Pyrate is a fiction by Alsojames. It follows a pirate crew in the year 2020, where pirates control most of the world.


Pirates similar in appearance to those of the 17th century have taken most of the world by force, controlling most of the world's economy. Now, most of the world is controlled by one pirate faction or another.

This story follows Captain Jason Grey, captain of the Hellblazer, a massive frigate under the control of the Golden Dragon of the east. However, his ship is attacked by Wild Jack, from the Wild West, of the West.

Ten years later, as the only survivor of his original crew, Jason Grey has a new crew, a new Hellblazer, and is ready to find Wild Jack and take his revenge.


The Hellblazer

Jason Grey--Captain

Julie Vernes--First Mate

Stanley Eriksun--Navigater

Mathew Derrick--Marksman

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