Ritsu's Staraptor

Staraptor, as a Starly is Ritsu's second Pokémon she caught during the Reunion Festival, he is also confirmed male due to Azusa's Delcatty used its Cute Charm ability after attacking with a Wing Attack.

As a Starly

Ritsu often uses Starly for searching via air, but sometimes can be a bit of a showoff and can understand Ritsu's jokes she makes such as "skull" and "lycopene". In Rise Of The Staravia!, he evolved into Staravia after Ritsu's passion for not giving up hope, and learned Aerial Ace in the process, its ability was later confirmed to be Intimidate.

As a Staravia

As a Staravia, he is very cautious around others, which was shown when Staravia was nervous when Sawako arrived with cosplay outfits, until Staravia ripped them with Aerial Ace.

Ritsu used Staravia again in The Staraptor Is Born!, alongside Mio's Leavanny in a practice Tag Battle against Azusa's Delcatty and Yui's Wigglytuff, in the midst of the battle after a his Steel Wing and Delcatty's Iron Tail collided, this caused Staravia to evolve into Staraptor and learned Close Combat in the process and knocked out Delcatty with one attack, this allowed Mio's Leavanny knock out Yui's Wigglytuff with Leaf Blade.

As a Staraptor, he is shown to be very cautious like it did as Staravia, but he is also very feisty around Sawako, and very loyal around Ritsu despite his evolution. Ritsu would often use Staraptor for sentry via air.

In "What's In a Nickname?", he was officially nicknamed Rapture by Ritsu, and even nicknamed the other Pokemon she has owned.

Staraptor's known moves are: Brave Bird, Steel Wing, Close Combat, Fly, and his ability is Intimidate and had Keen Eye as a Starly.

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