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Chapter 1 is the first chapter of Ratchet, Jak and Sly: Cosmic Forces written by MarioFan65.

This chapter is called "Peace to the Worlds".



(In the planet of Veldin, a lombax is seen riding on a flying scooter on the vast desert, searching for coordinates around the rocks as the lombax land down, checking out the crystals and keeping them in his bag as the lombax take off his helmet to reveal his face)

  • Ratchet: Alright. The shiny crystals are found nice and easy.
  • Clank: *get off Ratchet's back* Perfect. These gems will be nice for a diamond collection, isn't it my friend?
  • Ratchet: I took the whole day on collecting the sacred items myself. *tummy growling* Jeez, i'm starving in here. Haven't ate breakfast since i got off the house.
  • Clank: Don't you mind start preparing the breakfast meals?
  • Ratchet: Yes. Let's have a nice fresh meal of the most important meal in the entire universe. *Clank join him* Breakfast!
  • Clank: Make some nitro fuel for me, will ya?
  • Ratchet: At your service.

(At Ratchet and Clank's house, Ratchet prepare the space eggs on the pan of the stove as Ratchet fill up the nitro fuel for Clank and add in some turkey fries as well on his plate, serving himself with muffins as he set up the table with his food)

  • Ratchet: Breakfast is served and ready to eat.
  • Clank: *hold his nitro fuel* This nitro fuel will help me analyze more places around the Salana Galaxy. All the space rangers in the universe will be so proud of my knowledge.
  • Ratchet: Tough cookie. I haven't even drink a energy drink for like a month. Gotta keep my arms straight and pumping.
  • Clank: No butt checks, no broken armors and no bridges breaking down in the last five years of our aerobic workouts.
  • Ratchet: That's how a lombax should always do to keep their body slim. *hear a door bell* And that's about the first person on the waiting list. Gotta check who it is.
  • Clank: Go right ahead. I bet it's one of those supervisors that always try to tell you to keep up the limits in heroism.

(Grimroth "Grim" Razz, a garage owner is seen waiting at the door as Ratchet open the door, realizing that Grimroth is here)

  • Ratchet: Oh, Grimroth "Grim" Razz. What's up? How it's going?
  • Grimroth: Very good. Just stopping by to say hello, just to check how is Clank and how are your tools and engines.
  • Ratchet: Clank's over here and chilling in his favorite chair.
  • Clank: *inside* That chair is used to roll around like a office seat.
  • Ratchet: Easy like a Sunday morning on a breakfast cup.


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