Pretty Cure All Stars DX5: The Demon Chi Relics is a fan fictional story crossover based on Pretty Cure & Jackie Chan Adventures.

This is the sequel to Pretty Cure All Stars DX4: The Legendary Warriors of Light & The Queen of Darkness.

The Pretty Cures are helping The J-Team save Jade from The forces of Darkness.


Pretty Cures

Max Heart

  • Cure Black
  • Cure White
  • Shiny Luminous

Splash Star

  • Cure Bloom
  • Cure Egret

Pretty Cure 5

  • Cure Dream
  • Cure Rouge
  • Cure Lemonade
  • Cure Mint
  • Cure Aqua
  • Milky Rose

Fresh Pretty Cure

  • Cure Peach
  • Cure Berry
  • Cure Pine
  • Cure Passion

Heartcatch Pretty Cure

  • Cure Blossom
  • Cure Marine
  • Cure Sunshine
  • Cure Moonlight

Suite Pretty Cure

  • Cure Melody
  • Cure Rhythm
  • Cure Beat
  • Cure Muse

Smile Pretty Cure

  • Cure Happy
  • Cure Sunny
  • Cure Peace
  • Cure March
  • Cure Beauty

Doki Doki Pretty Cure

  • Cure Heart
  • Cure Diamond
  • Cure Rosetta
  • Cure Sword
  • Cure Ace

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure

  • Cure Lovely
  • Cure Princess
  • Cure Honey
  • Cure Fortune

Section 13 & The J-Team


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