Pretty Soldier Neo Sailor Moon: Rise of The True Rulers of The Solar System & The Rebirth of The Sailor Soldier Universe-- The Rise of The Great & Illustrious Platinum Millennium / The Glorious New Age of Divine Legends in The Universe is a fan fiction series remake of Sailor Moon.

This story involves more information about the Sailor Soldier Universe and includes more history about The Silver Millennium.

The Neo Soldiers are the main heroines & The other Sailor Soldiers, who are apart of The Sailor Soldier Universe are comprised of other female characters from other anime.

There are changes in The character relations and in their personalities.

The Sailor Soldier Universe is comprised of all female warriors from all kinds of anime.


The Greatest empire in the galaxy fell after defeating a great evil. now over 1,000 years later, that same evil has returned. The only hope for the world is the legendary soldiers who defeated it to awaken once again and defeat this evil, and return to their rightful place among the stars.

Sailor Soldier Universe

Original Sailors

Neo Soldiers

Infinity Scouts / Grand High Council

Celestial Sailors

Zodiac Sailors

Deity Sailors

Cosmic Sailors / Elite Guard

Divine Sailors / Imperial Guard

Intergalactic Sailors

Kaiju Sailors / Supernatural Storm Brigade



Video Games


  1. Serena was Queen of The Moon Kingdom during The Silver Millennium after her mother Queen Serenity passed her crown onto her. She also became leader of The Neo Soldiers.
  2. Serena's older sister, Selena is the leader of The Infinity Scouts. She is the head of The Grand High Council.
  3. Sailor Galaxia is no longer possessed by Chaos, because of Ashley ripping it out of her soul.
  4. Molly Baker was the princess of Earth & Elsyium during The Silver Millennium, she bears the Golden Earth Crystal and The Topaz Earth Crystal.
  5. The canon Sailor Scouts are from noble families, they joined Ashley in The fall of The Silver Millennium.
  6. Beryl is the leader of The Divine Sailors. She is not The leader of The Negaverse.
  7. Natalie is The princess of Nemesis. She bears The Dark Crystal.
  8. Serena is more intelligent and a true leader in this story. She hardly gets in trouble.
  9. The story takes lace in  Washington D.C. instead of Tokyo, Japan.
  10. Serena, Elie, Adina, Keiko, Janelle, Marisol, Winona, Hannah, Charlie, Motoko, Darcy, Molly, & Natalie are direct descendants of The Original Sailors who defeated Chaos and created The Silver Millennium and The Sailor Soldier Universe.
  11. Motoko Kusanagi is Serena and Selena's aunt in this story, Galaxia is also Motoko's sister.
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