Princess Jasmine
الأميرة ياسمين


Linda Larkin
Lea Salonga


Jasmine, Genie Jasmine
Slave of the Lamp
Genie Princess of the Lamp, Slave
Powers and Abilities
All of the phenomenal cosmic powers of a genie, Granting wishes upon being summoned, magic
Being with her master, Aladdin, Her new genie self
To serve, later marry Aladdin (Succeeded)
Successfully wins the heart of Aladdin, and marries him
Genie in Distress

“O... incredible master of the lamp... I... am... SO... incredibly... in love with you... because I do... you are... the handsome boy... I know... and love: Aladdin [hugs and kisses Aladdin] And... I cannot tell you thee how... incredibly grateful I am... that you awakened me... from my peaceful slumber... after a perfect five thousand years... I thank you... for doing so... I am... the beautiful genie princess... Jasmine... of the mystically magic lamp... As such... and as your beautifully... eternal slave.... I am going to grant you... the all... so... magical night... of your life with some spacial wishes... Please take your time... And please be warned... If you wish to keep me... and my precious lamp... forever... We shall be married...”
—Genie Jasmine's speech after being released by Aladdin

Slave Princess Jasmine (الرقيق الجني الياسمين) is a beautifully powerful genie and is the main Protagonist of the story about herself being a genie for the first time, who at first never knew what it was like to be a genie who grants wishes or desires, until she was controlled by Jafar and was transformed into one by him during his reign. Five thousand years later, she was discovered by Aladdin in the past, after the Sultan in the and her daughter, Jasmine in the past disappeared into the future, and fell in love with him.


Jasmine's lamp

Jasmine's Genie lamp is the same lamp the blue genie can be summoned from in appearance. Jafar used it to control Jasmine and transform her into a magically, powerful genie and trap her inside it. As Jasmine's lamp ended up in time before Agrabah was born and when the Cave of Wonders formed, Jasmine was trapped in her lamp for five thousand years, until she was found by Aladdin of the past.


Physical appearance

The original Jasmine was animated and designed by Mark Henn, her facial structure being modeled after his sister, Beth Henn. She is a very voluptuous and beautiful young woman of average height. She has medium skin, long lustrous black hair, brown eyes, and is a distinct hourglass figure.

When Jafar takes control of Agrabah for a short while, he makes Jasmine wear a red outfit (an alternate version of her casual wear, sans her earrings and sewn-in sleeves) with several golden accessories, such as a snake armlet on her right arm and triangular, gold earrings. Jafar later creates a gold crown for Jasmine from her shackles when he decides to make her his queen, until she kept the crown on before she became a magical genie. Her hair is also tied in a ponytail, with a golden, seemingly metallic band.

When Jasmine was turned into a magically powerful genie, her top part of her body is as her usual human form, and her red dress form a giant red genie tail made of colorfully red smoke similar to Jeannie Nelson's tail from the "I dream of Jeannie" Play sets commercial. Like other genies, she wears gold cuff-like bracelets on her wrists. But unlike the blue Genie, and Eden, Jasmine doesn't shape-shift into some impressions.

In Jasmine's forever-lasting dream about herself conquering, ruling, commanding, controlling, and protecting the universe, her skin and tail are colored in pinkish red. With her long lustrous hair in g-major color in peach, Her arms are as big as a man's muscles, and her eyes glow in the color of a light bluish white in the dark. However, without her red slave attire, earrings, sewn-in sleeves, snake armlet, and crown, she is seen nude while afloat in the universe. Her gold cuff-like bracelets can be seen when her dream is about to end, and before the Aladdin of the past rubbed her lamp and awakened her from her eternal sleep.


Like the original Jasmine in the 1992 movie and TV series franchise, her personality is reflected by her genie form when she magically transformed into one, because her personality stays the same.


Much like all genies, Jasmine can grant wishes upon being summoned. Like all female genies of bottles, she blinks, when granting her master a wish he/she asks, or going back into her lamp. Like most all powerful genies who controls the universe, she has all the powers of the cosmos. Like all genies with big smokey tails, she is moving afloat. And like the original Jasmine, she's a fast learner.


Genie jasmine trapped in her lamp by doctornoahjohnson ddtvfqt-fullview.jpg

During Jafar's reign, he made a lamp for Princess Jasmine, in her slave outfit, to be trapped in and kept in a secret trophy room as his property so that he can control her. Jasmine was transformed into a beautifully, voluptuous and illustriously all powerful genie while Jafar used the lamp to control her and trap her inside it. Jafar used his snake staff to create a time hole to transport Jasmine's lamp in time before Agrabah was born, when the cave of wonders formed. Jasmine found herself trapped inside her lamp and discovered that she's a beautiful genie princess. Although she loved her new form, she can see from outside her lamp, she is at the cave of wonders from five thousand years ago. Before falling to her magical slumber, she says that she hoped that Aladdin will rescue her from her lamp. As Genie Jasmine slumbered, and while she was trapped inside her lamp, she dreamed that she would be all powerful; She was laughing with joy while enlarging her size, and rising into the night sky and into the universe. she took her new universe to rule, control, command, and protect the cosmos and her universe with all of her phenomenal cosmic powers.


Five thousand years have passed. Aladdin from the past has found the lamp. However, Jafar from the past wanted the lamp so that he can rule Agrabah. As Jafar had his hands on the lamp, he tried to kill Aladdin, but Aladdin's monkey, Abu bit Jafar's arm causing Aladdin to fall along with Abu before the Cave Collapsed. But when Jafar reached back for the lamp, it was gone. It turns out, Aladdin had the hands on the lamp. As Aladdin rubbed the lamp, Princess Jasmine still dressed in her slave attire appeared in her magical genie form. Although Aladdin recognizes her face, Jasmine knows that Aladdin in the past dimension is her master, gives Aladdin a romantic kiss and hug, because she is in love with him.



  • Genie Jasmine's tail resembles Jeannie's tail based on the artwork of the I Dream of Jeannie Trendmaster play sets.
  • Like the original Jasmine, she's voiced by Linda Larkin for speaking, and Lea Salonga for singing.
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