Rapunzel and Belle's Tangled Quest is a fanfiction crossover short written by MarioFan65. The story is a crossover of Tangled and Beauty and the Beast and a spin-off sequel to Disney Princess Sleepover Party, taking place right after the events of that crossover short where Rapunzel and Belle appeared in. It was released on April 21, 2020.


  • Rapunzel
  • Belle


(The story start with Flynn Rider narrating the story on how Rapunzel and Belle has a sleepover party at Agrabah with one of the princesses in a drawing)

  • Flynn: This is where Rapunzel and Belle first met, and had a sleepover! The other day when me and the princes went to see the princesses at the sleepover party, Rapunzel and Belle planned their hang out for one of the days. Yep, it's really happening and we're gonna see how Belle met Rapunzel again. And i'm excited to see Belle again as a tale as old as time.

(In the kingdom of Corona, people are seen walking in town, buying flowers and throwing coins on the water fountain. In the castle, a princess with long blonde hair wake up on a bright morning.)

  • Rapunzel: Ah, good morning Pascal.
  • Pascal: *cuddle*
  • Rapunzel: Did you stay up way too late last night?
  • Pascal: *shook head as no*
  • Rapunzel: You know what? Time to go start the day.

(Breakfast is being held at the living room on the big table with the guards placing the food at the table with Rapunzel, Flynn, Cassandra, Queen Arianna and King Frederic sitting on the table by serving some food)

  • Rapunzel: Breakfast is served for everyone.
  • Cassandra: This is so much better than dinner.
  • Flynn: Time flies fast so quick.
  • Arianna: I love this bread a lot.
  • Frederic: Who made those pancakes? Cassandra, did you cook these?
  • Cassandra: Uh, no. I don't know who cooked these delicious meals.
  • Flynn: I did. I hope you guys have a very great breakfast in your hearts.
  • Rapunzel: For the first time in forever, i'm really loving this food so much. It make my dreams come true!
  • Pascal: *lick the red jelly*
  • Arianna: We're a family together and we're a part of it.
  • Cassandra: Friends are family, i guess.
  • Flynn: Bon Appétit.

(In another world in France at the castle, the servants are preparing the food at the kitchen as Belle and Adam wake up in bed in their room)

  • Belle: Ah, good morning Adam.
  • Adam: Good morning my sleeping beauty.
  • Belle: That smell is making us awake. What it smell like? Muffins?
  • Adam: Sound like breakfast to me.
  • Belle: Breakfast. Every morning, we get a meal to start our day.

(Belle and Adam change their clothes and walk up to the big table where the servants are placing the food at the table)

  • Lumiere: Breakfast is served my friends!
  • Belle: Good morning everyone. I hope you guys are cooking great.
  • Maurice: This biscuit smell fresh.
  • Belle: Good morning dad, i hope you're liking the food so far.
  • Maurice: Fresh as scrambled eggs.
  • Cogsworth: Why is the bread hot?
  • Lumiere: It's suppose to be that hot every time we cook it in the oven.
  • Cogsworth: This almost burned my tongue out.
  • Mrs. Potts: Chip, don't use too much of that gravy.
  • Chip: I know mom.
  • Sultan: *bark*
  • Belle: Lumiere, would you be our guest to do the honors?
  • Lumiere: I would be honor to do the honors to every guest in the world.
  • Adam: But we all live together. This castle isn't curse anymore.
  • Lumiere: How about we start with one of our favorite songs in the castle.
  • Belle: Alright.
  • Lumiere:

Ma chère Mademoiselle,

It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure

That we welcome you tonight.

And now, we invite you to relax,

Let us pull up a chair

As the dining room proudly presents -

Your dinner!

Be... our... guest!

Be our guest!

Put our service to the test

Tie your napkin 'round your neck, chérie

And we'll provide the rest

Soupe du jour

Hot hors-d'œuvres

Why, we only live to serve

Try the grey stuff

It's delicious!

Don't believe me?

Ask the guests

  • Belle:

Life is so unnerving

For a servant who's not serving

We're not whole without a soul to wait upon

Ah, those good old days when we were useful

Suddenly those good old days are gone

Few years we've been rusting

Needing so much more than dusting

Needing exercise, a chance to use our skills!

Most days we just lay around the castle

  • Cogsworth:

Flabby, fat and lazy

You walked in, and oops-a-daisy!

  • Lumiere:

Be our guest

Be our guest

Our command is your request

It's been years since we've had anybody here

And we're obsessed

With your meal

With your ease

Yes, indeed, we aim to please

While the candlelight's still glowing

Let us help you

We'll keep going

  • Chorus:

Course by course!

One by one!

'Til you shout...

  • Cogsworth: Enough! I'm done!
  • Lumiere: Then we'll sing you off to sleep as you digest.
  • Chorus:

Tonight you'll prop your feet up

But for now, let's eat up

Be our guest!

Be our guest!

Be our guest!

Please, be our guest!

  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Belle: That was a great performance there.
  • Maurice: *clap* Bravo! Bravo! What a great show.
  • Adam: You guys really hit the spotlight.
  • Lumiere: Thank you all very much. Let's dig in our food, shall we?

(Back at Corona, Rapunzel, Cassandra and Flynn left the castle to get fresh air outside of the kingdom)

  • Rapunzel: Where are we heading?
  • Cassandra: I heard Varian is testing out one of his latest beakers at his home. We should check it out while we can.
  • Flynn: Are you kidding me? What if he send out his tricks like sending a raccoon to drop us at the cliff. That would be dumb.
  • Cassandra: Grow up Flynn, grab your horse and let's go.
  • Flynn: Fine. Catch it a day. Maximus, over here.
  • Maximus: *walk to Flynn smiling*
  • Rapunzel: Do we ride on Fidella for the ride?
  • Cassandra: Yes. Fidella, over here.
  • Fidella: *walk to Cassandra*
  • Maximus: *walk up to Fidella*
  • Cassandra: No, no. We're not doing eye-contract. We're leaving.
  • Flynn: Maxie, it's just one of those days to fall in love. We gotta go.
  • Cassandra: We're heading to Old Corona. *hop on to Fidella with Rapunzel*
  • Rapunzel: Make way for Old Corona.
  • Flynn: *hop on to Maximus* We're good to go. Time to roll out.

(The gang ride their horses to Old Corona as they head out to Varian's lab to visit)

  • Varian: Hey guys. You finally showed up.
  • Rapunzel: Hello Varian, we're here to check out your latest beakers.
  • Varian: Why you ask? Come take a look.
  • Flynn: These things bubble out real quick.
  • Cassandra: Like soda.
  • Varian: They're suppose to be like there. I'm going to test out this little cotton to give this little one a try. Watch how it goes. *drop a little beaker drop on the cotton, making it bigger* It seem it's getting big as a pumpkin.
  • Rapunzel: What if it form into a monster?
  • Cassandra: Don't worry, i got my sword to cut the cotton off!
  • Varian: No worries. It will melt down. *his cotton stop growing* Wow. That wasn't suppose to stop.
  • Cassandra: Shoot. I was almost ready to cut that thing in half.
  • Varian: It's okay. Accidents happen sometimes. I'm also testing out a circle to open up in lights.
  • Rapunzel: Are you really making a portal to another dimension? That would be great.
  • Varian: You call that a portal?
  • Rapunzel: Yes.
  • Cassandra: Rapunzel, don't go too crazy on those things.
  • Flynn: They don't work with prototypes just yet.
  • Varian: Rapunzel, what are you doing?
  • Rapunzel: I'm going to make it come to life. *hit the switch to open a portal up*
  • Varian: No! It's going to suck everything up.
  • Rapunzel: It doesn't suck things up with anti-gravity. The hurricanes does.
  • Cassandra: This portal is too heavy to close down. Shut it off Varian.
  • Varian: Let go of the machine.
  • Rapunzel: Wait til someone make a visit.

(A portal open up in front of Belle and Adam's castle)

  • Belle: What the?
  • Adam: How did a hole open up in front of my castle?
  • Maurice: It could be a curse.
  • Lumiere: Yikes! I don't want to be a light again.
  • Cogsworth: Try it out. What if it's actually a curse.
  • Belle: Don't worry, me and Adam are going to try out the portal. We did it once for the sleepover party.
  • Adam: We'll be back.

(Belle and Adam arrive at Varian's lab from a portal)

  • Flynn: See. No monsters from the underworld.
  • Rapunzel: Belle?
  • Belle: Rapunzel!
  • Rapunzel: *hug Belle*
  • Cassandra: What the? You two know each other?
  • Rapunzel: Yes. We met at Agrabah.
  • Flynn: Don't get me wrong. I was there.
  • Varian: You went there without me? Jeez, i wasn't even invited all along.
  • Cassandra: Me neither.
  • Adam: Who are you guys suppose to be?
  • Cassandra: I'm Cassandra. You know who these guys are?
  • Adam: Yes we do, except for this young boy.
  • Varian: I'm Varian by the way.
  • Rapunzel: Oh well, time to hit the switch. *hit the switch and close down the portal*
  • Belle: No! That was our home!
  • Adam: What did you do?
  • Rapunzel: No worries. It open back and forth. *hit the switch multiple times*
  • Belle: Okay. I think it's better best if we hang out. *hit the switch*
  • Rapunzel: So are we going into your world?
  • Belle: No. I just wanted to hang out in yours on what it's like.
  • Flynn: You'll like it here. We live on a castle.
  • Varian: Do you guys mind if i tell the others in your world that you two are hanging out?
  • Belle: Yes. Please remind them.
  • Varian: No problem. Need a drink before you leave?
  • Belle: We're good.
  • Rapunzel: Let's hang out already.
  • Cassandra: Alright. Get over with it.
  • Belle: Next stop, anywhere.
  • Rapunzel: To the hills!
  • Varian: You guys are perfect. I wish i can have a gang like you guys.

(Outside, Rapunzel and Belle's gang started to leave Old Corona and head out in the forest hills)

  • Rapunzel: There we are.
  • Belle: How long is Corona?
  • Flynn: We'll get there in minutes.
  • Cassandra: It won't be that long of a ride.
  • Adam: How big is your castle?
  • Rapunzel: It's the biggest castle you'll ever seen in Corona.
  • Flynn: Next stop, Corona.
  • Belle:

I wanna break every rule and cross every line

I wanna show all the stars how stars oughta shine

I wanna do as I please and knock the world to its knees

And go wherever the breeze is blowing

  • Rapunzel:

Next stop, anywhere

Gotta a whole wide world to see

Nothing's stopping me

Next stop, anywhere

'Cause there's so much waiting

I know it's waiting

I feel it waiting out there


  • Everyone: *pass through trees, play with the flowers and walk up the hills*
  • Cassandra:

Next stop, anywhere

Gotta feeling things'll be happening suddenly

  • Rapunzel:

Next stop, anywhere

Gonna chase my destiny, find my best in me

  • Adam:

Next stop, anywhere

'Cause it's time we went to be where we're meant to be

  • Everyone: Next stop, anywhere.
  • Cassandra: And the world is waiting.
  • Eugene: I feel it waiting.
  • Rapunzel: It's all just waiting out there
  • Everyone:




(Back at Corona in the castle, King Frederic and Queen Arianna set up lunch with the guards setting up the table)

  • Captain of the Guards: Frederic and Arianna, the table is all set for lunch.
  • Frederic: It's looking neat. Where are the others?
  • Captain of the Guards: They will be back in like a hour.
  • Everyone: *Rapunzel and Belle's gang returns*
  • Rapunzel: We're back.
  • Captain of the Guards: They came back.
  • Frederic: Alright. Let's eat.
  • Arianna: Hold on a second, who are those guys?
  • Belle: I'm Princess Belle and this is Prince Adam.
  • Adam: Hello.
  • Arianna: Nice to meet you two. Are you here to eat for lunch?
  • Belle: We surely do.
  • Frederic: Have a seat.
  • Everyone: *sit down with the guests with the others passing out the food*
  • Belle: Ooh, those buns are soft.
  • Rapunzel: Never got tired of those.
  • Cassandra: *eat the steak* It's fresh.
  • Flynn: Once again, you guys deliver a great meal like never before.
  • Everyone: *clap*
  • Frederic: Thank you so much. We worked hard on making the meal.
  • Adam: Better than breakfast food i say.
  • Crowley: Don't even think about adding too much jelly.
  • Rapunzel: Wait, Old Lady Crowley is eating with us?
  • Arianna: Sure is. She's invited to come over lunch.
  • Crowley: Don't even think about it.
  • Belle: I love being a guest.
  • Friedborg: Oh, don't eat the hot ones just yet, unless they cool down a bit. *chew down the ham*
  • Cassandra: Friedborg is there too?
  • Flynn: Yes. We almost mistaken as you the other day with the maid dress, remember?
  • Cassandra: Ugh, don't talk about it.
  • Belle: Oh, the carrots are fried.
  • Adam: Much more like fried bananas.
  • Arianna: They're Pisang goreng.
  • Adam: Pisang goreng? I thought they came from plantain.
  • Frederic: We deep fried them to make them crispy.
  • Captain of the Guards: Safety first.
  • Belle: It's always better to judge after eating.
  • Cassandra: Great bread.
  • Flynn: The pasta felt spicy.
  • Rapunzel: Good rice.
  • Belle: I'm stuffed.
  • Frederic: All good for now.
  • Rapunzel: Let's hang out at the town.
  • Belle: Wait. We have to wash the plates first.

(The gang wash the plates in the kitchen)

  • Flynn: These things are hard to wipe off.
  • Cassandra: Like the wind in her hair.
  • Rapunzel: That's me.
  • Belle: What soap should we use?
  • Cassandra: Both.
  • Belle: Thanks for your kind words.
  • Cassandra: Carry on.
  • Belle: Such a beauty.

(Rapunzel and Belle's gang later hang out in the town of Corona)

  • Rapunzel: What should we do first?
  • Belle: Ooh, there's a shop next door.
  • Cassandra: We should check it out.
  • Flynn: Ladies first.
  • Belle: Thanks a bunch.

(The group enter inside of Monty's Sweet Shoppe as they look through the sweet candies)

  • Belle: Ooh, is that a rainbow fan?
  • Cassandra: That's a lollipop.
  • Belle: Isn't it like a ice cream?
  • Cassandra: No. You just lick it.
  • Belle: Ooh, shiny.
  • Rapunzel: Hello Monty.
  • Monty: *enraged*
  • Rapunzel: Great shop you got here.
  • Monty: Why are you still here?
  • Rapunzel: I thought i brought my friends over to hang out.
  • Monty: You know, they gotta pay for these sweets. This isn't a happy fun place you know.
  • Flynn: Check out these rare chocolate bars.
  • Adam: Is that milk?
  • Flynn: White chocolate you ask.
  • Monty: Don't touch that. You gotta pay for it.
  • Adam: We were just looking.
  • Belle: Maybe we should just go and find another shop to take a look around.
  • Monty: Bye, have a bad day.
  • Rapunzel: I know you're upset about me coming to the shop. Keep it safe.
  • Monty: Happy people these days. Always trying to bother my store.

(The gang then explore through the flower shop)

  • Belle: That guy was upset.
  • Cassandra: He doesn't even like Rapunzel at all. Not everyone is going to like you.
  • Belle: I thought we love people.
  • Cassandra: It's not just the same.
  • Rapunzel: Those flowers smell good.
  • Adam: You also got flowers on your hair as well.
  • Rapunzel: I like it as a pony tail.
  • Belle: You got a big kingdom.
  • Rapunzel: Sure i do.
  • Flynn: Why can't we hang out at the Snuggly Duckling?
  • Belle: What's a Snuggly Duckling?
  • Flynn: It's the name of the place i always hang out at. They serve a variety of drinks around here.
  • Rapunzel: I've been there many times in my life.
  • Belle: Then how about we take a look.
  • Cassandra: It got to be at the forest. It's not from the kingdom we are in.
  • Rapunzel: Let's go to the forest and find that Snuggly Duckling place.
  • Belle: Sure do Rapunzel.

(The gang walk to the woods and made it to the Snuggly Duckling)

  • Belle: Such a cute name for a place.
  • Flynn: Trust me, it's not the cutest place in the world. It's serious and the ruffians are serious there.
  • Cassandra: It's also a pub. Let's all go in quietly.

(Inside of the Snuggly Duckling, the gang walk in as they see pub thugs drinking, fighting and throwing darts on the targets)

  • Belle: This is a really serious place.
  • Cassandra: Flynn is right.
  • Flynn: Ruthless Ruth used to be the owner of this place. She passed away long time ago and someone is already taking over the pub.
  • Attila: Hello, can i help you?
  • Belle: That's the new guy?
  • Attila: Come have a seat and chill out.
  • Rapunzel: Okay. *her gang have a seat at the table*
  • Hook Hand: Hey there, you got new people in.
  • Rapunzel: She's my friend from another world.
  • Belle: I'm Belle and this is my prince Adam.
  • Adam: Sup.
  • Vladimir: Feel free to try one of our latest sodas.
  • Belle: Ooh, this one is blueberry.
  • Cassandra: I would rather have raspberry.
  • Ulf: *do his mime tricks*
  • Belle: Oh my, does this guy has clown issues?
  • Flynn: No. That's Ulf. He's a mime and all he does is tricks like a mime does.
  • Belle: I remember going to a castle with a bunch of items serving me food.
  • Big Nose: I'm the most beautiful of the pubs.
  • Belle: Uh, okay?
  • Gunther: *draw a picture of a flower* How do you like my art?
  • Rapunzel: Pretty good for a artist.
  • Tor: No predators should cross this way.
  • Greno: Look at the black star tattoo on my arm.
  • Belle: Nice.
  • Innkeeper: Keep the plates clean.
  • Axel: Got it.
  • Killer: Make sure the chairs are neat.
  • Hook Foot: Great place so far.
  • Rapunzel: It's sure is.
  • Shorty: Anyone want some gold?
  • Belle: Gold? No thanks, i already have a series of books on my collection.
  • Shorty: Feel free if you changed your mind.
  • Rapunzel: It's really nice hanging out with you guys.
  • Hook Hand: Come back any time you wish.
  • Belle: See you later.

(The gang left the Snuggly Duckling as they walk into the forest)

  • Rapunzel: Ah, i feel fresh.
  • Belle: Look at the flowers. They're so soft.
  • Cassandra: Let's hang out in the fields.
  • Flynn: Sure thing. We're going to have the best hang out in our lives.

(The background song "Wind in My Hair" plays as the gang hang out in the fields. Rapunzel and Belle chase each other in the trees as Cassandra look around in the lake. Flynn and Adam talk in the woods as Rapunzel and Belle run around and jump with the flowers, laughing and having fun. A group of fireflies fly around the area as they glow light in the forest with the big trees blocking the sun. The gang meet up with each other and sit in the hill to watch the fireflies migrating. Rapunzel feel her hair in the wind of the highest point of the tree. The background song end as the gang is still hanging out in the forest.)

  • Belle: I love this place.
  • Rapunzel: It's so much fun having around in a quiet place.
  • Cassandra: It's so cold in here.
  • Rapunzel: This is the place where i was held in a tower.
  • Belle: Were you kidnapped?
  • Rapunzel: When i was a baby, my foster mother capture me from the castle and held me in a tower for 18 years. Until Flynn show up and showed me the basic of the kingdom. Glad he cut my hair to make my foster mother disappear from being captured.
  • Flynn: I did it all along to save my princess.
  • Belle: My man was a beast once and enslaved me inside.
  • Adam: I was cursed. But the Enchantress disappear long time ago.
  • Cassandra: We all heard. Let's go back to the lake.
  • Rapunzel: But we just pass by the lake.
  • Cassandra: We should really fish. Come on, it's not that bad to fish around in a private area.
  • Rapunzel: Fine.

(In the dungeon, Pocket walk in to his boss Lady Caine to inform some news)

  • Pocket: Lady Caine, we got some serious news. I saw two strange people from a far away land hanging out with the princess.
  • Lady Caine: Oh really? It would be the moment i capture those strangers with my crew.
  • Pocket: We'll capture the princess to as well.
  • Lady Caine: My crew. We got a job to do. They headed to the woods. Did you see them in the woods?
  • Pocket: Yes. I'm not lying.
  • Lady Caine: Pirates, make way toward the exit.
  • Pirates: *giggle*

(At the lake where Rapunzel and Belle's gang are fishing through the grass)

  • Belle: Do we use sticks to fish?
  • Cassandra: No. We don't use sticks to fish. We use a rod. A actual fishing rod.
  • Rapunzel: We didn't actually brought one.
  • Cassandra: We can't do everything in one shot. Why didn't you plan the actual trip like we used to.
  • Flynn: Don't blame me. We didn't set up a actual trip in the first place before they came.
  • Lady Caine: *show up* A actual trip you say?
  • Rapunzel: Lady Caine?
  • Belle: Wait, who's Caine?
  • Lady Caine: Kidnap them.
  • Pirates: *clash with Rapunzel and Belle's gang as they held them with their hands*
  • Rapunzel: Let go!
  • Belle: What is wrong with you?!
  • Cassandra: I'm going to bite you!
  • Lady Caine: *evil laugh* It's good to be back. Let's lock them up.

(At night in the dungeon of Corona, the gang is locked up in the cages from Lady Caine's pirate fleet)

  • Lady Caine: You guys are going to be safe in there.
  • Belle: It's not safe. You can't lock up like this. We have a big group next in our world.
  • Lady Caine: Your world? This is our world.
  • Adam: We're from another world like yours.
  • Pocket: You are coming with us. *release Adam from the cage by grabbing his arm*
  • Belle: You can't take my prince away from me.
  • Lady Caine: He'll be fine. I promise.
  • Rapunzel: Liar. We'll cut you for this.
  • Adam: You get your filthy hands off me!
  • Pocket: Take him to the secret room.
  • Lady Caine: See you later alligators. *left with her pirate fleet*
  • Belle: This stinks. We're locked up for no reason. We didn't even do anything.
  • Rapunzel: We were caught. Like any other place we were caught in.
  • Belle: Also, who is this Lady Caine anyways?
  • Rapunzel: Lady Caine was like any pirate in Corona. Back when i was captured as a baby, she believe that most of the criminals were getting arrested for their crimes. Over the years, she became "Lady Caine", the leader of a pirate gang and well known in the thieving and crime community.
  • Flynn: My days of thieving is over. I don't steal any things from places anymore. Now i'm a hero like the princess.
  • Cassandra: This is all your fault. If we weren't to walk through the woods, a bunch of bad guys who capture us easy in the first place.
  • Flynn: If only Lance was here, he would free us from the cages and beat Lady Caine to death.
  • Belle: Guys, don't fight. We can fight this together.
  • Rapunzel: Friends fight during most of the moments. That's how relationships work.
  • Belle: I wish we were out of here. Even Adam is held with Lady Caine.

(At the secret room, Adam is placed on a mat as Lady Caine and her pirates strap Adam down)

  • Adam: What are you going to do? Give me a tickle test?
  • Lady Caine: No. We got you something else.
  • Adam: No tricks.
  • Anthony: We got you something else.
  • Lady Caine: We shuck out of Varian's lab the other night and got this weird poison colored as purple.
  • Stabbington Brother #1: It will transform you into a monster.
  • Stabbington Brother #2: You'll never turn back.
  • Otter: You're going to get fluff.
  • Adam: I won't be fluffy as my Beast form.
  • Bandana: Seizure him.
  • Lady Caine: *pour liquid on Adam*
  • Adam: Hey.
  • Lady Caine: Does it feel any better?
  • Adam: No. It doesn't even effect me.
  • Skull Ruffian: Oh sure it does.
  • Adam: *in pain* Ugh, what is happening to me?
  • Lady Caine: He's growing. Change him back.
  • Dale: You just used the whole potion.
  • Lady Caine: What?
  • Adam: *transform into a Beast and roar at the crew*
  • Dwayne: We're in much trouble!

(As the Beast roars out by slamming the crew out, he roar out of the dungeon)

  • Rapunzel: Where is that Beast noise coming from?
  • Belle: I think Adam turn into the Beast again!
  • Cassandra: Adam is the Beast the whole time?!
  • Flynn: We gotta get outta here. There could be a big crisis on the city.
  • Cassandra: Raps, you got any idea?
  • Rapunzel: I'm going to try to use my hair to get out of this cage.
  • Cassandra: We don't have time next. We need to make our way out of the cage.
  • Belle: He's heading out of the dungeon!

(The guards came by confronting the Beast)

  • Pete: Stop right there!
  • Stan: You're not going anywhere.
  • Beast: *roar at the guards*
  • Pete: It's a scary Beast!
  • Stan: Run!

(As the guards run, the Beast run on a rampage to the town of Corona as he cause havoc all over the town with the people screaming and running from the Beast. Rapunzel is still trying to get out of the cage under the dungeon.)

  • Rapunzel: Why won't the hair unlock the lock?
  • Cassandra: Use your glowing hair.
  • Rapunzel: My glowing hair won't work on the cage.
  • Belle: We're doomed.
  • Lady Caine: Still trying to escape? Someone is going to lose a little hand out of a princess.
  • Rapunzel: They're coming back.
  • Flynn: Stand back. Nobody moves.
  • Lance: *arrive at the scene* Behold! No one stand on my back.
  • Flynn: Lance Strongbow.
  • Lady Caine: Oh no you don't.
  • Lance: *fight and knock every crew out including Lady Caine*
  • Lady Caine: You son of a bow.
  • Lance: You snooze, you lose.
  • Belle: Oh goodness, thank you for saving us. Can you get us all out.
  • Lance: Yes lady. I'm getting you all out. *unlock the cage and release the gang out*
  • Rapunzel: Thank you very much Lance.
  • Lance: Is there a panic going on outside?
  • Belle: My prince is turned into a terrible Beast. We gotta stop him.
  • Lance: Your prince became a Beast? No worries, we're going to get him help.

(Back at the town of Corona, the Beast throw barrels and smash the windows throughout the town)

  • Belle: Prince Adam!
  • Beast: *growls*
  • Belle: It's me Belle.
  • Beast: *growls*
  • Rapunzel: It's okay. You don't have to be scared.
  • Cassandra: It's not going to work. The same thing happen with werewolves.
  • Beast: *roar at the gang*
  • Belle: Yikes!
  • Flynn: Way to candy-coat it, Cassandra.
  • Cassandra: Do i have to predict every event before all of this conflict come to reality?
  • Lance: We have no choice, but to fight the Beast. *punch the Beast*
  • Rapunzel: *use her hair as a rope to tied the Beast up*
  • Beast: *roar*
  • Rapunzel: *pull her hair*
  • Cassandra: *hold her sword and cut the Beast's fur*
  • Beast: *roar*
  • Rapunzel: Cassie!
  • Cassandra: Raps, this is for our own good.
  • Flynn: *jump and kick the Beast*
  • Beast: *slip down*
  • Rapunzel: Eugune!
  • Flynn: What? I just knock him over.
  • Lance: Like a house of cards falling from the sky?
  • Beast: *roar*
  • Cassandra: His head will be on my trophy stand.
  • Belle: *block Cassandra* No! You can't do this.
  • Cassandra: Let go. That man is cursed from the spell.
  • Belle: This is no spell on him.
  • Cassandra: Maybe he fall for the moon to howl himself into a Beast.
  • Rapunzel: Girls, you don't need to fight.
  • Cassandra: How about i teach him a lesson. *throw a knife at the Beast*
  • Beast: *roar in pain and take the knife out to throw it against the billboard*
  • Belle: Adam.
  • Rapunzel: Cassie!
  • Cassandra: Raps, i have to do this.
  • Flynn: You almost got him killed like a pigeon.
  • Beast: *fell down*
  • Lance: Told you, it was going to be a quick fight.
  • Rapunzel: *push back Cassandra and see the Beast*
  • Cassandra: You should thank me.
  • Belle: *feel the Beast's fur* How are we going to turn him back to a human?
  • Rapunzel: I don't know. No other cure can deform him back.
  • Belle: Cassandra, what have you done?
  • Cassandra: I'm sorry. I didn't know this Beast was Prince Adam the whole time.
  • Captain of the Guards: *show up with the guards* Daughter, move back.
  • Cassandra: Dad, i can explain.
  • Belle: How can we bring him back.
  • Rapunzel: I used to do this many times with my healing incantation. With the magic on my hair, this will work on him. *her hair glows as she started to sing through her ability*

Flower, gleam and glow

Let your power shine

Make the clock reverse

Bring back our fading sight

Heal what has been hurt

Change the fates' design

Save what has been lost

Let my hope ignite

Let hope ignite

  • Beast: *deform back into his human form*
  • Belle: Adam.
  • Cassandra: Are you kidding me?
  • Adam: *wake up* Belle. Thank you.
  • Belle: No, thank her.
  • Rapunzel: I brought you back to life.
  • Adam: Thank you very much.
  • Flynn: You're okay.
  • Lance: Ha ha ha.
  • Adam: Whoa. What happen? How did the city went on damage control?
  • Cassandra: Hello? You were trying to destroy the city.
  • Rapunzel: Cassie is a bit coo-coo right now.
  • Cassandra: Raps!
  • Rapunzel: Just messing with ya.
  • Captain of the Guards: You're no Beast.
  • Adam: I'm a human being.
  • Belle: Captain, i want you to arrest the pirates for making my prince turn into a monster.
  • Captain of the Guards: Sure thing.

(Lady Caine and her pirate crew are arrested for their crimes and placed on a cage in the dungeon. The black horse Axel is seen eating hay on his own cell.)

  • Lady Caine: You'll pay for this Rapunzel! I'll get you for this!
  • Rapunzel: You'll never change Lady Caine.
  • Lady Caine: If i only had my bigger crew with me, we're break out of this cage and rule over Corona.
  • Belle: That's for kidnapping my prince.
  • Cassandra: *do the bird on Lady Caine* You're in dead pain.
  • Lady Caine: *hit the chain* You son of morons.
  • Captain of the Guards: That's it guys. No more messing the prisoners around. We're closing the dungeon for tonight.
  • Rapunzel: You know what it means?
  • Belle: Sleepover!

(Back at the Corona Castle, the gang is at Rapunzel's room for a big sleepover with the background song "More of Me" by Natasha Bedingfield playing)

  • Rapunzel: Pillow fight!
  • Belle: Don't trip over your long hair.
  • Flynn: Last one there is a fork on the floor.
  • Lance: Livin' the dream.
  • Adam: It's easy to crash into the party.
  • Cassandra: A real sleepover for a maid like me. Finally.
  • Rapunzel: *land on the bean bag* This is the best night ever of our lives.
  • Belle: We'll be ready to go back home by tomorrow.
  • Adam: Our friends are waiting for us back in our world.
  • Cassandra: Easy piece of cake.
  • Rapunzel: *tickle Cassandra* Gotcha.
  • Cassandra: Okay, that's enough Raps.
  • Pascal: *change colors, cuddle on the pillow and sleep*
  • Rapunzel: Got anything to say before we sleep?
  • Belle: Nah, we're good. Don't judge a book by it's cover.
  • Cassandra: If that book turn into a movie, i'll criticize it for fun.
  • Rapunzel: Cassie, it's never easy to judge a motion picture by it's cover.
  • Cassandra: I'm aware people haven't made a motion picture in our world yet.
  • Belle: Goodnight homies.
  • Rapunzel: Sweet dreams.
  • Cassandra: And don't let the bed swords slash.
  • Flynn: I had a dream.
  • Lance: Your dream stinks.
  • Flynn: Hey, that's what Hook Hand said.
  • Adam: Does this guy has a hook on his hand?
  • Flynn: Yes. But never mind. Enough with that.
  • Cassandra: Go to sleep.
  • Flynn: Alright Cassie, you almost got us on our nerves.

(The background song end and the next day at Varian's lab, Varian turn on the portal for Belle and Adam to go back to their world)

  • Varian: I got the portal all set and ready to go.
  • Belle: At least we got a great time from yesterday.
  • Rapunzel: You really sure do enjoy the sleepover.
  • Belle: Yes. Just like in Agrabah.
  • Cassandra: Alright. With your Prince better, you'll be ready to go back home and enjoy this little dance on your own.
  • Belle: With a tale as old as time.
  • Cassandra: Can you not.
  • Adam: We'll be back again someday.
  • Rapunzel: Plus Est En Vous.
  • Quirin: Do you guys need a drink before you go?
  • Belle: No. We're all good.
  • Quirin: Anything you asked when you change your minds.
  • Adam: Okay. I think we're good to go.
  • Rapunzel: Bye.
  • Belle: Sweet dreams Rapunzel.
  • Varian: See you later.
  • Belle and Adam: *walk to the portal back to their world*
  • Varian: Over here Ruddiger.
  • Ruddiger: *hop on to Varian*
  • Varian: Good boy.
  • Cassandra: What are we going to do now?
  • Rapunzel: Just have some breakfast.

(Back at France in the castle, Belle and Adam return from a portal as he is greeted by the guests)

  • Lumiere: Welcome back my guests.
  • Belle: Hello Lumiere. I hope the castle is clean while we were gone.
  • Lumiere: Oh sure. We did everything we always wanted.
  • Belle: Beauty.
  • Adam: And the Beast.
  • Maurice: You're the Beast again?
  • Adam: You won't believe what we did in the other world.

(Back at the Corona Castle, the breakfast food is on the table with Rapunzel's gang eating the breakfast food with Lance joining for breakfast)

  • Lance: Man, i am sharped.
  • Flynn: It feel good to have a buddy.
  • Nigel: Those mashed potatoes taste great.
  • Frederic: Well done.
  • Arianna: We made them right.
  • Cassandra: You know Raps, when we faced that big Beast, we thought it was a werewolf at first.
  • Rapunzel: We almost thought a spell has hit into his body.
  • Cassandra: In your dreams Raps.
  • Rapunzel: So does you Cassie.
  • Cassandra: Pass over the sandwich.
  • Rapunzel: Sure my best friend.
  • Cassandra: This is peanut butter, isn't it?
  • Rapunzel: Yes it is.
  • Cassandra: What is that jelly doing on the bread?
  • Rapunzel: That's just jelly. It's grape flavor.
  • Cassandra: You got me this time.
  • Rapunzel: There's more of me.

(The gang enjoy their breakfast in the heart of Corona)



  • The short take place during the events of Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure where Rapunzel has her long magic hair around that time.
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