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This sci fiction series is based off the Ratchet and Clank video games. The two main characters are Ratchet and Clank. It can be also known as Ratchet and Clank:The Holovision series.

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Characters,Weapons, planets and their Locations, etc.[]

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Season 1 stuff[]

Season 1 Characters[]


Season 1 Weapons[]
Season 1 Gadgets[]
Season 1 Items[]

Season 1 Planets and Locations[]

Season 1 Enemies[]

Season 2 Stuff[]

Season 2 Characters[]

The Big Guys[]



Planet & Locations[]

Season 2 Enemies[]

Season 3 Stuff[]

Season 3 Characters[]


  • Alpha Pilot Suit
  • Magnaplate Armor
  • Adamantine Armor
  • Aegis Mark IV Armor
  • Infernox Armor
  • Bolt Grabber V2
  • Map-o-Matic
  • Nano-pak
  • Booty is in the Eye of the Beholder
  • Arriba Amoeba
  • Shadow of the Robot
  • Deja Q All Over Again
  • The Shaming of the Q
  • Master Plan
  • Current Armor
  • Old School Ratchet
  • Trooper
  • Brainius
  • Buginoid
  • Constructobot
  • Robo
  • Robo Rooster
  • Snowman Skin
  • Tuxedo
  • Ninja
  • Bones
  • Blarg
  • Tyhrranoid
  • Thug
  • Skrunch Skin
  • Bruiser
  • Hot Bot
  • Gladiola
  • Gray
  • Beach Bunny
  • Evil Clown
  • Dr. Nefarious
  • Dan Johnson
  • Santa Ratchet
  • Genome Ratchet
  • Pipo-Saru Ratchet
  • Saurus Ratchet

Drivable Vehicles[]

  • Q-Force Hover ship
  • Turbo Slider

Paint Jobs for the Star Explorer[]

  • Blargian Red
  • Amoeboid Green
  • Pulsing Purple
  • Obani Orange
  • Low Rider
  • Black Hole
  • Sun Storm
  • Bogon Blue
  • Orxon Green
  • Lombax Orange
  • Hooked on Onyx
  • Qwark Green
  • Agent Orange
  • Helga Hues
  • Space Storm
  • Tyhrranoid Void
  • Zeldrin Sunset
  • Ghost Pirate Purple
  • Sasha Scarlet
  • Florana Breeze
  • Ozzy Kamikaze
  • Silent Strike
  • Supernova Paint Job
  • Drek's Black Heart
  • Neutron Star
  • Lunar Eclipse
  • Solar Wind
  • Dark Nebula
  • Star Traveler
  • Clowner
  • Plaidtastic
  • Insomniac Special
Planets and locations[]


Season 1[]

  1. The Very, Very, VERY, bad start
  2. Gone Traveling
  3. Skid and the SandSharks
  4. Attacked Metropolis
  5. Stop Lieutenant!
  6. Destroy the Blarg's research station!
  7. Finding Qwark
  8. Left 4 Snagglebeast food
  9. Fighting off the Blargs
  10. To the Depot!
  11. Carbon Dioblargxide
  12. Save the Jowai!
  13. The snowy bomb factory
  14. Get Captain Qwark!
  15. Save Clank from electeridos!
  16. Destroy the factory!
  17. Gadgetron Takeover!
  18. The three battleships part 1: Running to Drek's ship
  19. The three battleships part 2: Tight Security, eh?

Due to a short hiatus and the producers not working on it, I'll tell you what happened, Ratchet & Clank fought off the Sentrybots while the Lieutenant teleported away. Then they learned the plan to destroy Veldin then they went off to fight Drek. Clank fought as Giant Clank then they were disabled from Giant Clank then they fought him on foot. Finally, they sent Drek flying to his new planet turned the Deplanetizer at the planet and pressed the button killing Drek, the planet, and possibly the Deplanetizer. Ratchet & Clank almost got killed but escaped the area before the chunks crashed. Then, they will have new adventures in Season 2!


Ratchet and Clank Past 037 Drek Defeated

The ending putted short.

Season 2[]

Note: Burbank appears in a uncut episode.

  1. Enter: The Unknown Theif
  2. Swampy Megacorp
  3. Jam the Ray! Part 1: Dogfight over Wupash Nebula
  4. Jam the Ray! Part 2: A Lombax and a Gladiator
  5. Jam the Ray! Part 3: Blowing the Rays
  6. Captured Clank Part 1: A robot & his apartment
  7. Captured Clank Part 2: Saving a little friend
  8. Desert Deserters Part 1: Dead Gadgetron in the Bogon Galaxy
  9. Desert Deserters Part 2: Racing Lombax, Driving Clank
  10. Enter: Thugs-4-Less
  11. Finding The Theif Part 1: Hidden Nanotech
  12. Finding The Theif Part 2: The Dangers of Notak
  13. Finding The Theif Part 3: 39 Acres of Factory
  14. Showdown of the Lombaxes: Ratchet vs. The Theif
  15. Stranded on Tabora
  16. A Day at the Facility Part 1
  17. A Day at the Facility Part 2: Ultra-Mech Showdown: Giant Clank vs. Thugs-4-Less Leader
  18. A Day at the Facility Part 3: More Tight Security, eh?
  19. Qwarktastic Battle!
  20. More Gladiators than the eye
  21. Overprotective Megacorp part 1: Find the Sheepinator
  22. Overprotective Megacorp part 2: Where the Heck is Abercrombie Fizzwidget!?
  23. A Dangerous Silver City
  24. Deju Flew
  25. Battle over Gorn
  26. Final Battle: Ratchet & Clank vs. Thugs-4-Less Leader
  27. Protodanger
  28. Deadly Battle with the Protopets part 1: A Battle on the Damosel Moon part 1: Mothership of Hostile Aliens
  29. Deadly Battle with the Protopets part 2: A Battle on the Damosel Moon part 2: Wipeout on the Damosel Moon
  30. Deadly Battle with the Protopets part 3: Protopets war
  31. Operation Freeze the Protopets part 1: Meeting with NAW again
  32. Operation Freeze the Protopets part 2: Find Angela!
  33. Operation Disable the Original part 1: The Qwark that made a monster
  34. Operation Disable the Original part 2: Battle of the Monster Protopet