Fan Fiction

Power Rangers World is a Power Rangers fanfiction loosely based on the eight-minute Japanese short film Kamen Rider World.


An army of super-powerful monsters arises to take over the galaxy. Captain Mitchell from Lightspeed Rescue calls on one Ranger from each team to fight them. Also, Captain Mitchell reveals himself to be the Gold Lightspeed Ranger!

Rangers Present[]


  • Malevolex
    • head and collar of unused Megaranger monster Rose Nejire
    • wings and helmet of Falkar
    • torso of unused Dairanger monster Teacher Telephone
    • legs of unused Gaoranger monster Vase Org
  • Dragoid
    • head of Ruby Dragon
    • wings and secondary heads of Mucant
    • torso of Samurai Fan Man
    • legs and sword of unused Timeranger monster Banjan
  • Star Man
    • head of Blue Globbor's Ninjor form
    • crest of Nightmare Monster
    • torso of Thunderon
    • back decal of Staroid
    • legs of Ghoulum
  • Tronic
    • head and left arm of Vacsacker
    • right claw of Cell Phone Org
    • torso of unused GoGoV monster Bitugudōsā
    • legs of General Benaag
  • Shadion
    • head of Dark Warrior
    • torso of Skelekron
    • left arm of Goldenrod
    • right arm of Wootox
    • legs of unused Timeranger monster Reihou
  • They also have footsoldiers called Ghoulies. Their costumes are recycled from the Dorodoros, the grunts from Kakuranger that never appeared in Power Rangers, repainted black instead of light blue. They also wear yellow scarves.

To view screenshots of the monsters/grunts mentioned on this page, search's Monster Conversion Guide for them. They're bound to turn up somewhere.