Princess Lotora, later known as Empress Lotora, is the main antagonist of chapters 25 - 75 of Hottie 3: The Best Fan Fic in the World. She is the daughter of Emperor Vakudos & one of his consorts and crowned princess of the Guild of Super Evil. She is 18 years old. In Chapter 25 she becomes the new leader of the Guild. Her full title is "Her Imperial and Royal Majesty Lotora, Empress of the Midnight Cage and Princess of the Guild of Super Evil". In chapter 75 she becomes good again.


Princess Lotora resembles Prince Lotor from Voltron excepts she's human and a girl. She also dresses like Lotor too except she wears a skin tight pink shirt with matching tights, black high heeled boots, and her skull belt buckle has a bow on it's head. She also wears ruby red lipstick. She gains fangs later on. Later on, after gaining a giant walking throne, she started wearing a crown and carrying a scepter


Lotora used to be a sweet girl but when she turned 13, she became evil after inheriting her father's radioactive snake evil.

Lotora's giant walking throne

Lotora currently rides around in a giant walking throne that resembled a cross between Emperor Tachyon's giant walking throne from Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction and Frieza's hoverchair from Dragon Ball Z.

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