Rabbit Chess

Rabbit is a narcissist valley warrior. He respects Skunk, but thinks of him as a pest. Even though he is a species of harmless animals, he is very tough and bossy. Rabbit is violent, ill-tempered, egotistic, and smart- alecky. He enjoys seeking revenge and fighting. He is also very good at fighting, which is why he considers himself the strongest animal in the Valley. His main rivalry is against Baboon. With both their distructive behavior and personalities, they've been known to have very violent fights. Unlike Panda, he thinks with the thought of offense and would prefer attacking rather then waiting like Panda orders. He also dislikes Ninja Monkeys. He is a negative influence for Skunk. His ego often gets him in trouble. Rabbit though does respect him, is constantly at odds with Master Panda who he refers to as 'Old man Pandy'. Rabbit looks down at Skunk as if he was his younger brother. He thinks of Skunk as an annoying kid who listens to Panda too much. Sadly, Skunk looks up to Rabbit and sees him as an role model which will lead to bad things. Often times they will get into fights after Skunk realizes his error in listening to Rabbit. Despite all these things Rabbit is good deep down and does care about his friends like Skunk, though he will never admit it. He also doesn't admit that he likes Fox. He also desires to become leader so he can fight Dragon right away instead of waiting like Panda orders. In Quite Charming, we learn that in a flashback he is currently roaming somewhere outside the valley. In Chance Reaction, he participated in Stranded and lost by being the third to leave the hotel room after a continuition of sneezes. In The Art Of Leadership, he returned to the valley after Skunk and punched himself in the eye and frame him for attacking him. Iris, despite Rabbit being twenty, called him a little kid. He also follows Skunk to Lung Mountain to save Master Panda.

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