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Chapter 1 is the first chapter of Rayman and Pac-Man: Rolling In written by MarioFan65.

This chapter is called "Rolling In".



(In the present day, a limbless hero walk up to a cliff, watching a view of the world of the Glade of Dreams)

  • Rayman: Fresh morning in the world. Time to start off the day. *jump over the roots*

(Rayman ride on the roots by skating over them throughout the Jibberish Jungle)

  • Rayman: Yahoo! Kicking in the roots! *dodge over the spikes* Ha ha. No spike is going to pop on me. *jump over a rock* Whoop. There it is. Now i'm heading home. *jump high and fly with his hair, forming to a helicopter-like form*

(Rayman land down to the Globox Village as he impress all of his fans around)

  • Rayman: Hey guys. It's good to be home where the ray is.
  • Globox: What's up Rayman?
  • Rayman: Looking fine.
  • Globox: You are on fire.
  • Rayman: On fire? I don't see the fire on my hair.
  • Globox: It's a expression. Like "Oh, you are looking wonderful as cold stone tonight!"
  • Rayman: That's my man.
  • Globox: I'm always here to have you by your side.
  • Rayman: You can say it again pal.
  • Uglette: Look at you, all trained this morning.
  • Rayman: Every morning got me running around the Jibberish Jungle.
  • Globox: I made donut buns with plum cream inside for breakfast.
  • Rayman: Oh cool. Those are my favorites. Did you add in any topping in it like banana slices?
  • Globox: I made fruit salad as well, as much as you expected.
  • Rayman: Alright. Fruit salad. Those are my favorites.
  • Uglette: Come over to the house if you like.
  • Rayman: I'm here for a little morning breakfast.
  • Globox: Come on in. No need to ask.

(Rayman enter Globox's house to have some donut buns with one of the kids and Globox with Uglette also)

  • Globox: I got the donut buns coming this way.
  • Rayman: Give me a nice fresh plum drink.
  • Globox: I got plum juice on the way!
  • Hardrox: Oh yeah. Bring it over.
  • Rayman: Ready to jingle, ready to mambo.
  • Uglette: Drink up kids!
  • Hardrox: I got the plum in me!
  • Globox: Here you go. *place the plum juice on the table*
  • Rayman: Time to drink up.
  • Globox: *drink up the plum juice* Taste like grape mixed with cranberry.
  • Hardrox: It's delicious.
  • Rayman: I feel like mixing this bun with a nice fresh plum juice.
  • Globox: It's good for you and it's very healthy.
  • Rayman: Just saying.
  • Uglette: I got more donut buns coming up.
  • Rayman: Place them over.
  • Uglette: *place the donut buns on the table* There's more if you like.
  • Rayman: Oh boy, more donut buns.
  • Globber: It's the yummy bun with the cream inside.
  • Brainox: My favorite.
  • Rayman: Mmm, it never get old like a cupcake.
  • Globox: I made them all good.
  • Rayman: Lucky you.
  • Globox: *sit down and eat the donut buns* This is the perfect bun ever made from scratch.
  • Uglette: Thank you for the buns Globox.
  • Globox: You're very welcome. What do you all say?
  • Everyone: Thank you Globox!
  • Globox: You're all welcome. I love you all!
  • Rayman: I love you too Globox!
  • Globox: Eat up!
  • Brainox: *eat the food* Yummy.
  • Bimbette: Best meal in ages.
  • Catastrox: I can have enough.
  • Hardrox: Just like the early skeleton says.
  • Oktette: Delicious as in munchy.
  • Globber: Thanks Mom and Dad.
  • Globox: You really earn this food choice.
  • Globs: It sound dee-licious. Compromise.
  • Rayman: Compromise is the word of the day.
  • Uglette: Well proved.
  • Globox: Greatest meal day, ever.

(In another world in Pac-Land, many Pac-People are seen working in businesses and homes in the city of Pac-Town. In one house, Pac-Man is seen outside, relaxing on a bench as Ms. Pac-Man show up with a food tray, serving him bread, french toast and orange juice)

  • Ms. Pac-Man: Mr. Pac-Man, here is your order on what you asked for.
  • Pac-Man: *grab the food tray* Ah, yes. Just like I asked. Bread, french toast and a cup of orange juice to keep up the healthy choice.
  • Ms Pac-Man: I didn't forget anything, right?
  • Pac-Man: Of course not. It got everything in one tray. I'm gonna eat it like a munch boy.



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