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Power Rangers Oceanforce is an upcoming season of Power Rangers. It is based on a little from Super Sentai, but most of it came from the brain.

Theme Song[]

(guitar solo)

Go Go Power Rangers!

Go Go Power Rangers!

Go Go Power Rangers, Oceanforce Altogether!

Go Go Power Rangers!

Go Go Power Rangers!

Go Go Power Rangers, Oceanforce Altogether!


After the final fight with Master Xandred and the Samurai Rangers think they finished it off, part of the Sanzu River ends up falling into a part of the ocean, creating the evil group known as the Evil Waters Empire. Now the Samurai Rangers must unlock a new, more powerful, ranger form to finish the new Evil Waters Empire. With new zords, rangers, and arsenal, the Oceanforce Rangers are hard to be beat.



Color Role Actor
1 Jayden Shiba and Lauren Shiba Alex Heartman and Kimberley Crossman
2 Kevin Najee De-Tieqe
3 Emily Brittany Anne Pirtle
4 Hannah Garcia TBA
5 Deker Ricardo Medina Jr.
6 Antonio Garcia Steven Skyler
7 Mia Watanabe Erika Fong
8 Mike Hector David Jr
9 Evil Grey Oceanforce Ranger TBA


  • Mentor Ji
  • Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier - One half of the comedy duo.
  • Spike Skullovitch - The other half of the comedy relief duo. He's the son of Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch, Bulk's childhood friend.
  • Time Pirates


Evil Waters Empire

Sanzu River[]

  • Cyborg Xandred
  • Octoroo (destroyed in episode 10)
  • Dayu
  • Moogers
  • Spitfangs
  • Monsters

Revived Villians[]

  • Generation 12 Energy Bot (Episode 7) (destroyed in episode 7)
  • Venjix (Final Form) (Episode 8) (destroyed in episode 9)
  • Vrak (Episode 9)
  • Killobyte (Episode 10)
  • General Crunch (Episode 11)
  • Generation 16 Hyper Bot and General Shifter (Episode 12)
  • Venjix (First Form) and Venjix (Second Form) (Episode 13)
  • Balloon Bot, the Reflects Bot Generation 12, the Hammer Attack Bot, and the Heat Bot (Episode 14)
  • Desperaino, Trickster (without the ability to create dreams), Vrak's spirit, and Zombats (Episode 15)
  • Scorpionic, Robtish, Duplicator, Gred, Sergeant Tread, Gigertox, Grinataur, Pestilox, Magnetron, Broiler Bot, Vaccum Bot, Manhole Bot, Series 2 Rotor Bot, and the Final Attack Bot (Episode 16)


Samurai Arsenal Main Article

Oceanforce Arsenal[]


To morph into an Oceanforce Ranger, you must do what the Samurai Rangers would orignally do: morph using the Samuraizer. Then, where the Black Box should be, place the Ocean Box instead. It will morph you into Oceanforce Rangers.


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Samurai Ranger (through Samuraizer)

Oceanforce Ranger (through Ocean Box)

Super Oceanforce Ranger (by putting the Black Box Disc in the Ocean Box)

Ultra Oceanforce Ranger (currently unknown)


Red Ranger's Main Zords: Samurai Lion Zord, the Tigerzord, the Bullzord, and the Oceanforce Orca Zord.

Blue Ranger's Main Zords: Samurai Dragon Zord, the Swordfish Zord  and the Oceanforce Walrus Zord.

Green Ranger's Main Zords: Samurai Bear Zord, the Samurai Beetle Zord, and the Oceanforce Otter Zord.

Pink Ranger's Main Zords: Samurai Turtle Zord and the Oceanforce Dolphin Zord.

Yellow Ranger's Main Zords: Samurai Ape Zord and the Oceanforce Seal Zord.

Black Ranger's Main Zords: Scorpion Zord and the Oceanforce Stingray Zord.

Gold Ranger's Main Zords: OctozordClawzord, and the Oceanforce Barracuda Zord.

Silver Ranger's Main Zords: LightzordClawzord (sometimes), and the Oceanforce Eel Zord.


The Samurai Shark Megazord, the Swordfish Zord, and the Oceanforce Warlus Zord: Hyper Swordfish Great

The Samurai Shark Megazord, the Octozord, and the Oceanforce Barracuda Zord: Hyper Octo Great

The Samurai Megazord and the Oceanforce Megazord: Ground Oceanforce Great

The Oceanforce Megazord, the Samurai Megazord, the Oceanforce Orca Zord, the Oceanforce Warlus Zord, and the Oceanforce Otter Zord: Hyper Oceanforce Battlewing Great

The Hyper Oceanforce Battlewing Great and the Oceanforce Eel Zord: Hyper Silver Oceanforce Battlewing Great

Hyper Silver Oceanforce Battlewing Great and the Super Samurai Megazord: Hyper Ultra Super Silver Battlewing Great

Cardboard and Paint: Fake Hyper Ultra Super Silver Battlewing Great


1. Rise of the Rangers Part 1 - When part of the Sanzu River ends up falling into part of the ocean creating an evil group known as the Evil Waters Empire, King Killerwhale sends out a monster known as Metalhead to destroy the Shiba House. Because of the other rangers being on vacation, Jayden and Lauren must fend him off by themselves. The two red rangers destroy him, but since he is technically a Nighlok, he turns into a megamode monster and is destroyed once more.

2. Rise of the Rangers Part 2 - After Metalhead is destroyed, another monster named Sawtooth comes to destroy the two red rangers for King Killerwhale's plan. But in order to destroy him, the rangers must unlock another power to become the Oceanforce Rangers. When they become Oceanforce Rangers, they can still use their Samurai powers and make them stronger. They both destroy him once again, and he is also destroyed in megamode.

3. Rise of the Rangers Part 3 - After Sawtooth is destroyed, Antonio returns to aid the two red rangers in battle. King Killerwhale sends out a monster known as Razortail. Razortail ends up making the two red rangers fall to the ground. Antonio morphs into Gold Oceanforce Ranger with the Ocean Box, and he destroys Razortail. When he goes megamode, Antonio pilots the megazord and destroys Razortail once and for all. 

4. Rise of the Rangers Part 4 - After Razortail is destroyed, Mike, Emily, and Kevin return to help the rangers. When Diephin sees the reunion of the orignal rangers, he creates the Killfish 5, designed to destroy the rangers and their base. Killfish 5 is damaged by the green ranger, but doesn't retreat. He keeps on fighting and the rangers  almost get abolished until they figure out it doesn't recognize the Samurai rangers so the rangers morph back into their orignal forms and almost destroy Killfish 5 until Diephin comes out of nowhere and takes Killfish to go back to the Evil Waters Empire base in the ocean.

5. Evil Once More - When Deker comes to help the rangers, Diephin sends out the newly upgraded Killfish 7 to abolish the rangers. Deker holds off Killfish 7 but when he's about to do his finishing strike, Diephin erased his memory with a black electric ball and turned him into a full Nighlok. The rangers then fight Deker, who was turned into a Nighlok to win him back. The rangers almost get him to become good by destroying him, but Diephin takes him and goes back to the Evil Waters Empire base in the ocean.

6. An Unknown Evil - Deker returns, and starts fighting the rangers. The rangers do all of their finishing attacks and they destroy Deker. Deker goes megamode, and the rangers destroy him once more. He then turns back to human, and the rangers then find Diephin and fight him. He makes all the rangers fall to the ground and walks away. Then, a mysterious Grey Oceanforce Ranger makes them blackout. They then hear Diephin say, "This is only the beginning," and they then completely blackout.

7. The Reviver - The rangers find out that Killphin has found a mysterious device called the Reviver, that can revive one villain a day. Killphin ends up reviving the Generation 12 Energy Bot and has it attack the rangers. He is destroyed by the Mega Ocean Bullzooka Blast that is the Bullzooka combined with all of the ranger's zords. He is then also destroyed in megamode by the Ground Oceanforce Great. After he is destroyed, the rangers end up meeting the Grey Oceanforce Ranger and fight him. During the fight, he runs at super speed back to the Evil Waters Empire base.

8. The Return of Venjix - The day after the rangers fought the Generation 12 Energy Bot, Diephin revives Venjix in his final form to help destroy and takeover Earth. The rangers fought with Venjix and the Generation 7 Killfish. The rangers damaged the Generation 7 Killfish, and Venjix retreats. He then goes back to the Evil Waters Empire base. After the battle with Venjix, the rangers end up seeing Octoroo walking towards Venjix. They hear Octoroo ask him "Are you done?" and Venjix says "Yes."  

9. Oceanforce and RPM - The scene starts out with the rangers fighting Killfiish which they damage. Killfish creates two clones of himself and runs away. The rangers destroy the clones, and find the RPM team behind them. Then, Venjix comes with Vrak. The RPM team fight Venjix and the Oceanforce team fights Vrak. They make them fall to the ground, and RPM Ranger Red is the only one standing. Jayden gives him the Black Box, and RPM Ranger Red morphs into a Super RPM Ranger. He ends up damaging Venjix, and the rest of the team fight Venjix. Vrak watches from behind a bush while the RPM and Oceanforce rangers destroy Venjix. Vrak then jumps out of the bush and the rangers fight them, only to make them fall onto the ground. Killfish 7 and Generation 7 Killfish end up coming. The Oceanforce rangers fight Killfish 7 and the RPM rangers fight Generation 7 Killfish. Generation 7 Killfish gets destroyed, along with Killfish 7. Vrak then retreats, and he returns to the Evil Waters Empire base.

10. Rise of the Sanzu - The rangers finally figure out what Octoroo's deal with Venjix was: a robotic version of Xandred. Using Xandred's DNA, Venjix created Cyborg Xandred. He has the same powers as Xandred except more powerful as a cyborg. The rangers fight him and Octoroo. The rangers end up destroying Octoroo, and he goes megamode. The rangers use the Hyper Oceanforce Battlewing Great to destroy him once and for all. Cyborg Xandred retreats, and the rangers see Diephin revive the villain Killbyte and make him fight the Oceanforce rangers. The rangers fight Killobyte and get thrown to the ground. Killobyte almost destroys the rangers, but a mysterious Silver Oceanforce Ranger starts to fight him. Killobyte retreats, and goes to the Evil Waters Empire base. The rangers then question who the silver ranger is, but the silver ranger just walks away.

11. The Silver Ranger - The rangers figure out a mysterious pattern with Diephin only reviving RPM villains. The scene then goes to the Evil Waters Empire base, which is filled with villains. In a special cave part of the base, Diephin is reviving yet another villain from RPM, General Crunch, to serve in the plan to destroy and takeover Earth. Killobyte and General Crunch are then sent out to destroy the rangers. The rangers end up fighting the two villains, and the unknown silver ranger comes to help. The rangers end up almost destroying General Crunch and Killobyte, only to become victims of a sneak attack from Vrak. The rangers fall to the ground, and end up demorphing, all except the silver ranger. She keeps on fighting, until she too falls to the ground and demorphs. Antonio then realizes the silver ranger is his sister Hannah, and he gets back up to fight. Hannah also gets up and morphs again, and they create a powerful tsunami. General Crunch ends up falling to the ground, and Killobyte ends up falling to his knees. General Crunch then retreats, forcing Kilobyte to retreat to. Killobyte doesn't retreat, so General Crunch ends up running to the Evil Waters Empire base. The two rangers use their finishing attacks, and Killobyte uses a shield to reflect the attack back at them. Killobyte then runs away to the Evil Waters Empire base. Hannah then ends up staying with the rangers and telling the story of how she found a Silver Samuraizer and found a mysterious Tsunami Box. The scene goes to the Evil Waters Empire, where Diephin is plotting something about the RPM villains. 

12. The Deluxe Reviver - Diephin is walking through the woods, and ends up finding a Deluxe Reviver. He ends up going to the rangers and fighting them. The rangers use all their finishing attacks on him, and then he summons General Fash. General Fash fights the rangers, and they once again use all their finishing attacks. They end up destroying General Fash, who goes megamode. The rangers except the Silver Ranger form the Hyper Oceanforce Battlewing Great which is quickly overthrown by General Fash. The Silver Ranger then combines with the Hyper Oceanforce Battlewing Great to create the Hyper Silver Oceanforce Battlewing Great. They quickly destroy General Fash in megamode, who returns in a super mode. The megazord almost gets overthrown, but with one big finishing strike, they destroyed General Fash for good. Diephin then revived two villains: the Generation 16 Hyper Bot and General Shifter. General Shifter followed Diephin to the Evil Waters Empire base. The Generation 16 Hyper Bot stays and fights the rangers. It ends up getting destroyed by the giant tsunami created by Antonio and Hannah. The Generation 16 Hyper Bot quickly gets overthrown by the rangers. He goes megamode, and the episode ends.

13. Project Venjix - Leaving off from the last episode, the Generation 16 Hyper Bot goes megamode. The rangers quickly destroy him with the Hyper Silver Oceanforce Battlewing Great. The rangers then figure out the Hyper Bot didn't have the key inside him, thinking he was only being used for the key. The rangers try tracking down the base for the Evil Waters Empire, which they track down. The rangers start racing towards the base, but are stopped by two Venjixs. The rangers fight them, and end up destroying Venjix's first form. The second form ends up running. The rangers follow him, only to see him turn megamode. The rangers destroy him with the Hyper Silver Oceanforce Battlewing Great and start racing towards the Evil Waters Empire base. The rangers find it, and wear air tanks and sanzu river protection suits. The rangers go down to the base, only to see a new Venjix Computer Network being built and polluting the water. The rangers are blocked by Vrak, who starts fighting them in his Nighlok form. The rangers destroy the Nighlok form, and he then transforms into his original form. The rangers destroy him once again, only to fight his Earth Armor. The rangers destroy that, and they fight his cyborg and final form. They destroy both, making Vrak completely destroyed. He then return as all five of his forms, and the rangers destroy them. The air tanks turn low, so the rangers get to shore while being watched by Diephin.

14. Diephin's Battle Part 1 - Leaving off from the last episode, the rangers are being watched by Diephin. Diephin stays in the shadows and follows them to the Shiba House, then Diephin launches a sneak attack at the rangers. A bunch of Grinders and Mutant Piranha attack the rangers. The rangers destroy them, only to have the Balloon Bot come after them, only to be destroyed easily by the rangers. The rangers wonder why attacks keep coming, and the Shiba House's new detecting system sees Diephin in the distance, along with General Crunch and Shifter. They recreate the Reflects Bot Generation 12 and have it attack the rangers. It copies the Ocean Box then lets the rangers destroy itself. The rangers then get confused, and General Crunch sneaks up and takes the copy. General Crunch gives the copied Ocean Box to Diephin, who finds a slot on the Deluxe Reviver it fits in. He puts it in, and creates the Infinity Reviver which can revive anything at any time. Diephin ends up reviving both the Hammer Attack  Bot and the Heat Bot. He sends them both out to attack the rangers, along with an army of Grinders. With the rangers fighting the endless assult, they destroy both the Hammer Attack Bot and the Heat Bot. In the new Venjix Computer System, Killobyte begins the download and creates a megamode Heat Bot. The rangers destroy it with the new Hyper Ultra Super Silver Battlewing Great. Diephin angry about how much attack bots got destroyed, he ends up taking the key from the Generation 16 Hyper Bot out of his pocket and puts it in General Shifter. He goes megamode, revealing the location of Diephin to the rangers. They destroy his mega form with the Hyper Ultra Super Silver Battlewing Great and destroy him in mega form, only to make him regular form again. Jayden destroys him as a Samurai with a Blazing Strike, and he explodes into parts. 

15. Diephin's Battle Part 2 - Leaving off from the last episode, an angry Diephin ends up fighting the rangers himself. He revives both Desperaino and Trickster to fight with him. The rangers destroy them, and only Desperaino goes megamode. The rangers destroy him with the Hyper Silver Oceanforce Battlewing Great and battle Diephin. Diephin over powers them throwing them to the ground and takes General Shifters leftover parts along parts of Vrak in his pocket. He revives Vrak's spirit and inserts him into parts of Shifter and Vrak. He creates a more powerful Vrak, who fights the rangers. He tries to do his finishing strike to completely destroy the rangers, but because of an error, Vrak ends up damaging himself who gets hit by all the ranger's finishing attacks. Somehow still alive but electricuting he overpowers himself and throws the rangers to the ground and makes Red and Gold rangers go unconcious. Because of overpowering himself, he electricutes and explodes, so Diephin revives some Zombats and makes Vrak go megamode. The few rangers left create the Hyper Ultra Super Silver Battlewing Great and gets overpowered by Vrak, demorphing into Samurai Rangers. They create the Samurai Shark Gigazord, and overpower Vrak and almost destroy him, until he overpowers himself again and destroys the Samurai Shark Gigazord and explodes. Diephin ends up seeing the key from the Generation 16 Hyper Bot and puts it in himself, turning into a super form of himself. General Crunch, worried about if he will get destroyed, starts running away. Diephin, seeing General Crunch start running away, becomes extremely angry because of his own general ends up running away from a battle. He ends up shooting General Crunch with an endless streak of lightning and makes him explode. He then creates a troop of enemies using the Infinity Reviver to destroy the rangers once and for all. The Red and Gold rangers go up again and the team do one slash and destroy a Mutant Piranha.

16. The Last Battle  - Leaving off from the last episode, an army of villains get revived. The rangers fight the large amount of Mutant Piranha, and fend some off. Scorpionic and the Magnetron go up against the rangers, but are no match for them. They are both destroyed, and both don't go megamode. The rangers go against Pestilox and Robtish, and they are also no match for the power of the rangers. Pestilox goes megamode, and is destroyed by the  Hyper Ultra Super Silver Battlewing Great with the Silver Oceanforce Ranger piloting it while the other rangers finish off a group of Mutant Piranha. Gred and the Vaccum Bot attack the rangers, and Gred runs away behind the group of Mutant Piranha while the Vaccum Bot is destroyed. The rangers run through the group of Mutant Piranha to find Gred, but finds out he is being protected by Grinataur. In an attempt to make the whole group of rangers become extremely hungry, he tries hitting them with his black sand, only to hit a Mutant Piranha. The mutant starts trying to chew on Grinataur, making him distracted so the rangers finish off him and the mutant.. The mutant somehow goes megamode, and is destroyed by the Oceanforce Megazord. Giving Diephin the idea of outnumbering the rangers by making all the mutants go megamode, he zaps them with the Infinity Reviver's Mega Ray and makes all of the mutants go mega. The rangers try destroying them with Hyper Ultra Super Silver Battlewing Great, but end up being trapped between the groups of mutants. Seeing that the megazord is made of cardboard, Diephin figures out it's a fake. He zaps it and eliminates it, and sees all of the mutants being destroyed by the real Hyper Ultra Super Silver Battlewing Great. The rangers go back to normal size, and fight Gred. He ends up getting destroyed, and they also fight the Broiler Bot. When they do their finishing attack on the Broiler Bot, Gigertox absorbs the hit and fights the rangers. After a long hard battle with Gigertox, the rangers finally destroy him and destroy the Broiler Bot. The Manhole Bot and Duplicator fight the rangers, and Duplicator clones himself and the Manhole Bot to make the rangers fight double. The rangers destroy the clones first, then destroy the Manhole Bot and Duplicator. The Series 2 Rotor Bot fights the rangers, and the rangers finish him off. He goes megamode, and is destroyed by the Hyper Ultra Super Silver Battlewing Great. Sergeant Tread and the Final Attack Bot try finishing the rangers once and for all. The rangers are almost destroyed, but finish Sergeant Tread off. The Final Attack Bot fights the rangers, and is destroyed by the rangers. An angry Diephin summons the Evil Grey Oceanforce Ranger to finish the rangers off at all costs. The rangers fight him, and find out he has a curse like Deker had. The rangers finish him, and turn him good. The Grey Oceanforce Ranger disappears into a shadow and Diephin ends up shooting electric bullets at the rangers, and make them fall to the ground. A mysterious Light Blue Oceanforce Ranger fights with Diephin, and makes him fall to the ground. She leaves, and Diephin surrenders to the rangers for the battle. He leaves and goes to the Evil Waters Empire base.

17. The Light Blue Ranger - After the events of the battle with Diephin, the rangers are inside the Shiba House left suspicious about the Light Blue Oceanforce Ranger. The rangers go outside only to meet up with Killobyte. They fight him, and fight him to the ground. The rangers force him to say what Diephin's plan was, and he said to burn a place with the rangers inside to kill them. The rangers then destroy Killobyte, and run to the base of the Evil Waters Empire with a Sanzu-proof suit and an air tank. They swim down to the empire, and end up meeting up with an army of Mutant Piranha. The rangers fight them, and find out they have advantages underwater. The army damage the air tanks of the team and try to tear open a piece of the Sanzu-proof suit, but Antonio and Hannah create an underwater tsunami destroying the mutants. The rangers journey deep into the base, risking their lives as they lose air with the  tear in the air tanks. The rangers end up finding Diephin, who starts fighting the rangers. The rangers preform a Mega Ocean Bullzooka Blast to make Diephin fall unbalanced. The plan works, but the rangers can't finish him with so little air. The rangers go back to the shore, only to be followed by Diephin. Diephin sees the rangers demorph as they walk, and the silver ranger drops the Tsunami Box. Diephin picks the device up and sees that the Tsunami Box can also fit where the copied Ocean Box went. He takes the Ocean Box out and put in the Tsunami Box in, allowing him to copy any ranger into an evil form. He copies every ranger from the team, creating the Evil Oceanforce Rangers. He has them assult the base of the rangers, and they teleport there. The rangers, about to walk into the Shiba House, turn around and see the evil rangers. The good rangers morph, and fight against the evil. They had the same powers as their counterpart, except a little more powerful so they are able to overthrow the rangers. The rangers are overthrown, and the light blue ranger comes. The ranger fights the evil rangers, and destroys the evil yellow and black rangers. The evil red ranger overthrows her, revealing who she is when she unmorphs. The evil rangers disappear, and the rangers see that the Light Blue ranger is Mia. Mia says she never liked the light blue ranger suit, and the episode ends.

18. Pick Your Poison - to be added



Unnamed Oceanforce and Gravity Falls Teamup