Queen of The Legendary Moon Kingdom & The True Rulers Of The Solar System--Bushoujo Senshi Neo Sailor Moon Imperial Shooting Majestic Infinity Zodiac Star Galaxy Storm: Rising Of A New Moon Kingdom & A New Millennium Empire, Legacy Of The Greatest Legendsis a fan fictional series based on Sailor Moon & a massive multicrossover series.

The Moon Kingdom still exists, Earth joined The Moon Kingdom through Princess Terra becomes a member of Queen Selenity's court and a its Neo Sailor Soldier; Neo Sailor Earth.

Serena was sent to earth as a baby. She can transform into Princess Neo Sailor Moon; The combined form of Princess Serenity & Neo Sailor Moon.

Queen Metalia is Queen Selenity's sister and Beryl is her daughter, Ashely Brissette has Chaos inside her after She ripped it from Galaxia's soul..

The Neo Sailor Soldiers are Serena's bodyguards & the heiresses Of The Solar System.

Sailor Galaxia is The Leader Of The Infinity Soldiers, she no longer has Chaos sealed inside her soul because Ashley ripped Chaos out of her.

The Sailor Scouts are nobles from their planets, they serve Queen Metalia & Princess Beryl, & Ashley as The Dark Scouts.


Serena thought she was living a normal life with her mother, father, and little brother, but she is in for a surprise when she discovers that she is The Crown Princess Of The Moon Kingdom. Serena will face the ups and down of being a princess and succeeding her mother, Queen Selenity as the New Queen Of The Moon Kingdom; but, unknown to her, her aunt; Queen Metalia is determined to destroy her and take the throne for herself.

Sailor Soldier Universe / Sailor Senshi Civilization


Holy Knights

Pretty Cures

Chosen Children / Digi Destined


Keyblade Guardians Of The Realm Of Light & The Realm Of Darkness

Justice League

Section 13 & The J-Team

Winx Club

Time-Space Administration Bureau


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