This about everyone of Remnant reacting to The Arc King.


  • Team RWBY don't hate Jaune for his transcripts but they were still mad that he didn't tell them. However, they would understand his reason and they love him.
  • Jaune's former team hate him and abandon him out of selfishness but Jaune's twin sister Jane still loves him and hates the team for picking on him. Ren is slowly showing remorse.
  • Team CRDL are just complete scumbags and are completely evil towards Jaune. They are beyond redemption and have no remorse for Jaune's pain.
  • Team CFVY are big siblings to Jaune and stand up for him.

Prologue: Gathering Everyone

Team RWBY were worried for Jaune because he attempted suicide. They were mad at him for cheating his way into Beacon but still care about him and also feel hypocritical because they easily forgave Blake, who has done far worse than Jaune. However, they are called to read about Jaune.

They go to the room and wonder about him.

Jaune enters and flinches at the glares he was given from JNPR.

The other school students were worried because they seemed to like Jaune and don't like how others are treating him.

He sat with Ruby and NDGO, who are worried about him.

(A few years before Beacon, a younger Jaune was in pain because his older cousin Yang had beaten him up for not having a semblance.)

Everyone glared at her.

Yang felt remorse.

Tai was disappointed in Yang.

(His uncle Tai nursed him back to health and apologized for Yang's behavior but then Jaune found a book in the library. He read about the Silver Eyed Warriors, the Four Maidens, and how Remnant came to be.)

Ozpin was worried because he thought that Jaune wasn't ready.

(When he read all of it, he was annoyed that his grandfather Ozpin didn't tell anyone about this. However, he'll make a vow to restore humanity.)

Everyone smiled at this.

Chapter 1: Betrayal

(10 years later on the dorm rooftop at Beacon, Jaune sits in sadness because his friends and sister team have abandoned him.)

Jaune looked down in sadness at what they did.

Team RWBY flinches in guilt.

(A few days ago, he confessed to Pyrrha about his fake transcripts but she angrily slapped him and threatened to harm him if he ever returned to the dorms, breaking his heart and trust in her. Team RWBY heard about it and comforted him. After saving Cardin from a Grimm, Cardin was ungrateful for it and instead, exposed his transcripts. Jaune's teammates turned against him, not that they treated him fairly. Ruby and her team weren't mad at him but was disappointed in him for lying and didn't want to talk to him, leaving him feeling guilty for lying.)

RWBY saw Jaune's guilty face and plans to talk with him.

The other teams were mad.

"You guys abandoned him over fake papers?" asked an angry Sun.

"That's really low, even for you." said a disgusted Flynt.

"I can't believe you guys." said an angry Nebula.

"You guys don't deserve to be in Beacon." said an enraged Brawnz.

"But he faked his way in." said a defensive Pyrrha.

"Oh boo-hoo, no one fucking cares. He only did one thing and you get mad but Yang and Blake have done worst and they get forgiven? How hypocritical are you? You care more about fighting than saving others. You're only getting hate for what you did." said an annoyed Sun.

"Ruby and Yang, I'm very disappointed in you." said a disappointed Qrow.

"My little rose, I taught you better than this." said a glaring Summer.

Ruby flinched at this.

"Weiss, you are no better than your father." said a glaring Willow.

Weiss flinched at this.

"Blake, you are nothing but a coward." said a glaring Kali.

Blake flinched at this.

"Yang, you only now remind me of your mother." said a glaring Tai.

Yang flinched at this.

(However, they been seeing him sad and felt bad for avoiding him but they needed time to think about this, despite that they could feel themselves losing his trust.)

"If you girls cared about him, you would be there for him." said a disappointed Sun.

Team RWBY looked down in shame for not defending him.

(Only Team CFVY stood up for him and comforted him. Ozpin and Goodwitch also stood up for him and revealed that they knew about it but didn't expel him because he had potential.)

Team RWBY still wondered why he did what he did.

(Jaune finally explained that he couldn't go to combat school because his aura wasn't unlocked and he wanted to be a hero. He just wanted to make his parents and siblings proud.)

Everyone now understood why he did it.

Team RWBY feel bad for hating him and promise to make it up to him.

Jaune's former team didn't change their minds but their new team leader Jane felt bad for her twin brother.

(His family called and they aren't mad at him for what he did. Ruby now understood him and forgave him but he avoided her because he thinks that he doesn't deserve forgiveness. However, NPR were not sympathetic and still think that he needs to be taught a lesson but Jaune now hates them because he realizes that they weren't real friends at all.)

Ruby was mad at them for being such jerks.

Her team also got angry.

(However, Ruby's team felt bad that Jaune feels that way because they heard his reason for his fake transcripts and now want to apologize to him.)

They nod, feeling bad for not listening to him.

(Ruby was mad at the others and got irritated that Pyrrha doesn't show her reason for being mad. She didn't talk to them and only cares about Jaune right now. She blames herself for not defending him and just choosing to stand there. She promises to make it up to him and give the others a piece of her mind.)

Ruby looked at Jaune and promised to make it up to him.

(Jaune then meets Petra, Pyrrha's younger sister. Petra doesn't hate Jaune and instead hates her older sister because the two girls didn't get along. Jaune was horrified that Pyrrha nearly led Petra to suicide. He then comforted her.)

Jaune hugged Petra and let her know that she's safe.

"Big brother, will you ever forget me?" asked a worried Petra.

"Of course not." said a smiling Jaune.

(Pyrrha saw this and was angry but Petra reminded her of being a bad sibling. However, Pyrrha angrily slapped her and disowned her but an angry Jaune stands up for Petra and locks Pyrrha in a locker before announcing that him and Pyrrha are no longer partners.)

Jaune then punches Pyrrha.

"You ever touch that child again and I'm gonna make you wish you were dead." said an angry Jaune.

(Everyone heard what happened and respected Jaune for standing up for an innocent girl. He informed the parents about what happened and they were not happy at all. He then hears that Blake ran away because Weiss made racist comments about the White Fang. Despite being mad at Blake for being a hypocrite, he still chooses to save her. When he caught her and saved her, he got her back to her team but warned her that he doesn't forgive her, making her feel guilty. When she was forgiven for being a member of the White Fang, Jaune called them out for forgiving her over him and realizes that they don't care about him at all.)

Everyone got angry at this.

Ruby looked at her team in disgust and chose Jaune over them.

Weiss flinched at her hypocrisy.

Blake was also upset at this and regrets betraying Jaune.

Yang looked down in self disgust.

Tai and Qrow were disappointed in Yang for her hypocrisy.


(Pyrrha arrogantly claims that she is seeking redemption and that he is a weak disgrace to his family, shocking Team RWBY since the latter was only disappointed but didn't hate Jaune.)

"Jaune is worthy of the family name." said a glaring Jane, not liking how her team treated him.

"But leader, he lied to us and insulted the training we went through." said an angry Pyrrha.

"You're wrong, it was you who insulted the name of Huntsmen and Huntresses by turning your back on him. You never cared for his reason." said a scolding Jane.

(Angered and betrayed by this, he then calls them out and yells at them for being hypocrites. Pyrrha gets angry but Ruby tells her and the others that she wasn't mad at him for what he did, she didn't like lying. Pyrrha reminded her that Jaune lied and insulted every training they went through but Ruby reminds them that being Huntsman or Huntress is about will and not strength.)

Ruby finally made up her mind and hugged Jaune, making Pyrrha angry.

"Ruby, he lied to us and insulted every training we went through." said an angry Pyrrha but Ruby and her team stands up to her.

"That's it, I've had enough of you." said an irritated Ruby.

"He might've cheated but we have no right to hurt him." said an agreeing Weiss.

"You claim to have loved him but don't act like you do." said an also agreeing Blake.

"When he revealed his transcripts, you abandoned him without hesitation." said an also agreeing Yang.

"At least Team RWBY here stopped hating me when they noticed that they were going way too far." said an also agreeing Jaune.

(However, Pyrrha slaps Ruby and yells at her for siding with a faker.)

Everyone were angered that Pyrrha slapped Ruby.

Yang glares at an uncaring Pyrrha.

(Ruby cries and Pyrrha notices but she scoffs at this.)

  • Pyrrha: (scoffing) "It's just a bruise, grow up."
  • Ruby: (angry) "Shut up. I hate you. You've never loved Jaune. You always pick on him and forbid me from hanging out with him."

(She runs back to Beacon while Jaune and Sun go to her, leaving the three girls to realize how harsh they were and thought about it.)

  • Weiss: (guilt-ridden) "Girls, I think Jaune's right."
  • Blake: (agreeing) "We have done some worst stuff than what Jaune did."
  • Yang: (also agreeing) "We have to apologize to them."

(They all agree and felt guilty for being hypocrites.)

Tai, Qrow, and Summer were surprised to see them redeem but are still mad at them.

Ghira and Kali agreed that Blake was acting hypocritical.

Willow and Whitley were also still mad.

(They found Ruby in her dorm room crying and Jaune makes amends with her while Sun contacts Ozpin and Goodwitch about what happened. They told Sun about what has been happening and he was not happy to hear about this betrayal. Jaune then went to the roof and cried over how his so-called friends left him but Ruby and Sun comfort him.)

They all felt bad for him.

(Then Jaune takes out a gun and they realize what's going on.)

  • Sun: (panicking) "Jaune, don't."
  • Ruby: (also panicking) "No please."

(It's too late because he just shot himself in the chest. Ruby holds the bleeding and Sun calls for help. Ozpin and Glynda came and took Jaune to the medical wing.)

"That's the end of the chapter." said a disappointed Ozpin.

"Ozpin, we need to talk with the traitors." said an angry Tai.

Chapter 2: Punishment

After the parents had a strict talk with the kids, they got back to the book.

(The next morning, the students heard about what happened and they were horrified but some didn't care. Team RWBY cried in remorse for what they did and visited Jaune,)

The team did cry and show remorse.

'I'm sorry Jaune.' thought a crying Ruby.

'Please forgive me.' thought a crying Weiss.

'I'm a disgrace.' thought a crying Blake.

'I'm no better than mom.' thought a crying Yang.

(Jaune's former team didn't give a care about him and think he'll get over it,)

Team RWBY glared at them and decided something.

"Ozpin, I want Jaune Arc transferred to my team but we will make it up to him." said a serious Ruby.

"I will get the paper work for that." said a nodding Ozpin.

"Don't worry little cousin, we will protect you." said a promising Yang.

"Thank you and I forgive you four since you apologized to me." said a smiling Jaune.

They smile and hug their new member.

"But he's our teammate." said a protesting Pyrrha.

"But he should've stood up to you for your betrayal and how you don't care about him." said a arguing Weiss.

"Yeah, he's your leader." said an agreeing Blake.

Jaune thought about it and agreed.

(Team CRDL cheered at that,)

"Team CRDL, you're expelled and under arrest for blackmail and suicide baiting." said a glaring Ozpin.

(Team CFVY were worried for Jaune,)

Team CFVY saw Jaune as family and were worried for him.

(Team FNKI want to protect him,)

"I will protect him." said a serious Flynt.

"Me too." said an agreeing Neon.

(Team SSSN felt bad for Jaune,)

"I hope our buddy is alright." said a worried Sun.

(Team ABRN were angered about what happened to Jaune,)

"Yeah, no kidding." said an angry Arslan.

"Those who betrayed him are disgraces." said an agreeing Rolan.

(Team NDGO were also worried for the boy they loved,)

Everyone was shocked.

"Wait, you knew him?" asked a shocked Sun.

"Yes but some problems that were forced on him caused a breakup." said a remorseful Nebula.

Jaune felt bad for them because he still loves them.

(and Team BRNZ were vengeful over what happened. They might've once bullied him but when they heard that he had depression because of it and nearly took his own life, they stopped and only saw themselves as monsters.)

They cry at this. They have no right to hate CRDL when they themselves are bullies.

Jaune saw this and hugged them, which shocked them.

"Unlike my former team and Team CRDL, you guys stopped being bullies when things went too far." said a smiling Jaune.

They smile but are still determined to make it up to him.

(However, Jaune never hated them for bullying him and was instead disappointed in himself for not impressing them. Anyway, all of them now hate Team CRDL for causing this and the teachers also show their anger too.)

Everyone glared at Team CRDL.

"Cardin, you and your team are hereby expelled from Beacon and are put under arrest for racism, bullying, blackmail, assault, and suicide-baiting." said a stern Ozpin.

"And Team NPR, if you don't apologize, you'll be joining them." said an agreeing Glynda.

(Fortunately, Ozpin finally stands up to Team CRDL and expels them for their crimes. He also has them arrested for causing Jaune to nearly kill himself.)

They all nodded in agreement.

(Team NPR were suspended for their crimes too and are no longer part of Jaune's team. They also are grounded for not showing remorse. Anyway, all the caring teams checked on Jaune and shed tears when they saw him unconscious with a wound in his chest but only to hear that it didn't hit his heart and he's still alive, much to their relief. Team RWBY apologized for how they acted and request him to be on their team. The other teams also comfort him and reveal to him what happened to the bullies. Jaune secretly heard them and was glad that Team CRDL are expelled. He also heard Team RWBY crying and forgave them because they had seen wrong but sadly wants to sleep in a fifth bed until they earned his trust.)

Team RWBY nodded in agreement.

(He also accepts being their fifth member and was not bothered by being the only male member on that team, growing up with seven sisters will do that to you.)

"SEVEN SISTERS?!" yelled the shocked students, teachers, and adults.

"Yep." said a smiling Jaune.

"Lucky." said a jealous Mercury.

"How's that lucky? They cross dressed me as a child and only taught me cooking or cleaning." said shivering Jaune, he loves his sisters but it was still a mysterious childhood.

All the boys felt bad for him and the girls giggle at this.

"Well, now we got a little brother to take care of." said a smiling Yang.

"Good luck man." said a sympathetic Sun.

"Also other girls, we can let him be your brother too." said a happy Ruby.

They cheer.

(Team RWBY notice him waking up and they hugged him in tears. He hugged them back and asked what happened.)

  • Ruby: (smiling) "Don't worry, Team CRDL were expelled."
  • Weiss: (also smiling) "And Team NPR have been suspended."
  • Blake: (also smiling) "You've been assigned to us."
  • Yang: (also smiling) "But don't worry, we'll stand by you."

(He smiled at them and hugged them, calling them family. They smile and hug back. The other teams went in and hugged Jaune, mostly Sun and Nebula.)

  • Sun: (crying) "Buddy, I thought I lost you."
  • Nebula: (also crying) "Please don't do that again."

(He nodded and comforted them. His family arrived and hugged him. John Arc cursed NPR's names and Juniper wanted to punish them but Jane promises to scold them since she was made the new leader.)

"Yes indeed. You three will be punished and that's an order." said an angry Jane.

(Jane was angered by what her team did and gave them strict punishments.)

They didn't like how Jaune was supported but dealt with it.

(The students were surprised when 7 girls introduced themselves as Jaune's sisters and Sun had to restrain Neptune from asking for their phone numbers, unless the blue haired flirt wants to lose what makes him a man to Jaune.)

Neptune shivered and hoped he doesn't make that mistake.

(The sisters hugged their brother and vowed to get even with those who betrayed him.)

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