Pretty Cure: Bestial Charge is a fan fictional story based on & a new season of Pretty Cure.

This is inspired by Power Rangers: Dino Charge.

The Pretty Cure are older and mature, they are in the high school / college age.

The Bestial Charge Pretty Cure will be using the spirits of The Divine Bestial Gods & Goddesses.

The enemy they will be fighting against is The Predare Empire.


Long Ago, a great evil empire terrorized the galaxy, until The Bestial Gods fought and defeated them & sealed them away. Now the same evil has returned and they are ready to cause some trouble. Luckily, a new generation of heroes or should I say heroines stand in their way: They are The Pretty Cure: Bestial Charge !.

Pretty Cure

Bestial Charge Pretty Cure

  1. Cure Dragon
  2. Cure Lion
  3. Cure Tiger
  4. Cure Eagle
  5. Cure Bear
  6. Cure Shark
  7. Cure Panther
  8. Cure Lynx
  9. Cure Ape
  10. Cure Falcon
  11. Cure Wolf
  12. Cure Dolphin
  13. Cure Rhino
  14. Cure Alligator
  15. Cure Elephant
  16. Cure Bat
  17. Cure Antelope
  18. Cure Penguin
  19. Cure Bison
  20. Cure Fox
  21. Cure Phoenix
  22. Cure Chimera
  23. Cure Griffin
  24. Cure Garuda


  • Pretty Cure Bestial Charge
  • Pretty Cure Bestial Supercharge


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