A long time ago in the place far far away and under the sea, there was the place called Merdog Lagoon, home of the inhabited creatures with upper bodies of various dog breeds waist up and colorful mermaid tails waist down known as merdogs.

The scientific name of merdog is Canine Aquaticus. Merdogs are similar to regular dogs, but they live underwater with mertails and gills like merfoxes and merwolves. They were anthropomorphic animals with their lower fish bodies that helped them swim faster and quicker and their gills that helped them breathe underwater.

All merdogs are great swimmers and they're also naturally good, loyal, and kind. For female merdogs, they wanted to attract male merdogs with their beautiful voices and beautiful girly eyes to find a companion. And when they get married, they'll have families. This is how female merdogs give birth to their mer-puppies and raise them as children.

In Merdog Lagoon, this is the story about the Irish setter merdog princess who longs for life on land and soon falls for a handsome German shepherd dog prince who becomes a merdog like her. This is how the story begins.

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