger Chinese Dragon First team leader
Austin St. John Jason Lee Scott Blue Thunder Ranger I Pegasus
Walter Emmanuel Jones Zack Taylor Green Thunder Ranger I Lion First second-in-command
Jessica Henwick Trini Kwan Yellow Thunder Ranger I Qilin
Amy Jo Johnson Kimberly Hart Pink Thunder Ranger Phoenix
Ted, Tom, and Tim DiFillipo; Brad Hawkins (voice) Trey of Triforia White Thunder Ranger White Tiger Second team leader
Steve Cardenas Rocky DeSantos Blue Thunder Ranger II Pegasus
Johnny Yong Bosch Adam Park Green Thunder Ranger II Lion Second second-in-command
Karan Ashley Aisha Campbell Yellow Thunder Ranger II Qilin
David Yost Billy Cranston White Thunder Ranger (temporary replacement) White Tiger Third team leader