Racing to the Gyms
Season 1, Episode 16
Challenge Challenge Gym Leaders
Guest Appearance(s) Erika, Sabrina, Blaine, Falkner, Bugsy, Whitney, Jasmine, Pryce, Clair, Roxanne, Wattson, Norman, Wallace, Fantina, Gardenia, Volkner, Roark, Cilan, Chili, Cress, Lenora, Burgh, Elesa, Clay, Skyla, Brycen, Drayden, Lucy, Anabel, Brandon, Spenser, Tucker, Greta, Noland, Argenta, Palmer
Winner(s) Team Awesome
Eliminated Flapjack
Episode Guide
"Nothing But the Truth"
"The Paparazzi's After Me!"

An episode of Total Cartoon Teams


Chris announces they have to face a certain Gym Leader or Frontier Brain. Nervous of having a Gym battle instead of a Contest, Isabella almost loses her confidence in her battle against Roark, until her Manaphy learns Bubble and Isabella eventually wins, giving her team 4 out of 4 points and, once again, the win. When neither Flapjack or Charlotte win against Palmer or Drayden, they decide to have a Pokemon Super Contest to see who gets eliminated. Charlotte wins, and Flapjack is sent packing.

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